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The Crucifixion Of Jesus - ROCK & ROLL

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    The Crucifixion Of Jesus -ROCK & ROLL By Imam W. Deen Mohammed What really happened to Jesus? They lied on him. They never killed him physically. The Qur an
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      The Crucifixion  Of Jesus -ROCK & ROLL

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed

      What really happened to Jesus? They lied on him. They never killed him physically. The Qur'an tells us they did not do that. They never crucified him physically, no. But symbolically he represents his people. He represents the Christians. He is not only the head of them, but his body represents the body of them. That is why the Christians say, "We are all members in Christ." Meaning that the whole congregation is seen in the body of Christ. And the crucifixion there is the crucifixion of all Christians not the crucifixion of Jesus. Jesus was never crucified.

      The Book is telling us that his followers would be crucified, and they would be crucified because they will be taken off course by the Jahcubite (ungodly jews); not crucified physically so much, but crucified mentally and given to superstition without any sense.

      If you want to know what happened to the Christian world, look at what happened to Jesus, because he is a sign of what happened to the Christian world and not to him. Ridiculed and mocked, whipped is not that what the Gentiles did to him at first? Then they put him up on a cross, right? The cross has four points. It means nail him to, or put him helplessly under the mercy of his instinctive drives. Make him a helpless servant of material appetite, of his academic search appetite, of his political appetite. Make him helpless under his natural drives, nail him to it. He has no freedom of hand, no freedom of legs.

      And the Book says what? After they did that, they speared him. Also, they brought him a drink. He had said "I thirst." That was not Jesus saying that, he is a sign of the Christian world saying, "We thirst for understanding." And the Jahcubite says, "Oh, you thirst? We will give you something for your thirst. Here, you want water? No, no water for you, we give you aseta." And they brought him vinegar. Is not that a terrible thing to give somebody who is thirsty? They brought him vinegar.

      But it was not really vinegar. The word "aseta" is a play on asceticism. Asceticism means the belief in the spiritual world, separating yourself from the worldly life: not having wives and children, not being involved in the worldly life. It means going off and living the life of a hermit, priest, or monk. So they gave the Christian community asceticism.

      They gave the Christian people the drink of asceticism under what they call Catholicism. And they brought "Jesus" also hyssop, an herb. They gave him vinegar and hyssop. "Hyssop" is a play on social sensitivity, social urge. Hyssop is an herb that reduces blood pressure. The science here is not that this is blood pressure, it is social pressure. They were bearing social pressure, they were exerting social pressure on the establishment. So they gave him hyssop, meaning they gave them an agent in their mind to reduce their social urge, that they would not ask for much social life. Those who buy asceticism do not need the hyssop they are not interested in the social urge. They walk away from the social life.

      Then what happened? After they gave him the vinegar and the hyssop, he immediately gave up the ghost, so the Bible says. What caused Jesus, to die as Jesus? Remember, he is a sign of Christianity, Christendom. What caused him to die? It was Catholicism, that is what killed "Jesus". They know that. There are scientists

      in their own religion who identify Catholicism as the beast. The drink itself was not the beast. The one that handed him the cup with the drink, that was the beast.

      What happened after that? They took him off the cross and they put him in a cave, so the Bible says. A cave that had never been used before. In other words, it tells us that they did a new thing. The Jahcubite (ungodly jew) did a thing he never did before, and he is a master at schemes. But this one had never been done before.

      So they put him in a cave, a dry cave. And they rolled a round stone at its opening to seal him in there. And certain people were assigned to care for him, and they could come into the cave. When they came into the cave, they would put certain ointments on him, they would light up the incense, the candles, and use the sweet smelling herbs and oils. In other words, what it is telling us is that they practice their sciences in secret.

      The incense stands for science, the smell of it. Every spice they use stands for one of the sciences; the oil and every spice oil they use stands for one of the sciences. The light stands for understanding of the sciences. The smell stands for the good spirit you get when you hear the wisdom and you appreciate it, so it smells good to the nose. The nose is a play on "gnosis" (pronounced "no'sis"). Gnosis is an ancient Egyptian word meaning "soul." Knowledge of the soul in ancient time was the highest knowledge. Therefore, gnosticism was the highest knowledge in those times. So, "gnos", "nose", "gnosticism" all represent the same thing.

      Now, Jesus was the Thirteenth, right? Twelve disciples representing the heavenly sciences, the spiritual sciences, and Jesus was the Thirteenth among them. He is that one who brings in to connect again and be reconciled with the material sciences. There is a continuity of the sciences and the rational principles that apply to material sciences applies to the spiritual science, both. The world still keeps them divided: they call it the human sciences and the physical sciences. But we know that they are both sciences, and that both are part of One Reality the creation itself.

      They put him in a cave that had never been used before. In other words, there was no spiritual life there in that cave. Pure gnosticism, no spiritual life. They were not spiritual. people, not that type of people. They are worshippers of the light, the light of pure science. That is what happened to the religious order it went into there. But the masses of the religion, they were not in there; they did not go into the cave. Only certain elected ones had that post, had that privilege. The masses of the people were on the outside. And Jesus was cut off from them, they were cut off from Jesus. What blocked it? A round stone.

      The round stone stands for spiritual conscience, spiritual concepts and spiritual consciousness. So they brought the whole Christian world to be dominated by spiritual consciousness. They did not give them the other consciousness, the consciousness of the material world which is represented in the square. Those who are in the sciences: Masons, Shriners, and others, they place so much importance on the square.

      Jesus, then, represented the reconciling of these two worlds, and it was not completed in his day. Allah says Jesus is a sign of it. But Prophet Muhammad came. And what does the Qur'an say that was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)? Allah said to the heavens and to the earth, "Be you joined together willingly or unwillingly." He said to the heavens and the earth, Come you together, be reconciled again." Praise be to Allah.

      So we know that the Qur'an came for that purpose, to reconcile the spiritual concepts with the material concepts, to bring back again the unity of the sciences where the spiritual concepts are not at odds with the material needs and material life. We cannot live fighting material life and material kinds of interests and concerns. We have to be in accord with that, we have to appreciate those concerns, because those are necessities of our being.

      Allah wants us to keep spirit first, taqwah, faith in God-keep that first. And He wants us to have all of the material interests protected by our faith and our obedience to Him. He wants us to make progress in this material world. He says, "Seek with every means that I have availed you the Hereafter, but do not forget your share of the material world."

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