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Jews Story in the Bible is Actually the Black Slave's Story

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    07/19/2003 Washington, D.C Jews Story in the Bible is Actually the Black Slave s Story By Imam W. Deen Mohammed With G-d s name we begin, the praise and
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      Washington, D.C

      Jews Story in the Bible is Actually the Black Slave's Story

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed

      With G-d's name we begin, the praise and the thanks is for G-d, we thank Him for the gift and blessing of the {model human person Muhammed (pbuh), the honorable, noble servant and Messenger of G-d. We pray the prayers and peace be upon His most generous Messenger Muhammed pbuh, we greet him with the salutation and what follows of that traditional salute or traditional salutation.

      Dear believers, Muslims peace be upon you and the mercy and blessings of G-d. Let me have a few words more giving the substance here just to set the stage for his, which I believe will be the last address that I will be (making to the Muslim community separating the I senders, males and females unless at some time in the I distant future, I mean like 2 or 3 years from now there [may be a need to do it again. This will be the last in a series of addresses I have been giving to you separately.

      This is definitely for the members of the ASM, the American Society of Muslims. As you know we changed the name from Muslim American Society to the American Society of Muslims and that was because we didn't have that name registered and another group did, and that group is in trouble now in the eyes of the public. They are not getting such a good report or image, they're getting a bad name so Allah swt blessed us not to have that name. And at the time we were discussing the problem with them I was thinking, in fact they do have beautiful members, good brothers among them. But as the old folks used to say, ''It only takes one bad apple to spoil the basket," and they must have more than one bad apple.

      I thank Allah swt the press is not confusing us with them, and what I have seen so far it is keeping us clear and not making any mention of us at all. This meeting is for Muslims who identify with our history in America, those who experienced or lived part of that history or all of that history.

      Part of it with the Hon. Elijah Muhammed or under his leadership and the rest of it since I became the leader and that was in the Nation of Islam's Convention in February 1975. It is for you, I'm not saying that others can't benefit from it, I believe even a non Muslim, a Christian or anybody could sit here and benefit greatly from hearing what I'm going to say, but it is not for them.

      It is not for you if you identify as a Muslim with the rest of the Muslims of the world but you don't strongly identify with our history in America. You are welcome to be here if you are a Muslim and you belong to this association of ours, the American Society of Muslims. It is for those who strongly identify with our history in America beginning with Mr. Fard, called our savior back then. And by the way the Hon. Elijah Muhammed when he put me out of the Nation of Islam for not accepting him as a god, Mr. Fard that is, he said , "Son how can you reject our savior when you know the bad life that I was living. A drunk in the streets during the depression, I couldn't even come home to my family, I was ashamed to face my wife and my children. And how he came and changed all that and now you are benefitting from that." That is what he told me and he is correct in everything he said.

      My reply to him was this, "Daddy I know he's your savior and I respect that." He said, "He's your savior too." I didn't say anything to that but I just used a bit of child psychology I said, "Well daddy I know he's your savior and I can more easily accept you as my savior because I know you and you know him." And it worked because I'm still here, if it didn't work I wouldn't be here. My father when I said that he looked at me like he never looked at me before, he looked like he was seeing something he never seen before in me.   He couldn't admit it but I touched a tender spot when I said that to him. He later admitted to me he said, "Son a lot of what our savior taught us we were misunderstanding it. That Yacub history is talking about now, not something that happened in the past."

      I was not the only one he shared that with, he shared that with some of his ministers too, I heard him share that with them at another time, he told them, "Brothers a lot of this we don't understand it, it is talking about now."

      So a history like that is very valuable, this is a very valuable and precious history. Very wise people in scripture, wise in the study of human society, of how societies evolve and how they grow into bigger and better communities or societies they would be fascinated to hear what I'm giving you. And just the hints that I'm giving you of what happened to our life, they would be so fascinated to listen to it.

      I read a report recently, this is all necessary to get you to appreciate more of what I am going to give you here today, I read in the New York Times, if Malcolm was here and we mentioned Wall Street Journal, the New York Times he would tell you it is America's most reliable papers; well I don't know about reliable but most respected newspapers. Because some of these small towns I think their papers are more reliable. I have been in some towns and they're pretty straight when they report and they keep the paper pretty decent, not to say that these great newspapers like the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal are bad, I'm not implying that at all I have a lot of respect for the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.

      The article was really on the documentary that showed recently on television called "The inheritor of the Faith" and if I recall correctly it came in five parts and most of it was not on us, but the last part was on us, isn't that something? They closed it out on us. And they didn't call me Wallace D. Mohammed, the called me Warith Ud Deen Mohammed, inheritor of the faith.  So here they presented our leader, our Imam Warith Ud Deen Mohammed in the fifth part, the last of the series and presented him with the title name to show that this person his name is that, inheritor of the faith.

      The wise in scripture and the wise in the growth and nature of society they will know right away what that series or documentary was saying.

      W.D. Mohammed has inherited the faith of his ancestors

      That documentary was saying for the benefit of you who don't know or who will never know, it was saying Muslims were brought over to America and enslaved along with others who were not Muslims. And now these people have trusted G-d and faith has brought them to be reconnected again with the religion that they lost because of the separation from their country and their people and their culture etc., and it is this man who has inherited the faith. That is exactly what they are saying, that is exactly what that documentary is saying, that this man has inherited the faith.

      Now let me tell you, speaking to my faithful supporters who don't distrust me and who are not suspicious of me at all, those who have their ears open to hear me and not here to get something to use against me, I'm speaking to you, this is for you. That documentary is also saying that this man is the one G-d is with more than any other of the African American leaders, more than any other in the whole history of this people in America. G-d is with this man, he has inherited the faith of his ancestors and is not just a leader for Muslims, but a leader for people, that is what they are saying, Allahu Akbar.

      There was an African American young lady who worked hard, she looked like she was just in the second year of college, she could have been older, when you get older everybody looks like a baby to you after a while. She looked like she was just in the second year of college or just finishing college. She worked hard, she did hours and hours of interviewing me and not on one occasion, several occasions and she said, "I have to come back again, can you spare me some more time?" I said, "Yes I can." I saw her interest and I value the history and I know that as often as we can get a chance to have it documented or to have it put in books or put in print so that it will outlive us and those to come behind us will have it to read and benefit from it, then I want to take advantage of that time, that chance, that opportunity. I don't want to miss such an opportunity.  So I make myself available and to me that's a good way of spending my time, I'm not wasting my time, that's a real good way of spending my time, it is valuable to us now and in the future.

      NOI early followers were sincere, not educated

      It is a shame to say this, well in a way it is not a shame, you know the Hon. Elijah Muhammed did not attract the educated people; he attracted the uneducated, but good, sincere and innocent people. People who had been confused, and this world will confuse you, people who just couldn't believe in this world anymore and the Hon. Elijah Muhammed presented something from another world, a different world differing with that which they had been told by the white authority.

      They grabbed it and they believed it was from G-d and that's why they stayed with it. Most of his following was not educated. I remember when we felt real proud to low that there was someone who had some college education join the Nation of Islam, that was after I had ready graduated from high school when I learned that, can't recall exactly who the first one was but I believe the first one who I know to have a doctorate degree in the following of the Hon. Elijah Muhammed was Dr. Lonnie Shabazz from Washington, D.C., maybe Dr. Salaam who was a dentist. They came in around the same time, I don't know, but I think Dr. Lonnie Shabazz  was before Dr. Salaam.

      The head of the school when I was a high school student was Brother James Shabazz and he was only a high school graduate, he never had any college education. So the head of our school had no college education, he was just a high school graduate himself, but a very devoted, excellent teacher.

      Black colleges were started by non college persons

      I used to think about that and I said, "Well master Fard he sure used some masterful psychology on us, calling us the university of Islam and we didn't even have a college teacher with any formal education on a college level teaching the high school." I used to think about that and I said, "Oh he was some kind of man, he really could stretch it and get results," until I did some reading on the history of the founding of African American colleges and most of them had no college man over those institutions, they were not college graduates themselves but they started colleges and did a great work.

      Fard Muhammed used many things from black history

      So that seems to go for practically everything that Mr. Fard did that seemed like he was doing a first, he was not doing a first he found it in history, he studied, the man was very wise. He studied what had already occurred in our people and he just took it out and he used it in such a powerful way to empower us, to make us feel strong, valuable and powerful, he did a masterful job no doubt about it.

      Julia a black slave called white supremacists devils

      We think, "Master Fard was the first one who told us the white man was a devil" no it was a slave who associated the white people with devils named Julia long before master Fard ever came. It is written in a book that she said, "You look like G-d in the face but you are devils in your hearts." Now what did she mean by that? They gave her the picture of Jesus Christ and said that was G-d and she was saying, "You look like him in the face but you're the devil in your hearts," that is what she said about them. But she is not the only one, when you listen to what Frederick Douglass said, he said, "You all claim Jesus, you claim to be Christians and claim Jesus Christ but your behavior is such that would shame a nation of savages."

      Father divine was saying he was G-d

      So Mr. Fard wasn't the first one to attack the credits of white folks, no others had attacked those credits and I can go on and show more. The big preacher called Father Divine, when he called himself Father Divine wasn't he saying he was G-d? Anything divine is G-d isn't it? You can use it very loosely and it won't mean G-d but if you use it seriously it is supposed to mean G-d and he was using it very seriously. He told his following, "That if you want to see Jesus look at me," that is what he told his following and this was before Mr. Fard introduced his teaching.

      The Nation of Islam produced Imam W.D. Mohammed

      So when you study exactly what made me, even without me being trained, my own intelligence was shaped by the circumstances of the Nation of Islam. The Hon. Elijah Muhammed, Clara Muhammed, the leaders of the Nation of Islam who were associated with me and my family, they became so close to us they were like uncles and aunts to us, very close to us. That environment that ] was in, including my own family, my older sisters and brothers and other relatives in the family they gave me a kind of circumstance or an environment that made me a very special guy.   See you are the product of your environment, I don't care who it is you are talking about. The Imam here to my left, Imam Yusuf Saleem before he came to the Nation of Islam if we want to know what produced him we have to study his environment. His parents, the house he was raised up in, where he lived, but not only that, but everything close to him.

      His close friends the involvement that he had that was close to his life, when you study all of that then you will understand what produced Yusuf Saleem the man that was not Yusuf Saleem but Joseph something. He was Joseph something before he joined the Nation of Islam. If you want to know what accounts for the man that he is now you have to know that and in addition you have to know what has impacted his life since he became a member of the Nation of Islam and now with us. If you can do that you can write his blue print, you can draw a blue print to reproduce him again, you have a pattern on him.

      Without me going to a higher institution to learn this, it was just naturally in my mind because of the circumstances I was put in to make me think a certain way. So I was able to go back and do research. I studied the time that Mr. Fard came in and I studied what he taught and I made the connection for what he taught and what was happening in his time and that caused me to really see him. I think nobody in this community knows Mr. W. Dr. Fard or Mr. Fard Muhammed like I know him. You do not know him, but G-d has revealed him to me. G-d has guided me to know him and G-d has made me understand things that he said, I know him very, very well. He did a masterful job and we don't want to play down the importance of his work, but we want to preserve and respect the importance of his work.

      They accuse me of being the one who did away with everything but if you read what these learned people are saying, quoting me, talking about me and giving it to the general public like the New York Times and other publications. There is a magazine coming out soon that is produced mainly for book stores, it might be in Borders where you can purchase it from easily, but it is not out yet.

      It is called, "I and the world" and this writer is sharing with the readers, the public the important things that have happened in my life to shape me and make me the person I am. If you do a worthy work and you remain sincere you don't have to worry about it being preserved, G-d will preserve it. Allah Most High will have it preserved.

      I knew that as long as we just stayed within the walls of the Temple or the Mosque or Masjid and did our work just among ourselves we wouldn't be protecting it for the future because the history of our people tells us that we keep things too privately and our children go out and they leave us with nobody to inherit it. Leaders sometimes go back or go in the streets, just give up and nobody valuing it enough to preserve it for generations to come. So I felt the best way to protect us from being in a situation like that in the future was for me to take my ministry out of the Nation of Islam, and that is what I did.

      I established my own ministry out of the Nation of Islam and right now I'm established outside of the American Society of Muslims, although I am the spiritual leader of the American Society of Muslims my ministry is separate from the American Society of Muslims called WDM ministry or the Mosque Cares office which is the legal name now. It is separate, it is on its own, it is a separate legal entity. So G-d is saving our good works and preserving it for generations to come, but at the same time I have been working with you too, pressuring you to take it serious and to not trust your history to writers who are not one of you.   You haven't done anything yet. but I think you will do something before I'm gone, I hope that I will be able to read about it, I may be so old and blind that I can't read it. I might have to say "Read it to me brother."

      It is wonderful to see your faces you beautiful, good people who will give your all for G-d's sake I know you will and that is why G-d has chosen you. I heard it from my father and I heard it from others too that Mr. Fard was once commenting on my father and he didn't call him Elijah, he called him Karim although he gave him the name Elijah Muhammed later.

      The first name he gave my father was Elijah Karim. My father later learned that he had given Kallat Muhammed, that is my father's brother, he's passed away, both of them are gone now may G-d give them paradise, my father had learned that his brother had been given the name Kallat Muhammed and he was given the name Elijah Karim.  So he went to Mr. Fard and he told him that, so Mr. Fard against his own desire accepted to give my father also the name Muhammed, but he loved the name Karim for my Father.

      The name Muhammed as you know is the greatest name for a human being, I don't know of any name greater because of the best model for human life is the Prophet pbuh, and it is because it is his name. Mr. Fard liked that name Karim for my father because my father was a very generous man and I know that to be so. My father would give money to brothers and sisters working with him but he would also give money to those who he didn't even know if he knew that they needed to be helped.

      And he would also give to Christians which I had some knowledge of, but it wasn't until they started questioning me about the money, the funds in the Nation of Islam when my father passed. Now these are lawyers questioning and trying to solve problems with the internal revenue department, one attorney said, "Your father just did not give to Muslims he gave to Christians. And all of the Christians he gave to were not his relatives." See these outsiders when they come in they will find things out that you don't even know, when they go and do their illegal search.

      So when he said it I don't know what he thought it was going to do to me, I don't know if he thought it was going to make me feel bad or something, but it made me feel good. I was happy to know that my father did that because that is the kind of heart I have. I will give to anybody, I don't give to a person because they are my relatives or because they believe like I believe, I give to the person because I think they need help and I should give them help that is the main reason that I give help to somebody. So I was happy to know that my father did that, he cared about non Muslims and cared about Christians who were not even his relatives, that made me like him even more.

      Africa was Islamic long before black slavery

      So these things we need to be aware of and we need to value this history of ours and we need to appreciate the good fortune that has manifested in this history. Good fortune as is brought out by the documentary called 'The inheritor of the faith" the good fortune that here is a people who were told that they once were Muslims when they were in their own land and then they were brought to this land, there is a lot of support for that. Africa did not just become a Muslim land when we were brought into slavery, Al Islam had already spread into Africa, it was very popular in Africa.

      Egypt was a strong Islamic country, Sudan had become a strong Islamic country, the Niger area was strongly Islamic and many other places, so Africa had already become a very strong population of people who identified themselves as Muslims with the religion of Al Islam. So it is not surprising that many of the slaves were the children of Muslim parents. Now the hope of these people to have their own religion has been answered and now in America the children of those parents are back with their religion.

      The Mind forgets, the soul does not forget

      Now I know some of you perhaps did not come from Al Islam but I believe most of you did. I believe it is your own nature, your genetic memory. We forget but the soul does not forget and you inherit your soul from your parents and those parents inherit the soul form their parents before. The soul does not forget. Your mind forgets but the soul does not forget, when the soul finds what it wants it is pleased. I have heard many of you say, when explaining how you accepted and why you accepted Al Islam, you have said that you felt so good, it made you feel so good. For the first time you just felt so good inside, that is what I heard you say, so that is your witness. That is the soul in you bearing witness that I have come home again. I lost home but now I'm at home again, you didn't understand everything, and who did?

      Do not think those parents understood everything, if they did the religion would not be in such a bad shape over there in Africa right now. So they weren't the wisest people on earth, they didn't know everything, they weren't understanding everything.

      So don't think you're supposed to understand everything, but when your heart and soul is right, then G-d will give you that which brings peace, rest and happiness to your heart and soul and that's what G-d has done for us. Allah swt has connected us back with the Qur'an and with His religion that He revealed to Muhammed pbuh, the last Book to the world. The Qur'an, Al Islam we have become connected with it again and our soul knows it is back home, I know mine is and I know it is true for most of you. Your soul knows that it is at home and you don't want to go anywhere else.

      G-d pre-determined freedom as the slaves destiny

      So I hope you will be pleased with this arrangement that we have made where I am addressing all of you together right now. Let me come to the meat of my presentation to you jointly, males and females, I have been pressing upon you to see yourselves in a more important picture and in a more important light. I know, I don't believe and guess, no I'm not guessing, I'm not believing without knowledge I know that no matter what persons or what events happened to make us captives on these shores of this continent. To make us slaves and to bring us from that condition to where we are today, not just as Muslims but also Christians like the honorable, decent, sincere African American Christian leaders we have in the church for the Christians.

      And like Colin Powell and many others in government we have, like Ophra Winfrey in television and so many more in the public eye males and females. I know that no matter what events took place, no matter who were the leaders, Dr. Martin Luther King, Mr. Fard, the Hon. Elijah Muhammed and many others; I don't care who were the leaders or what the events were, slavery, Jim Crow, integration you just name it, those things did not of themselves determine our life and how we were to turn out, how the finished product would look, how we would be when all this bad time is over. None of those things determined that, it was the will of G-d that determined that, Allah swt the G-d, the Creator of everything determined that.

      This was not just some accidental thing that happened, it had a plan and we see the divine hand or control of G-d on it. I know that as well as I know anything in my life I know it so much so as I told my brother recently I said I have never been afraid of anything, not human or inhuman more than I am afraid of G-d. I said if I thought right now that Allah swt wanted me to go against the president I'd be going against the president, I'm not afraid. I didn't think he understood exactly what I was saying so I added this, I said if the government of the United States was clear in my mind something that G-d, Allah swt wants me to go against I said I would be going against the government of the United States and that is the honest to goodness truth. I do what I know G-d wants me to do and I fear nothing behind that.

      I know I can be killed, I can get worse than death and sometimes living is worse than death. They can make you live so miserably until you wish you were dead. I know myself, if I know that G-d wants something of me then that is what I'm going to do and I don't care what the consequences are. I know I did not make myself like this, G-d made me like this, Allah swt made me like this and I am not the only one that Allah swt has worked with to make them the person they are. There are many more and a lot of them are not Muslims, they are African-American Christians.

      When you read in the Bible the history of the children of Israel, the Jews you read how their life starts in captivity, really they say their life starts with Abraham. Abraham was before Moses but if you study Abraham himself he was the son of a ruler of his society or his people, his nation and Abraham disagreed with his father. Even when he was a boy he didn't believe in the idols and Abraham was what you might call banished, he was put out of his father's society or government and he had to go find a place to start his life.

      So if Abraham is a beginning of the Jew then their start is what I said it was, their start is the start of a people in captivity or a people rejected, a people without a home, a people without a land. Though the story of the Jew is a story of a people who began as wanderers and as people who are not established but searching, seeking, trying to find a way to establish their life. Now when you look at our reality in the light of the Jews beginning, that is just history from a people who wrote their own story, who told their own story. We can't support what the Jews have for their history with what is actually in history, it is not in history, it is only in the story of themselves.

      When you look at us, history says our people sold us into slavery, it says slave traders went over there and bought us, history says slave traders went over there and raided helpless villages and stole people and brought them aboard the ships. So history tells us how we came to America, and it is not written by us it is written by others. And since we been on this continent history tells us of our sorrowful, painful life in slavery and how the abuses continued after emancipation. Lynching by the klan people, segregation etc. and history brings us up to the present time where we have one acceptance with the help of non African Americans and from different faiths, mostly good Christians beginning with the Quakers and a few others and the Jews and with other whites who were not Jews, just good Christians.

      With their support where we have come to be included now in the society or in the citizenry of this country and accorded the protection of the law just like all other members of the society. Now that's a recent achievement for us, but I said the good turn of events, the things that have happened, when we look back at it and see the good things that have happened, we can't understand that, we can't explain that with our scholarly minds, with our history oriented minds.

      We can't explain that by looking at these events in the way that they formed and happened without also looking to see if maybe a higher reality had something to do with this, G-d because the design takes us back to scripture. The design on our life, what happened to form our life in the pattern that it is in and what happened to change that pattern to make it better for us over the years. When we study that and look at how it evolved or how it developed we have to go to Scripture because Scripture gives us the most light on the darkness or on the dark areas of our history or on our life as a people in this country, Scripture gives us the most light.

      Jews story in the Bible is actually the black slave's story

      Qur'an 2.79; They change scripture with their own hand

      "Then woe to those who write the Book with their own hands and then say: "This is from Allah" to traffic with it for a miserable price! Woe to them for what their hands do write and for the gain they make thereby."

      Maybe when the Jews were writing their story, understand this, they thought they were writing their story but who knows, G-d might have said, "With your hand I will have you write the story of a people who is going to be brought to America and going to demand My intervention." Because the Qur'an says, "And they fabricate" meaning they do it with their own hands, they just put false stuff in there, they write false stuff. It says they fabricate it with their own hands and say this is from G-d. that is what Allah swt says to us in Qur'an.

      So wouldn't that be something to really treasure if we could really believe that when these people were writing their own plan for their own life and how their own life would be put down and how G-d would be with them and stay with them and bring them up again, they were actually writing the story of a future people Allahu Akbar. Now something fabricated and called sacred and from

      G-d was interfered with by G-d to produce a people when you apply it or address their life (African Americans), it is not a fabrication at all it is the truth, it is a true story. Well believe me I would not use G-d's name in vain I'm very serious, so that is what I believe G-d did.

      G-d said they think they're writing their story, they think they're writing something to get the world to pity them and to make themselves special in the eyes of the world, but I know the future that they don't know and there will be a people who is put in these circumstances and I will be their Friend and their Deliverer. That is exactly what I believe happened.

      Jesus said if the Jews were the children of G-d, they would love him

      Qur'an 3.65-67; Abraham was not a Jew nor Christian

      "Abraham was not a Jew nor yet a Christian but he was true in faith and bowed his will to Allah's (which is Islam) and he joined not gods with Allah."

      John 8:42; If G-d your father you would love me

      "Jesus said unto them, If God were your Father, ye would love me: for I proceeded forth and came from God; neither came 1 of myself, but he sent me."

      John 8:39; If Abraham your father you would do his works

      "They answered and said unto him, Abraham is our father. Jesus saith unto them, If ye were Abraham's children, ye would do the works of Abraham."

      You would be surprised how many learned Jews will tell you it is not necessarily so, the things that you're liable to read in the Bible. In the Qur'an G-d missioned Muhammed pbuh to challenge it but only after the Gospel had challenged it, Jesus in the Gospel, according to the Bible peace be on him, he said, "If Abraham was your father then you would love me." Here he is supposed to be a Jew himself and he is challenging his own people. Jesus Christ in the Gospel, New Testament is telling the Jews that you have no legitimate claim to Abraham as your father, that is what he is saying as plain as day. And here comes the Qur'an and Muhammed pbuh is inspired to say, "Abraham was not a Jew," bring your proof if you got it that he is a Jew. Now if they could have answered it they would have answered it a long time ago and they weren't going to be foolish enough to tell Muhammed the Prophet pbuh to read the Bible.

      Because he knew too much, he would pull off too many covers behind that if they had brought the Bible, they would just asking to be exposed even more, so they didn't come at him they left him alone. This world is stranger than fiction and that's what they say, "The truth is stranger than fiction," believe me this world is stranger than fiction. You will go crazy trying to make sense of this world, don't even try.

      Qur'an 3.185; This world is but deception

      "For the life of this world is but goods and chattels of deception."

      In the Qur'an says, "This world is but ghuruu, it means what you're looking at is not the truth, that is not the real thing, it is deceiving you the real thing is something else.

      The soul is universal

      Believe with me or don't it is okay, I know some of you have been believing with me and you're not going to stop, you will continue to believe with me. This is all about the human soul and how great thinkers and visionaries perceive or understood the human soul that it is universal. That means every nation has come up with pretty much the same picture or idea for the human soul.

      Whether it is Asia where they have Buddhism, Hinduism and other religions or Africa where they have ancestor worship and animism and all these other things along with Christianity and Al Islam that came later. Whether it is any other pail of the world they have all come up with a similar idea about the human soul, why? Because the human soul is something non intangible, it means ] can't touch it like I touch this wire, I can't relate to it like I relate to physical things that I can see with my eyes and hear with my ears and touch with my hands etc., it is something invisible, abstract inside of me.

      But it is knowable upon the experience that I have, my experience has awakened me something deep inside and has made me aware of something in myself that I value even more than I value my physical body, that is my inner life, my soul.

      Soul for different people has different meanings, soul for the learned in the spiritual world has the same meaning, the human soul is the same for all of them. Like a scientist will write down what he saw or observed when he did a certain thing whether it is a living thing or a dead thing, when he put it to a test, and then he tests that same thing again after giving it the same treatment that he gave it before, he wrote it down, and he kept coming up with the same description of what occurred.

      So when the description is consistent, that every time it is tested in this particular environment these are the results, then he can write that down as a scientific statement of that particular thing. That in this given circumstances this thing responds thus to a certain stimuli or a certain test he did. He can write it down then as a scientific fact. I can experience something in my soul, I'm in America, and here is a man who comes from China, we sit down, and have a conversation and he is sharing with me a deep spiritual experience he had and I say, that's the exact experience I had.

      Well over the thousands and thousands of years that we have been living on this earth as learned, enlightened people and meeting other learned enlightened people from other different parts of the world we have exchanged knowledge of experiences. And just like you have spices come out of China and reach Arabia, reach England, this knowledge of the human soul has gone all around the world. So it became universal, but nobody had published it, it was existing but nobody had published it. Some courageous guys decided that they were going to write the story, give the information, put it in a book and publish it and take credit for it. That this is a soul that G-d created and it was our father who first told us this. G-d told our father this, say yeah He did? Yes, G-d the lord of our house told us this. Then Allah swt inspired Muhammed pbuh to say, "No not the lord of your house, the Lord of the worlds." This is universal that is what it is saying. What you are claiming for yourself is not yours, what you are claiming for yourself belongs to the whole of mankind, it is universal and these figures that you have put on these truths are not your figures, these figures belong to all mankind.

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