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The Growth of Human Consciousness - Part II

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    THE GROWTH OF HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS (CHAPTER AT-TEEN) Part II BY IMAM W. DEEN MOHAMMED (raa) Praise be to Allah! There is nothing worthy of prayer or of worship
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      Part II


      Praise be to Allah!  There is nothing worthy of prayer or of worship except Allah.  And I bear witness that Muhammed is the Messenger of Allah.  In the conclusion of this khutbah of this Jumua, I want to bring your attention to the excellence of the human being and his growth.

      Allah says in the Qur'an that he has created us in the earth as a plant.  He brought us out of the earth as a plant.  He brought us out of the earth as a plant means as a growing thing.  As a growing thing!!  And the Qur'an says " that he shall return us to it." And again, the Qur'an says "that he shall bring us out of it."

      Dear beloved people, we know Allah promised us the hereafter.  And we have complete faith in that as Muslims, as believers.  But, we know, also, its application in this practical life.  G'd raises us up.  He creates us in this earth.  Our physical essences are of this creation, of this earth--in this physical universe.  Our conscience is born of this physical environment, this natural environment.  And G'd has already set the pattern of that growth, that progress, in the physical matter that we are from--- and, also, in our biology, and, also, in the spiritual makeup that lives in this biology.  It all connects brothers and sisters.

      The physical matter has the pattern.  That pattern comes into me and I become a living being.  That pattern is now in me as a physical living being.  The pattern is in my physical physiology, now reaches my mental make-up, my conscience.  And, now, it begins to set the pattern of my conscience.  G'd has designed all of this!!  And it brings us up step by step.  We become a part of a social order, living and interacting with each other.

      And, the influences that we exert on each other are set the way that we conform to that pattern that Allah has set our creation upon.  The Holy Qur'an--chapter 30, verse 30, tells us that in a very few words and very clearly.  It tells us that ' G'd has created the human being on that pattern that he has established the universe on.'  And on the same he has patterned, he has placed the religion upon.  The religion co-insides with the pattern.  The religion is just a higher expression or a revelation of that same pattern.  And that is the life we must live.   So, the outward life we live is told internally.  All praises is due to Allah!!

      Now, let us look at something else in the Qur'an.  Allah says in the surah "AT Teen".  " And by the Teen (by the fig), by the olive, and by Mount Sinai, and by the town made safe.  Surely, we have created the human being in the most excellent modal or molds."  Now, lets look at "Teen"(the fig).  The fig is a fruit that is easily masticated or chewed up.  When it is ripe, it is very easily handled.  You don't have to take the seeds out, do you?  You just eat it all up---am I right?  And it tastes nice!  It also has a lot of water in it.  When it is ripe for eating, the "Teen" has a lot of water.  The fig has a lot of water.  If you would cut it open and look at it-- That is-- dissect it--so to speak, and look at it to see what pattern is revealed inside it, you would find that its seeds are grouped together.  But, they don't form a real pattern.  There is no real order, except just a circle.  Allright! --So it represents simple grouping.  Is that right?  The design in the fig represents a simple grouping!

      Alright! --The human being comes into the "Teen"(the fig) as a social group.  The human being conscience is that of a fig--- meaning, no elaborate ideas, no elaborate order.  He has no complex order of how his life should be.  It's very simple!  It is, simply, just being together.  Isn't that the nature of man first?  That is to just be together, to just group.  Am I right?  And after he groups, then he begins to plan how best to survive as a group. --Right?

      Alright! _- So later, he is challenged to become an olive.  And don't forget the American expression --" it is just a figment of your imagination."  Now, we come to the olive.  The olive, you can't take it and just bite down on it and just chew it up.  You better be careful eating the olive.  You might break off a tooth.  The olive has a very hard seed.  And if you go to chewing that thing, it has meat on the outside-- but if you are not careful, you will hurt yourself.  And when you dissect the olive, you see what?  You see central focus!  The seed is in the center.  Thus, the essences are centered-- Right?  Whereas in the fig, the essence or the life of that fruit is scattered,--scattered out--but yet, grouping.  The olive is not scattered out.  It is right centered.  And it is not many,-- it is one.  One--is that right!?  The olive, the seed is one, not many, but just one!  However, with the fig, it is many.  So, this is how we group together to get the benefit of each other.

      And then we come into leadership.  We want one!  We want one leader!  And he is going to center all of us-- Right!?  And we are going to be so watery---(we are going to have the right balance).  We are going to be meaty-- And what does the bible says?--'babes handle such things as come from heaven--as milk, and water, and honey.  But meat is for men.'  I thought you might like that some of you bible students.

      Now, let us go to " and Mount Sinai."  After we get leadership, what do we want?-- Government!!  We want government.  After leadership, leadership wants government(Turi Seeneen - "Mount Sinai).  The law came to order society under one government.  And Moses was told ' don't take too much responsibility on yourself.'  That is what Jethro, the priest, told him.  Say;--"you will wear yourself out.  Delegate authority, so your government will grow!  Isn't that what he told him? Yes!!  Mount Sinai is government!  But what kind of government?--- Inspired government!!  The word, itself, tells us that G'd, himself, inspired the government---(Turi Seeneen -"Mount Sinai") 

      Now, let us look at (wa hatha baladil ameen - "and this town made safe").  Oh! now let us go!  Who is the "Teen"(fig)?  The "Teen" was the first order of the religious people.  The order that was in Jerusalem in the day of Jesus.  The people of Jerusalem had lost their government.  They had lost their leadership.  They had a puppet government and a puppet leadership.  The real government, and the real leadership was Rome!  Alright!-- And they simply was just "Teen".  They was simply dependent upon their ability to just adhere-- stick together.  And the Jew has been doing that every since-- that is, trying to stick together.  Hoping to one day get their government back.  What did Jesus say?--according to the Gospel, He said "cursed be the fig tree to bear fruit no more."  So, Jesus brought in something else--but they crucified that.  They didn't crucify Jesus, but what Jesus brought in.  They crucified what Jesus brought in.  And they gave the world back to "Teen".  Now, that is all the church represents-- a congregation-"Teen".  There is no real leadership.  There is no real instruction for their life in the society---just happiness and grouping together.  They have become a fig("Teen").  And the planners saw that this mind was going to be the cause of the corruption of the theology--- that is, making sex so important in the theology.  They saw that there was another thing that was going to be brought about.  So a fig, also, suggest sex!  And that they would just multiply, but have no leadership, and no government-- they would just multiply.  You might say " well America has government, Europe has government." You do?  You only have somebody to regulate  the traffic on the street, somebody to tell you how to pay your taxes.  If that is the extent of government, then any can do that.  No G'd has to reveal anything for that.  Ordinary people handle that.  I am talking about government that brings justice to the people.  So far, we are still begging for justice.  The western world has not given us government, yet, that has delivered justice to all its people.  Right now, if you want justice in the western society, you have to either be a special person or a lucky person or a rich person.  Yes!!-- This is not my thing--- this is the data, this is the information, this the record.  Right now, there is the State's attorney, Richard J. Daly III, saying "there has not been equitable justice for the black".  Now, I am using his terms.  And he says, "he wants to bring about equitable justice to the blacks.  If he is saying these things, it must be true.

      And we know when we go to jail, we see the jails are filled up with us.  The jails are filled up with us.  We are not a majority in this country, but we are a majority in the jails.  Now who does this reflect on?  It reflects on the system!  And it is not a new thing.  The American, western system has always been an unfair system.  It just has a hope for fairness.  The hope is in the language of the Constitution.  The hopes is on the books of law.  It has been legislated in as hope, but it has not become a reality.  And I believe that the only thing that will make it become a reality is independent leadership on the grass root level.  A man like Muhammed who feared nothing.  And if people join him, we will make reality the promise on the book.

      Dear beloved brothers and sisters, let us deal with  "wa hatha baladil ameen"( and this town made safe).  How is it possible to have a safe town?  The natural change of the growth of group conscious  is intact.  It hasn't been broken. It hasn't been disordered.  It moves along in proper order, proper step.  The group was brought into a spiritual consciousness and the group was given leaders.    They were brought to see leaders.  Don't you know Prophet Muhammed was preaching the religion and was influencing the spiritual thinking of the people long before he became the leader?  Yes!!-- First, he gave them the love for Allah.  The mind was brought into spiritual consciousness first,  Then he told them he was the leader.

      Some people say that when Prophet Muhammed address the Meccans he said "La ilaha illalah wa Muhammedar rasoolulah".  That is wrong!!!  When he addressed the Meccans, he said "la ilaha illalah" and that is all he said! They had already wanted to live in the company of the faithful.  So, they accepted him as leader.  Mind you, this is not just any kind of leadership.  There is many fruit with one stone in it.  But this is not just any fruit.  This is an olive with one stone in it.

      An olive is a fruit that gives oil.  An oil that can burn and light up a room.  So, the olive doesn't just refer to any leadership, it refers to enlightened leadership.  And the olive, when it comes from the east, it is black.  You know, we eat green olives.  That is not really the proper olive.  The best olive is a black olive.  If you leave the green olive long enough, it loses its green.  It becomes brown or beige.  But the best olive, the olive over there, is the black olive.  The blackness refers to nature.  And the oil refers to wisdom or the knowledge of nature.  So, it is a natural process that brings us the wisdom, knowledge, the science of nature--the nature that Allah created.

      Do you recall the hadith, where Prophet Muhammed asked the people, after Gabriel questioned him?  He ask them "do you know who that was?"  And he told them he was Jibreel(Gabriel).  And the same hadith says "that his hair was jet black", "and his clothes were the whitest of white."  The black is the black of nature.  And the white is the white of revelation. White means knowledge, light.  White represents light.   The black represents the nature.  The white represents the light or knowledge of the nature.  So, again, the olive represents the nature.  The oil represents the wisdom.  When you burn that oil, it burns pure.  It's light is white.  And the verse dealing with the light---the chapter "An Nur"(the light), it says fire does not touch it.  But some translators says "fire scarce touch it".  No!!!-- Fire does not touch it.  The oil is burning, and the flame is above the oil.  Between the flame, you see a space, an empty space--where the fire does not touch any oil.  What does that mean?--- Our thoughts lit up!  Our thoughts fired up by the wisdom does not touch the wisdom.  Our human weakness might cause us to make the oil impure.  Our own thinking, trying to grasp the light, may affect the purity of wisdom.  So, this is only a sign.  Don't think the olive is all of it!  Olive can go out style.  we want the goodies are.  We want to know the signs are pointing to.  We are not so much interested in the signs.  The olive is nothing but a sign.  The fire, or the flame, is nothing but a sign.

      Now, go to college and tell your scholar, your professor, who is telling you that "to be a real scientist, you must be objective.  You can't let your own ideas of thoughts or prejudices influence your subject or your study."  Tell him that Allah already said that!!!  He said "the flame does not touch the oil."  The professor is not telling you anything that is new.  Allah had said it  in just a few words.  You don't have to tell me about empirical or objectivity.  Allah said "and the flame does not touch the oil."  All praises are due to Allah!!  You should be shouting---not as a monkey or some crazy drunken people--- but your spiritual side should be jumping for joy.  Yes!!- you should jumping for joy.

      Wa hatha baladil ameen-- " the town or country can be made safe, if we group under G'd, be faithful under G'd.  And don't say "we know!"  The fig doesn't have leadership to start with.  We don't know!!  We have to get an olive first, then the leadership.  And we can't get that proper mind until we understand the wisdom that G'd has clocked into nature.  You ain't going to establish real leadership with some wisdom you dream up.  You are not going to spook yourself out to cloud 68 or 110th zone of the universe and then come here with something that is going to lead us.  You will be failure every time!  You have to get in touch with nature that Allah created.  And you have be true to that and don't let your weird mind influence what Allah has made.  Take it straight as Allah has created it.  Then, you will get learned, intelligent leadership for your people.  

      That leadership, then, should accept that G'd is needed in my life.  Because, I am a human being given to influences.  So, I need, no, a government to contain me.  If I move on my limited logic, I will form a government to my own glory--- to worship me.  And the glory and praise of me will eventually destroy me.  Even though, I don't intend it.  I may be innocent.  I may do a great thing.  But the praise of that people for what I have done will eventually corrupt me, destroy me.  It will make a sissy of a great strong warrior.  That's right!!!-- this is the human weakness that is in man --- to move man to step out of himself, to reject himself.  Say! " look I am not the leader.  Me-- I am not it. G'd created that as he created me.  The knowledge is the creation of G'd and it is not my discovery!"  That is what the leader will say when he comes to the truth of the matter.  He will say " the knowledge is the creation of G'd, it is not my discovery!"

      Say! "Now, let us ask the same one who created this.  Let us ask him to give us this fire to show us how to form the proper order--- a government for all the people."  So, G'd revealed it,-- he revealed a spiritual order to direct man's spiritual nature.  So that he is not taken off course by his weakness to follow spiritual influences, tendencies that will pull him off course.

      G'd revealed the law to discipline his entire spiritual make-up.  The highest discipline, dear people, is not the discipline of your body.  That is the beginning of discipline.  We start with the body.  The body challenges us to discipline it.  Then, the thoughts challenge us to discipline them so we can make the best use of the intelligence.  But the last challenge, and the greatest challenge, is to discipline our spiritual tendencies.  Our spiritual tendencies, that is the highest discipline for man.  Some of you may not understand this.  When a pretty woman walks in, one that is prettier then any woman you have ever seen ---she may be the woman of your dreams--before you married and after you married--- so she walks in, you have to fight your feelings to keep from embarrassing yourself or letting your wife see what is happening.  That is what I am talking about!  I am not just talking about the influences of the devil that fired up all those things or the influences of the righteous spirit in you.  No!!!-- Don't let your mind drift way out.  You must look at the practical things.  Just look at the ordinary realities that surrounds you-- and how those realities influence you spiritually.  How it influences your heart.  How it influences your will power.  So, the highest discipline for man is spiritual discipline.

      So let me begin to close out now!  After "Mount Sinai" comes wa hatha baladil ameen.  Once man disciplines his logic in accord with what G'd has revealed, what G'd has created.  And he gives himself as obediently to Allah to the extent that even his spirit does not want to disobey what Allah has ordered, he has conquered his "jinn".  And G'd has said of Prophet Muhammed "that he has conquered his jinn."  He conquered his jinn.

      Dear beloved brothers and sisters, we all want to control our jinn and eventually conquer our jinn.  With the help of Allah, we can do that.  So that, the spiritual influences of this world, the music, the culture, the temptation to do wrong-- will not topple us or take us off our upright Position.  We will remain upright, steadfast, straight and perfect for Allah's sake.  Though we may make a mistake, we get up and dust ourselves off.  As the song says, "starting all over again."

      That is what we want.  We want the faith that we can beat that jinn.  Don't you know that when a fighter gets knocked down sometimes, that does not mean he lost the fight?  He gets knocked down and he gets up and he go at it again.  He says "maybe I was fighting him too close."  So, he starts stepping back off of his opponent.  He comes up with another strategy.  He comes up with a greater methodology.  But don't give up the battle!!! Yes! - Then we are coming into that spirit that can survive.  And if we all come into that spirit--- we all don't have to come into that though--- If we just respect the persons that have that ability.  And make those persons our leader; we will have that baladil ameen, that "town made safe".  Allahu Akbar!

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