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The Growth of Human Consciousness

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    THE GROWTH OF HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS Part I LECTURE BY IMAM W. DEEN MOHAMMED Dear beloved Brothers and Sisters, As-Salaam-Alaikum! All praise is due to Allah,
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      Part I


      Dear beloved Brothers and Sisters, As-Salaam-Alaikum!  All praise is due to Allah, the Guardian Evolver of all the worlds.  We ask His aid.  We seek Him for forgiveness.  We put our complete trust in Him.  And indeed, the thanks and the praise is for Him, --the Most High.

      Allah, the Most High, says, lahul khalqu wal amru—"To Him belongs the whole creation and the rule over the creation".  Now I would like to read from the seventh chapter of the Qur'an, Suratul A'raf, beginning with verse 54, 

      "Your Guardian Lord is Allah, Who created the heavens and the earth in six days, and    is firmly established on the throne (of authority): He draws the night as a veil over the   day, each seeking the other in rapid succession: He created the sun, the moon, and the stars (all) governed by laws under his Command.  Is it not his to create and to govern? Blessed be Allah, the Cherisher and the Sustainer of the worlds!"

      Here, the rational is established for our complete faith in Allah.  The following verse will explain that.—verse 55.

      "Call on your Lord in humility and fear.  For certainly he loves not those who trespass beyond due limits."

      The extremist, those who just boldly with no respect at all go over the limits, take upon themselves authority that they know does not belong to them.  Go beyond what their conscience dictates for them.  Let us continue now;

      Verse 56

      "Do no mischief on the earth after it has been set in order, but call on Him with fear and longing(in your hearts):  For the Mercy of G'd is (always) near to those who do good."

      `Do no mischief on earth"—may be this term is not familiar to this late generation here.  But when I was a child, my parents used the term "mischief' quite often.  They would say, "You all are getting into some mischief".  It means wrongdoing.

      So, I repeat—the first verse we read, verse 54 from the chapter the heights—chapter 7, sets the pattern .  It establishes the rationale for the believers—complete faith in Allah.  We are not believing in G'd who created everything and then left it up to us to do the rest of it.  We believe in Allah who created everything and then He governs everything.  He sees and hears and knows everything.  And it is not us that manage the creation.  It is Allah that manages the creation.  And He has to call us back when we abuse the trust that he put in us to manage our affairs.  It is no good for religious people to feel their way through religion.  We should see our way through our religion.  The trouble with the world today is that many people feel their way through their religion.  I feel my way through my religion.  You feel your way through  the same religion.  And we behave differently.  We come to different judgments because we are only feeling our way through our religion.  If we were seeing properly—the way to live this religion, we wouldn't have so many schools of thought, so many different opinions, so many different sects, so many different ideas about how this religion is to be lived.  Prophet Muhammed didn't come to teach us to follow intuition, to follow a spirit, a feeling, Prophet Muhammed was sent to teach us to follow guidance, rational guidance,-- moral, spiritual, rational guidance.  If the Muslims lose the clear sight on how to practice their religion—rationally, and if they lose the scope of their religion, the scope of their activity and their responsibility, then they have lost their religion.  And, thus, they only have the disposition of a Muslim but they don't have a life of a Muslim.  Can you tell me that the Muslims who are spread all over this world have the life of a Muslim?  If you know anything about them, you can't tell me that they have the life of a Muslim.  Can we say of the people, who live right here in Chicago—the majority of the Muslims living right here in Chicago—can we say of them, that they really have the life of a Muslim?  If you know what the life of a Muslim is, you cannot say that.  That would be other then the truth.  It is because we have lost the light of  Al-Islam.  We lost sight of how to live this religion.  We have lost the dimension of this religion.  This religion, its dimensions are universal.

      We have lost the dimensions of our responsibility.  We have lost the area of our responsibility.  The area of our responsibility is also universal.  This is the big problem of the Muslims today.  It is the problem for all the great religions.  They have all lost their vision.  They have lost clear direction in their lives.  They are following traditions, following rituals and feeling their way through their religion, when the religion came with Prophet Muhammed so that we can see by the light of Al-Islam how to live this religion rationally.

      Dear beloved Muslims, a great, great knowledge is given to us in the Qur'an to bring our life to conform to what Allah asks of us.  It is said, in many ways, this knowledge is given or presented in many ways in the Qur'an.  However, the aim is always the same, that is to get us to see the need to make our life complete, to make our life consistent, to make our integrity consistent.  The world , as we know, violates it's own moral rules as it moves from one area of life to another.  The rule that is established in spiritual matters is violated in matters.  The rule that is established in material matters is violated in business matters.

      If you really understand the religion of this world and what the religion of this world is talking about, we live in America and thus the religion of this world is Christianity, it says greed, materialism, flesh, materialism, greed, is all sinful.  It says that this is the world that you should reject.  So in the church there is one mind given.  And when you go into business, there is another mind given.  Regarding your attitudes, your moral attitudes toward material development, we are double minded people.  We have double moral standards.  We are divided against ourselves internally.  So how can we be united externally?  It is impossible!

      Dear beloved Muslims, you might say, "Why do you talk to us like this brother Imam?  We are all Muslims"!  I rather use the Honorable Elijah Muhammed terms—"trying to be upright".  You do not have yet the knowledge to be upright.  So, you are trying to be upright.  You still have a lot of Christian ideas in your mind that is forming your behavior.  And until you have enough Islamic knowledge to correct that behavior, to know that it is un-Islamic behavior, then you are trying to be upright.  The first verse that we read in the Qur'an, the chapter called-"The Heights", gave us a clear idea of the G'd, and governorship of  the Sovereign, our fear of G'd.  That he has power over all things.  Everything belongs to him.  It didn't say part of the creation.  It said the whole creation is His.  The management of the creation is his alone.  He doesn't share the management of the creation with someone else.  There is no second partner, or third partner, helping him in the management of this creation.  The angels serve Him just like we do.  The Angels are not his partners.  The Angels are his slaves.  They all serve Him.  And Allah says in the Qur'an, "that nothing comes to him but as a slave".  There is no way for any angels, there is no way for any spirit, or anything to come to Allah except as a slave.  He has no G'dship to be divided with others.  This is the unity and the purity of G'd in this religion, which makes sense out of everything else once we understand it.

      Let us move on now to the concept of prophet.  We have now a quick picture of Allah, that is a quick, real brief, idea of the unity of Allah, His oneness, His uniqueness, His independence.  Now, let us come to the prophet, or concept of the prophet, and see the precious light of Al-Islam.  On the concept of Prophet Muhammed, Prophet Muhammed is not an ordinary Prophet.  Prophet Muhammed is the major Prophet, extraordinary Prophet, and the last of the prophets, last of the Major Prophets.  The Major Prophets are those prophets who bare a direct relationship to our individual growth as a human being, as a conscious creature.  There are Minor Prophets who dealt with social problems, political problems, different problems—those are Minor Prophets.  They don't bear directly their meaning.  Their role does not bear directly on the natural evolution of me as a person.  How do we know this?  Allah says in the Qur'an and Prophet Muhammed has taught it—that in you are seven grades and above you are seven corresponding grades.  The seven in us refers to the natural steps of growth that takes place in the conscience of the individual to reach the fullness of growth that Allah has ordained for us, in creating us, our natural forms, our nature-biological nature, our spiritual nature, our political nature.

      Do you know that you have a political nature.  My political nature , all of it has already been clocked and designed by Allah who created it.  In creating it, he designed it and clocked it.  And He designed and clocked it, so that, it moves up along certain planes of elevation.  Each plane of elevation gets broader.  The first plane is more narrower and is not as broad as the second one.  The second one is broader then the first one.  The third one is broader the second one.  And the fourth is broader the third one.  The fifth one is broader then the fourth.  The sixth is broader then the fifth.  The seventh is broader then the sixth.  So, if you see this going up, it looks like a cone so to speak.  It gets bigger as we goes up into the grades.  

      Now, where does Prophet Muhammed stand?  Where is he placed?  Since Allah says, correspondedly there are seven above you.  The word in Arabic clearly tells us that the seven above us are not different then the seven in us.  It clearly tells that the seven above us are the same as the seven in us.  Oh, is he saying that the seven prophets, the Major Prophets are in us?  Yes!  But they are asleep in us.  The average one of us cannot reach the potential that the great Prophets achieved.  Because, we have not earned the blessings that they earned.  But if we had been upright and G'd chose us for the blessings, there is already the resources in here for G'd to bring out.  The resources of the Major Prophets are in me, in every human being.  And G'd has to bring it out.  He brought it out.  With each major Prophet, He bought a plane or elevation of that until it reached seven.  And we know, according to hadith, if the hadith is correct, and we must agree that it is correct whether we know the hadith is correct or not because the ummah is the ummah after the millah of Ibrahim—the Prophet Hanifah—peace be on him.  So, in the highest heaven is Ibrahim or Abraham—peace be on him.

      Prophet Muhammed where is he now in the seven?  According to this hadith, Prophet Muhammed led the seven in prayer.  He is the leader of the seven.  How, now, can the eight be the leader of the seven?  Because G'd revealed to him the continuity, the consistency, the continuity between the seven.   G'd showed him the continuity, the perfect continuity, the perfect chain of ascension that connects all the seven.  So, we have a hadith that he appeared on the first plane and he greeted his father Adam.  And he went on appearing on plane after plane until he got greetings from each one between Adam and Abraham—`my brother".  But when he got to the seventh one, Abraham, he greeted him "my father".  And thereafter, he led them all in prayer indicating that he is the leader of all of them.

      Dear believers, sometimes I don't feel like talking to you this way because most of you are doubters.  And it is not justice to give precious knowledge to doubters.  It is not justice.  That is not right –you see.  But if you understood this, you would understand how your self, as a person, is a type of the great Prophet.  And G'd has not sent us leaders that we can't follow.  Because the leader that he has sent represent what is inherent in us, or inborn, or innate in us.  So, Prophet represents the consistency, the logic that connects them all—also it is in us.

      How do we know this?  Again, Allah tells Prophet Muhammed, "Say to them!  I am a flesh and blood mortal like you".  This must be established.  Why?  It must be established very clearly.  Why?  It is because the Christians slipped.  They went astray.  They made a mistake in trying to study academic research—the scripture.  For three hundred years the Christian scholars engaged in intensive study of the scripture and they made a mistake.  They slipped from the real course and they came up with that idea.  They gave the majority, they gave the people who supported the idea a divine Prophet Jesus, not a mortal like us.  They gave support  to that divine Prophet against what G'd had instructed them through Jesus, the Prophet, the Messiah.

      So, they went astray from the proper knowledge.  And in going astray, the gave the concept of Jesus as a divine being, a G'd being, a member in the tri-part G'dhead.  To correct this, Prophet Muhammed comes not only to correct that but to show the unity of Prophet hood, the unity of man, the unity of the Prophet hood, and the unity of G'd—to show it for all times.  Therefore, Prophet Muhammed is clearly defined in this holy book as a flesh and blood mortal like you, not like G'd.  G'd is not a flesh and blood mortal like you.  And there is nothing like unto Allah.  And that goes for all the Prophets because he says the Prophets are brothers.  And if any of them has a strange conception, then all of them did.  

      Only Adam and Abraham are called father.  And we understand why they are called father.  One begins one growth and another begins another growth.  Just like a father beginning a family, he has children and the Prophet has followers.  Adam begins one growth and there were many followers from Adam.  And then Prophet Ibrahim begins another growth and there were many followers from him.  Is that right?  Now all the Prophets have their followers.  And they were not without their followers.  Jesus Christ would have his followers.  Allah would not impose this religion on all of the people.  They would have to accept it willingly.  Jesus would have his followers.  Idris, all of the Prophets, Moses, all of the prophets will have their followers.  But, who would have the greatest number?  Prophet Muhammed, peace be upon him, will have the greatest number.  That has been told to us too.  The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, he is reported to have said that Moses was surprised to see Prophet Muhammed's followers.  G'd showed him through a vision as a kind of  a depiction—G'd showed him the final end, the end of days—Moses was surprised to see into the future that Prophet Muhammed's was going to be bigger then his.  Moses had a lot of followers but Prophet Muhammed would have many more.  

      Praise be to Allah and the peace and blessings be upon his Prophet.  Why now should Prophet Muhammed have many more followers?  It is because he represents the total evolution of the person.  Moses represents a phase in the evolution of the person.  Jesus represents a phase.  Aaron represents a phase, or I should say rather then a phase, he represents both a phase and attitude.  So we have the different Prophets representing phases in the evolution, in the growth, the natural growth of the human being in his conscience, not is his physical body, but in his conscience.  So, Allah being so Wise, so Wise above his creation, He had clocked the conscience into the biological make-up.  In creating the biological make-up, He also set the pattern for the conscience.  

      Oh!, it is wonderful to understand the supreme wisdom.  This Qur'an is the supreme wisdom.  How wonderful our would be if we could get all the intelligent young people to understand just that message.  It would bring the spirituality, the morality and the rationale of the human being into agreement, into some kind of unity, some kind of workable condition where our spirituality will not be fighting our moral nature, our rationality will not be fighting the spiritual nature.  Everything will be working as G'd intended for it to work—in cooperation—each supporting the other.  And this is just a small part of it.

      Yes, Dear beloved people, how wonderful the world outside of us—the world—the people could be if all of us could see ourselves in that kind of unity.  How peaceful, how cooperative the Christians, and Muslims, and Jews would be if we could see our Prophets in that concept.  G'd is the Creator.  He is one.  He created everything.  He is as much my G'd as he is your G'd.  How could He be responsible for turning us against each other, for making me opposed to you by nature?  That would make Him not a G'd of righteousness and justice.  That would make him a G'd of confusion and wickedness.  He would be a G'd of mischief.  A G'd of mischief would make us have a nature to go against and oppose one another.  No!, what does the Qur'an say about the troubles in the world?  What is the Qur'an reply to the Genesis?  The Genesis says Adam was of flesh, therefore he was of sin. And all of his children by his wife was born in sin.  Is that right?  And if you study the Genesis, the Genesis says all of the troubles in the world results from the nature of man.  Because from the first sons, trouble begins to multiply.  They get jealous of each other.  One kills the other one because he envies his brothers gift to G'd.  Is that right?  So, Cain killed Abel.  And from that Cain line came Jubal-Cain, Tubal-Cain and all the other Cains that make the whole world a hell of a mess.  Is that right?  And it got so terrible, that G'd decided, according to Genesis and not the Qur'an, G'd decided that the only way he could correct this is by wiping the whole place clean.  So, He decides to wipe the whole place clean and just leaving only Noah and his sons.  Right?  And, it still wasn't right because Noah too was from Adam.  Noah and his sons in time , they mess up the world again.  And G'd sent Jesus.  And Jesus is supposed to be some kind of spooky transportation of the G'd himself through the vast space of airless space and gravity.  All through eons of time and space, He arrives here in flesh and blood body that was not born by a man.  And then He gives His life for the sins of the world.  And he then presents a very sad picture of the G'dhead.  He goes out weeping.  Jesus wept—Peter slept—the door stepped—something—you know—this is not me—this is what they say.

      This is a very sad picture.  It is presented and it is explained.  "Oh, the Jesus did save the world but still there must be a judgment".  When we come back to judgment of the same sin, the sin has multiplied again.  And we come back to judgment again.  G'd is going to destroy the wicked and is going to save the Saints—and destroy all the sinners.  Tell me, where is the improvement on the Noah idea!  There is no improvement!  Why?  They had a new lease on life through Noah and they started all over again-and sin multiplied.  Is that right?  And then they had to be judged.  Right?  Now Jesus came and it is supposed to be the same trick, some miraculous trick.  Now, G'd is going to make it possible for men to be saved through  the blood of Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ has been here and he is gone..  And they are still telling us that you sinners are going to burn in hell.  Why, that is the same position we were in when Noah was here.  That is the same position we were in when Adam was here.  The thing has not changed at all. So, how does the Qur'an reply to this problem?  What does the Qur'an has to say?  All praises are due to Allah.  The Qur'an says , "Adam slipped".  He had no resolve to disobey his Lord.  He had no intent .  He did not sit down and plan to be disobedient.  It was an unconscious slip into sin.  What is this referring to.   Is it referring to the mind that you have?  Can we apply that to all of us now?  And say the bother who smoked reefer last night and he slipped?  No!  "You didn't slip".  You didn't slip unless you slopped and got some reefer to keep anybody from seeing you.  You didn't slip.  You committed a sin.  But, Adam slipped.  Adam represents the original state of your conscience.  The original state of your conscience is not to harm yourself.  The original state of your conscience is not to harm anybody else unless it is to save your own life against injustice.  You see that is the original state of your conscience.  Adam represents the original state of man's conscience.  The state of the conscience that nature itself evolved.  Nature has evolved a conscience in man.  And that conscience respects justice .  It respects truth.  It wants right.  It seeks accuracy, perfection and obedience to the Creator.  But if the world leads it astray and influences it wrongly, pretty soon it stops hearing  its original conscience.  And it begins to hear the world's pressure.  That is why Allah says, "Let there arise up from among you those that will call to righteousness and forbid wrong doing.  And will not fear the criticism of the criticizers".  It takes a strong person to stand up in the world and knowing that the majority is going to laugh at him.  To stand up in the world to say what Allah wants knowing that the majority of the so-called intelligent people will laugh at him.  Knowing that the culture will laugh at him.  Knowing that the dumb-bells will laugh at him.  Knowing that his wife will laugh at him.  His children may laugh at him.  He has to stand up and tell the world—"I am right—I am following G'd.  You are wrong".  That's takes a strong person.  Oh yes! That takes a strong person.

      And the only person that can do that is a person who has returned to his original nature.  And you cannot return to your original nature before you die to this world.  You must first die to this world before you can get back your original nature.  And once you do that  then you earn the blessings of G'd.  He, Himself, will protect you.  And you will have no fear of the world.  No one will be able to shame you out of your attitude.  But you will be able to shame them out of their attitude by the help of G'd.  Dear beloved Muslims isn't this wonderful?

      Now, let us look again at the Prophet hood and then I am going to try to wrap it up in just a few minutes.  Again, let us look at the Prophet hood of Prophet Muhammed.  Prophet Muhammed is not a scholar.  Prophet Muhammed is an unlettered Prophet and he is sent to the unlettered people.  He is the unlettered Prophet to the unlettered people.  He is an ummi sent to the ummiyeen.  The unlettered Prophet sent to the unlettered people.  Some of us think that Prophet Muhammed could not read a book.  Let's say he couldn't read a book.  But let me give you something here, especially for you, don't take it elsewhere.  The Qur'an is a book that addresses previous scripture more so then it addresses anything else.  Alright!—What did the previous scripture say concerning  the ability to read what G'd wants man to read.  The previous scripture says there was the book of G'd and the time had come wherein there had fallen upon the earth a famine of hearing the true word of G'd.  And that darkness had covered the whole earth.  Prophet hood had been darkened and also scripture had been darkened.  This is in the previous scripture—the Bible.  All right!—and it goes on to say that the people were desperate.  The faithful people were desperate to know how to read the word of G'd.  And there was a small book.  A small book referring to the essence of the scripture.  You may add a lot to it.  But we are not interested in what you added.  We are not interested in your commentary when we lose the essence.  When we lose the essence we don't what to hear commentary.  We want the essence.

      So, it refers to the small book.  And it says that the people had the book and they were going to and fro.  And they brought the book to one man who couldn't read letters, who couldn't read language, who couldn't read literal language.  All right!—they brought it to him first and they handed it to him.  They said would you please read this for me.  He said I am sorry I am not a man of letters.  Then the person took it to one who could read.  And they said read this for me!  And the person said, "Pardon me—it is sealed".  What does sealed mean?  It means locked up from my mind.  I can't understand it.  It didn't say it can't be read or it is not readable.  He said, "it is sealed"—meaning whoever wrote this—wrote it so the reader could not read it.  It is locked against the reader.

      So, let us go back to the term ummi for the Prophet.  He was a Prophet who couldn't read.  If they had brought him that little an d said, Muhammed—read this"!  he would have said, "I am not a man of letters".  And if they came right back to him again.  And said "look, I will teach you how to read the language of this and now read".  He would say, "I am not one to read what is sealed".  But G'd sent inspiration to him and the angel pressed him and said, "read"!  He said, "I am not one to read".  The angel pressed him again and he said, "read"!   He said, "I am not one to read"!  The angel pressed him again and said "read"!.  He said,

      "Read with the name of you Lord who created.  Created mankind from a clot of congealed blood.  Read and thy Lord is most bountiful.  Who taught with the pen.  He taught man what he knew not."

      So, he began to read.  And that was a Great miracle.  Allah had done it.  Allah had done it with a left jab, a right cross, and a left hook—One, two, three.  Allah had done it.  All praises are due to Allah.

      In Arabia, there were people who couldn't read, who didn't belong to the priestly school.  Let me give you proof of what I am saying.  If you want proof, Allah says in the Qur'an, "Ask the people of the book"!  If I can ask them and get verification for something Prophet Muhammed said concerning scripture that tells me that some of them know some of what was revealed.  All right, so among them were not all unlettered people.  Among them was many who could read.  But the readers kept the masses from reading.  So Allah raised a Prophet from among the common people, a common mortal like you and me.  Not one who has become a hermit, an ascetic, a priest or something up in the sky living other then natural.  He doesn't want a woman and he is all locked up in his science.  And he sees himself as being a different creation then the ordinary people.  He is oppressing the masses and seeing them as a herd of cattle, sheep, goat, donkeys and what not.  No! G'd did not pick one of those self-imagined, supernatural beings.  He picked a common person from the masses.  And then taught them what they had and what they did not have.  Because Allah says in the Qur'an that he has taught us what we knew not.  Is that right?  He is not talking to the ummiyeen now.  He is talking to the whole humanity.  He has taught the humanity, An-Nas-the people, and the Al-Insaanu-the human being.  G'd says, "He taught him what he did not before know".  So, this book is not only a revelation establishing what was revealed and was hid from us—hoarded by those who kept it from the masses.  But, it also revealed what they didn't have.  And that is how come Prophet Muhammed was victorious over all the Jews and all the Christians in Medina, in Arabia, in Africa and in Europe.  Everywhere the word went, it was victorious over the other people.  Is that right?

      But, today we don't see that glory do we?  We don't see the glory.  Look at Iraq and Iran.  Look at Palestine and the Arab situation.  Look at the Jews presence there, the Zionist presence there and the Arab situation.  Look at what is happening now between The East and the West.  Look at the situation of the East, the Muslim lands and America,  the situation of the Muslim land and Russia.  Do you see the same glory?  Do you see evidence of the same power?  Many scholars of Al-Islam today charge that to the absence of real Al-Islam in the people.  Not only is there an absence of real knowledge in the people.  But there is an absence of the proper Muslim attitude in the people.  Because of the absence of strong, good, intelligent leadership, we have been given to guesswork.  And the guesswork has taken us into superstition. 

      We had a brother, a learned Muslim, right in this place visiting from abroad to tell us that there are some Muslims over there abroad in Muslim countries who are guilty of shirk, guilty of making association with G'd.  He didn't have to tell me that.  The thing he pointed to is kind of small.  He said some of the people –there is a real problem over there, occasionally it develops because the people are left ignorant.  If you leave people ignorant and there is other religions influencing their minds, other cultural ideas influencing their minds—you are responsible, that is leadership is responsible for that.  Yes!  So, they say the problem now is that some of the people are going to their graves praying to their dead relatives to send a prayer to Allah for them.  They are asking the dead relatives to pray on their behalf to Allah.  Yes!  But, let me tell you something that is a worst sin then that.  And they overlook this.  They don't see it.  There are many Muslims who believe that Jesus Christ, as a creation, is superior to Prophet Muhammed.  They believe it by their attitude.  Because, they don't challenge the Christians.  They can't challenge the Christians.  When the Christians ask them, "who is greater—Muhammed or Jesus Christ?", they say, "Muhammed!".  And then the Christians say, Well, don't your scripture that Jesus was born of a mother without a Father?".  And the Muslims are lost. The Muslims, the average Muslim is lost.  They don't know how to deal with that.  They say, well, our Prophet is a creation by a greater miracle.  Jesus, our Savior, is a creation by a greater miracle.  And he performed greater miracles".  And the same Muslims, who believe this without knowledge, also believe that Jesus is coming back with his natural body out of the sky and he is going to land down like a bird from the heavens on the tops of the masjid in Jerusalem—the dome of the rock.  And they believe that he is going to have a great sword that will extend out all over the world and he is going to turn the sword all over the world and as the sword goes around, it is going to kill pigs and break down crosses.  So what they are saying is that the Prophet Muhammed's message can't get the people away from piggish mentality.  He cannot kill the pig in us.  And that the Prophet Muhammed's message cannot break the mystery of the cross.  Thus, we have to wait until Jesus comes back with the same body that he was wounded in.  And if they are real Muslims, they don't believe that his body was wounded because Allah says in the Qur'an, "The neither crucified him nor killed him".  They shouldn't be believing that.  So, how are they believing this thing?  How are they going to ancestor or spirit worship?  How are they going to this idea that Jesus is some supernatural creation existing in the sky somewhere intact as he was born on this earth?

      How can they have such ideas if they haven't already been converted by other then Al-Islam?  They have Muslim names, but their minds are converted by something other then Al-Islam.  And that happened because their leaders have failed them.  Their leaders have failed them for so long now that the leaders themselves don't know how to correct the problem.  The leadership itself has grown inferior.  And that is the natural consequences of irresponsible leadership.  If irresponsible leadership teach the people, the descendants of that leadership is going to grow inferior.  Teaching grows the knowledge in the person that's doing the teaching.  A class or leadership group that teach, they improve their own knowledge by the fact of their teaching.  Yes!  If they stop teaching and start hoarding it, their own knowledge is cut off by the fact of them not teaching it.  This, again, is the natural thing that operates in the nature of man.  And it is the justice of Allah.

      That is why I like to talk to you.  You can't shut me up.  I just talk, talk, and talk.  And you wonder how can this man just talk, talk, talk.  It is because it is my life.  Yes!  A man's interest is his life.  Yes!  If you find where one's interest is, you will find where his life is.  My interest is in propagating the word of G'd.  So, this is my life.  I get tired of doing something else.  I begin to rest when I am teaching.  And if I want to get tired, I just sit down there with you and then I will get tired.  But, as long as I am talking, I am resting.  All praises are due to Allah!

      Now, let us read from the Qur'an, chapter 7, verse 156.  Moses prayed to Allah saying, "ordain for us"—understand, mind you, that Moses is praying for a people whose conduct is disgraceful before G'd. They had been argumentative, disobedient, disrespectful.  Moses, now, begins to pray on behalf of his people.  Let's listen to his prayer and Allah's reply, "And ordain for us that which is good in this life and in the hereafter.  For we have turned unto thee".  Allah says, "With my punishment, I visit whom I will:  But my mercy extendeth to all things.  That (mercy) I shall ordain for those who do right, and practice regular charity, and those who believe in our signs".  "Those who believe in our signs", this covers a lot.  However, I want to tie this to the original idea in this khutbah.  The original idea is that whatever Allah asks of us by his Prophets is already implicit in our nature.  Alright!  So, whatever signs there are, those signs are to give us a hint of how to connect nature with human development, nature with conscience and its growth.  So, those who ignore G'd's signs, who don't believe in G'd's signs, they will not have what Moses is asking for.  Only those who believe in Allah's signs will have it.  You just can't be charitable, you also have to believe in His signs.  Many of you don't want to believe in miracles because you mistake logic and reason in this religion to be pragmatism.  It is not his world's pragmatism.  We become pragmatic as Muslims when we understand the divine logic that G'd has revealed.  We don't limit this logic to our judgment.  This logic is bigger then our judgment.  Allah says, "Think not that your creation is bigger then the universe"!  Your creation is not bigger then the creation of the skies and the earth.  Allah made stars, many bodies, moons, and suns, and many worlds out there, and he made men.  Don't think that men are greater then that creation!  That is what Allah is saying.  "Oh, brother Imam.  I don't agree because Allah has made us the Khalifah in the whole creation".  But not you!  He has reduced everything to your service.  You haven't reduced everything to your service.  He has reduced everything into your service.  And, he has given you a trust.  You are no more then a trustee.

      Now, we have to believe in his signs.  So, if there is something about this religion or about this movement in America that strains your own mind, that strains your own logic and you can't understand it rationally, if there is evidence to support it, you are to believe it.  A believer doesn't say, "I can't figure that out mathematically.  I can't figure that out with the laws of chemistry, or with the laws of physics, or the laws of biology".  A believer is to say, "My mind see logic in it in light of what Allah has revealed therefore you should accept it".  I would be foolish to tell you that I don't believe in any phenomena other then the phenomena that my rational mind can understand, because, I, myself, have been a part of a phenomena that I can't explain to you.  Yes!  You don't believe in miracles, you are not a Muslim.  You don't believe in powers beyond human ability, you are not a Muslim.  There is human ability and there is Allah's ability.  And Allah's ability will drown your poor little mind, he will black it right out buddy!  Nevertheless, we are to live rational lives.  We are not to live imagination.  We are not to live speculation.  We are to have faith in what Allah has promised and we are to live logic.  That is the difference.  I live logic but I believe in that which I cannot understand yet.  Because, Allah has said there is what I know and there is what I know not.  He says that He has created what I know and what I know not.  

      Let us continue!  Chapter 7, verse 157, Allah says, "Those who follow the unlettered Prophet"—the ummi Prophet—"whom they find mentioned in their own scriptures—in the law and the gospel; for he commands them what is just and forbids them what is evil; he allows them as lawful what is good and pure and prohibits them from what is bad and impure; he releases them from the heavy yokes that are upon them".

      If you don't know the previous scripture, then you are reading this like somebody who can't read.  You have to know the previous scriptures to read this verse with the grasp, with comprehension of a reader.  Yes!  The previous scripture said that G'd would send someone who would be a liberator.  Who would bring the people into the full light of their faith.  And, who would break every bond of slavery or servitude.  He would free the mind in the total being for worship to only one G'd.  And there will be no more yoking or burdening the individual.  There would be no more oppression.  This is Prophet Muhammed.  

      Prophet Muhammed is the Prophet of enlightenment who will bring enlightenment to the world so that the masses can be educated.  Prophet Muhammed is the teacher.  He is the teacher for all human beings.  He is the one who brings the enlightenment so that all people can be educated.  Prophet Muhammed came to an unschooled, unlettered, ummi people—ummiyeen.  He came to them and he gave them the Qur'an as it was revealed to him by G'd.  And that people, who were nothing but backward people, dark age-backward people, became scientists, astronomers, mathematicians, and chemists.  In all the field of science, they excelled.  They became the most striving and the most industrious nation on the face of the earth at that time.  They brought a resurgence, an uprise in all the learning of the world.  They brought the light of intelligence and the light of science back on this earth.  And Western Scholars say, also, that the Muslims are responsible for igniting the mind again and bringing about the renaissance which spread onto America to bring education, higher learning and industry here to this country.  Who did this come from?  Not from an educated person, it came from the unlettered, un-educated person.  The Qur'an was not given to a scholar.  It was given to a common man of the common masses who knew nothing of their scholarly achievement.  It was by the grace of G'd, directly from G'd, to an ordinary man that a whole peninsula was made the light of science and the light of faith for the whole world.  Yes!  What does that say to you now?  Prophet Muhammed is a mortal, flesh and blood Man like you—like you brother!                                                                                                                  

      If it came to Prophet Muhammed and now it is in our hands, intact, not a word is missing, it is the same miracle that Prophet Muhammed received.  Now, if it came to one unlettered man and it made possible that kind of rejuvenation of science in the world.  If it comes into my hands, it should be possible for another rejuvenation, if I obey G'd.  I have the same book that Prophet Muhammed left.  The same book that brought about that kind of miracle to the peninsula of Arabia—dark, jahiliyyah Arabia.  I have the same book.  So, I say to you with the name of Allah, I say to you by Allah's spirit and his will that I can do exactly what they did in Arabia.  But, you have to follow me.  You have to have faith.  You have to be obedient like the followers of Prophet Muhammed.  You have to stop coming here questioning me and trying to pick me apart, and doubting what I am saying, and closing your ears—and can't hear because you lock your own ears up.  You have to open your heart and open your mind and be just to yourself and be just to me.  Be just to yourself and be just to me, I guarantee that Allah will bless this community here, just as he blessed the community of Prophet Muhammed.  That is His promise.  

      But, you sit here and you question me.  And already Allah has done something through me that he has not done through anybody else--not over here.  And I doubt if it is anywhere else now.  He has done something through me that all of you have to respect.  This is not something that impresses the fools and doesn't impress the learned person.  Learned persons, they come here from Judaism, they come here even from Buddhism, they come here and they look at me with the greatest respect.  They talk to me as though I am above them.  They bow their heads.  I have to tell them "don't bow your heads to me".  But, you educated people; you sit here like you are my examiner, like you are my professor, like you are going to give me my grade.  If you can give me my grade, give it to me and I will give you the book and I will go somewhere else.  I am not bragging.  I am saying Allah has blessed you and you are missing the boat by following the mind of this world and not following the mind of the Qur'an.  The Qur'an doesn't tell you to behave that way.  The Qur'an does not tell you to challenge the leader like that.  The Qur'an tells you if someone to you with knowledge that Allah blessed them with—and you see it clearly, Allah tells you to follow that person, and obey that person.  That is what the Qur'an tells you.  The Qur'an doesn't tell you to come here and challenge me, lock your ears and look for fault in me.  The Qur'an doesn't tell you that.  So, where do you get that mind?  You get it from the slave days.  That is where you get it. It is your failure from the past causing your mind to behave as it is behaving now.  You hate to see one of your own lot go up and you don't see your self going up.  But, this book, however, says,  "That your death and your going up is as one soul or one person—kan-nasil-wahid—"is as one person"—not as many.  Don't think all of us are going to go up together.  They presented Prophet Muhammed with the same kind of defiance.  They said to him, "Oh, if G'd have revealed it to you, how come he can't reveal it to me"?  "If you really speak the truth, show us the sky and doors opening up, and angels coming out and a book coming from the heavens".  "Show us these things Muhammed"!  Your attitude is the same.  And, I don't tell any of you all that I am Prophet Muhammed.  I am not a Prophet.  I am a follower of Prophet Muhammed.  And that is big enough for this world.  Yes!  And any other world to come.  A follower of Prophet Muhammed is big enough for whatever the growth of this world is going to be.  Because, If I am a follower of Prophet Muhammed and if G'd bless me for my goodness and my obedience to him, then whatever Prophet Muhammed's ummah was able to achieve, my group being of his ummah and his ummah—it is not gone.  If I am the right leader, then I am the leader of the ummah of Prophet Muhammed.  Yes!  It hasn't gone.  Now if that time is now, tell me why do you think that things that happened back then, can't happen now.  Did Prophet Muhammed give us that kind of mind?  Does the Qur'an give us that kind of mind?  No!  The Qur'an tells us to look forward to great and big things happening.  It didn't say that Prophet Muhammed, before these great things happen, is going to come back out of the sky intact.  And that Prophet Muhammed would lead this.  No!  You follow Prophet Muhammed and you will get it.  

      I don't like to shout at you, but this is the Judgment.  And the Judgment is not a whispering time.  It says that there shall be a mighty blast—one blast, and all the dead shall come up.  That is the Qur'an.  There will be one mighty blast.  It didn't say that it will be two or three.  It said that it would be one mighty blast and all the dead will come up and will be bought to judgment.  "Oh, but that is talking about when the world is destroyed.  When we are gone to dust".  You are already gone to dust.  That is what I am talking to—dust.  Yes!  Believe me, it applies to this life as well as the hereafter.  And the practical matter to you is to apply it to this life.  

      Let us quickly now read these verses.  We are holding you too long.  Let us continue now.  The Qur'an says, "So, it is those who believe in him"—meaning Prophet Muhammed—"that honor him, help him, and follow the light".  It didn't say follow him, although we do follow him.  But, here is the explanation for following him.  It tells us how to follow him.  We don't follow him by following his tracks.  I got those of you who will follow me to the State Department.  If I got a call to come to the State department, you will go with me.  Or, if I get a call to go to see King Khalid, you will go with me.  Or, a call to go see the mayor, you will follow me.  Or a call to eat somewhere in those fancy hotels, you will follow me.  Or just a car, a caravan so that we can show that we have nice cars or that we are good drivers, you will follow me.  But will you follow the truth that I point out to you in this book?  That is the light that Prophet Muhammed came with.  Alright!  So the Qur'an says, "Who honor him, help him, and follow the light which is sent down with him".  "Sent down with him", and the English is correct—and I read it in Arabic also.  The English is correct.  "Sent down with him", that tells us that Prophet Muhammed came down.  Prophet Muhammed was up somewhere, and he came down, and the light came down with him.  Was he physically up?  No!  He was morally up, rationally up, intellectually up and G'd blessed his upper mind, his upward mind with the light of the Qur'an and he came down on our simple level.  

      Now, isn't that plan talk?  Isn't that the talk that the donkeys were waiting for?  Yes!  The Bible says that the donkeys were waiting for some talk.  And they finally saw the word of G'd and the donkey spoke out against his master.  He said, "Baal, why have you struck me these three times?  Why have you made me so foolish in my heart?—so foolish in my rational mind—and so foolish in my spiritual make-up.  Ball, why did you do that?"  So, I think it is time for us to ask this world, this world of Baal,--Why do you all deny our heart the light of truth.  Why do you deny our rational faculties the light of logic.  And why did you give us an un-natural spirituality?  Don't you know that is a big crime.  And right now our brothers over in Mecca are throwing stones at those three devils.

      "It is they who will prosper".  Don't forget who we are talking about!  Those who follow Prophet Muhammed, not after the manner that he prayed or the number of rakats that he did—that is following his physical movements.  But, you should follow the light, the truth, the justice, the moral justice.  Follow the political intelligence that this book reveals!  Follow the whole science, the whole knowledge of this book!  Those are the ones who will be successful.

      Now, you tell me—that If I, knowing this understanding, this religion, should teach you to obey the status quo, to teach you to succumb to what the Mayor wants, or the Governor of the State wants, or what the President wants in Washington, or What the Democratic Party wants, or what the United States leadership, or the Western Alliances want.  No!  If what Allah has asked us is against what they want, I will tell you to do what is against what they want—even if I will die right this instant.  That is the only faith that will earn you the help of Allah.  Yes!  But, some of you don't understand that.  You think that my low profile, my low key, my meekness, my agreeable nature means that I am compromising the religion.  It means that I understand this religion.  It means that I will be successful while many John the Baptists will lose their head to Solomon's dance of the seven veils.  That is what it means.  But, it doesn't mean that I am selling out.  No!  I am buying in and it is within Allah's power.  

      Don't forget the original idea!  Allah has created it all.  He is the Supervisor of it all.  If it is Allah's will, it is in His power to make me overcome any opposition anywhere.  It is in His power to bring America to Al-Islam.  Yes, it is within his power to  bring the religion of Al-Islam to be the dominant religion here in America.  Then this country will not be trying to satisfy five hundred different special interests groups.  It will trying to satisfy the will of G'd.  That will bring peace.  It will bring unity.  It will bring peace to this country.  And this country will be the strongest Islamic country on this earth.  Maybe, you can't foresee that.  I can foresee it.  I am not prophesizing.  I am speculating on the basis of rational understanding.  My rational understanding tells me this is possible.  And I believe it so strongly until I preach as though I am already the Khalifah of America.  Yes!  I don't know if you accept it or not or how you feel about it.  But, one of the most learned men in Arabia stood up at Mt Arafat during the Hajj that I was attending.  And he said, "This man, pointing at me, shall be the Khalifah of all America".  And in Arabia, one of their top people in government told them, "he should come here and teach our people".  

      But, you donkeys sit here and try to pick me apart and you don't have the first combination.  Now, I have to talk to you like that because you are donkeys.  I am not talking about all of you.  Some of you will go through fire and brimstone with me right now. You don't doubt.  You are Muslims.  You are converted.  You believe in Allah and His Messenger and His books and you also believe your Imam is on the right path and that Allah is with him.  You don't look to any other leadership.  I know that.  But most of you are donkeys and Baal is riding you too.  Chapter 7, verse 158—Allah says—this from Allah to Prophet Muhammed—Allah says, "Say O humanity, O people"—meaning all people—"I am sent unto you all as the Apostle of Allah to Whom belongeth the dominion of the heavens and the earth; there is no G'd but He.  It is He that gives both life and death.  So believe in Allah and His Apostle,- the unlettered Prophet, who believes in Allah and his words; follow him that you may be guided aright".

      All praises are due to Allah.  There is no doubt at all that Prophet Muhammed is not one of the Sagisees people claiming to be a prophet.  He is not one who came into the great rational knowledge of the sciences of the universe and then became a casualty and not really believing in G'd as the human heart in the human being is to do.  The human heart is moved to believe in Allah that is not a scientist or a school teacher.  Our hearts don't move us to believe in Allah as a g'd that is a scientist or a school teacher, or an Einstein or something.  The Human heart is to believe in a G'd that created all of this.  And that Allah watches him.  We feel that He sees us when we do something that nobdy else see.  The faithful person will feel that he is seen and that he has to ask for forgiveness.  He has to watch out and don't make that mistake again.  Is that right?  Yes!  This is the natural heart that G'd has put into the human beings.  If you find something different, then it is unnatural.  The world has made the heart crazy.  The natural state of the heart is not crazy.

      We must have a leader, a prophet to come to us that represents us.  And yet, he will lead us to the highest intellectual potential, the highest intellectual development, but won't rob our hearts of its nature, of its natural state.  Prophet Muhammed is that Prophet.  And anyone that buys a religion other then this religion, I give you the words of G'd, "makes themself a fool"!  Praise be to Allah, the Most High.

      Dear beloved Muslims, Prophet Muhammed is the Prophet of humanity, of justice, of world unity, and world peace.  Prophet Muhammed is a human prophet, the prophet of the masses.  But, he is also the leader of all the leaders.  Yes!  Prophet Muhammed is the Prophet of the Jewish Torah, of the Christian Injil or Gospel.  And Prophet Muhammed is native to me and you.  What greater message would you want to receive from G'd.  Prophet Muhammed is the most excellent human being born on this earth.  The one that Allah created the earth for.  Do you know that?  Allah created the skies and the earth for Prophet Muhammed.  Because, Prophet Muhammed is just the animated Muhammed in all of us.  Allahu Akbar.

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