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No Earthly Father

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    Mid 70 s NO EARTHLY FATHER By Imam W. Deen Mohammed The people who have a true understanding of the scripture know that the return of Christ means that the
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      Mid 70's


      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed

      The people who have a true understanding of the scripture know that the return of Christ means that the particular message that came to Jesus (his word and his truth) and his work are going to come back. They believe that God is going to reveal the truth and that when He reveals it, truth will establish itself on that bit of truth that has survived the test of time. 

      There is truth of Jesus in the Bible but that truth is only piecemeal and fragments of the pure body of truth that Jesus actually taught. When the whole truth of Jesus is revealed it is going to establish its validity on the fragments of truth in the Bible that have survived. 

      If the faithless people would see a 2,000 year old physical body drop from the clouds and start to move and talk on the earth, they would be driven mad. God would achieve nothing by performing such a "miracle" but madness. 

      The people who have knowledge in religion don't ever consider such foolish notions. They only teach it to the dumb so the dumb will stay in the church and support the church and them. Knowledgeable people in religion don't believe that Jesus is coming back in a flesh body: they believe that Jesus is coming back in the spirit of the church. 

      They believe that the return of Jesus will come when the church comes alive, the people become righteous, and the community becomes a real Christian community. They have the right idea on how to read scripture on the second coming of Jesus, but they don't have the right people or the right place for the divine fulfillment of the prophecy. 

      When it is time for the Jesus to be resurrected, God is going to bring about the growth of a righteous community in accordance with His own plan. This righteous community is going to be like Jesus. It is going to have a history like Jesus and it will be a community that has no earthly father. 

      Who is our father? 

      We have no father. A father is one who provides for the children. Where on this earth can we find a people that provided for the Slaves of America? 

      We are a people in history without a father, a provider, or a protector. We were brutally ripped from our homeland and raised in a savage land among strangers. 

      Our "father" (guardian and keeper) has only been the Divine Supreme Being manifesting Himself gradually as predicted out of His hiding place (dead letter scripture). 

      We were in the world and the world received us not. 

      They took our patience and our ability to suffer cruel and inhuman punishment as cowardice and weakness. They judged us to be fools and less than human beings. 

      We were in the world and the world knew us not. From Asia to America and from New Zealand to the bottom of South Africa, we have been unknown, rejected, and refused. 

      No one turned to us in our misery to answer our pleading cry or our moans of agony. Nobody extended a hand of mercy and compassion to us until Almighty God, Himself, manifested His intentions for us. 

      We have received help from no one but the God. So we know that the rise of this movement that the world sees in the Americans of African descent today is due to the Divine Desire and the Power of Allah. 

      Many of us were Muslims when we were brought here in chains and we were giving a religion (Christianity) that was full of symbolism and mystery.

      The scripture tells us that the world began in darkness. Men and women are born as children knowing nothing about the world. They come into this world and they learn of this world order until they reach a stage of development when a light is lit within them then they come "into light." The Holy Quran and the Bible teach us that the world began out of darkness, and it was destined or preordained that darkness would come over the world again to test those who were really worthy of the light. 

      "For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth and gross darkness the people; but the Lord shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee." 

      ( - Isaiah, 60:2 - ) 

      The scripture says that the darkness that would come in the last days would not be a darkness that would rise up over the earth, but it would be a darkness of the heavens. 

      When Jesus came to the world, Jerusalem was troubled with darkness. The Book (Bible) describes Jesus' coming as one coming under the cloak of darkness at a dark time. 

      "To give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace. " 

      (- St. Luke, 2:79 - ) 

      The people of Jerusalem, called Jews, were very bitter with the established order. They did not like the foreign rulers (Romans) that were ruling over them, and the masses of the Jews were in an uproar. There were different religious groups, all of whom had the fever of rebellion, and most of them wanted to change the established order. They preached about the expected messiah who would be brave enough to stand before the Romans, like little David stood before Goliath, and challenge them and defeat them with truth. When Jesus came up and won such great acclaim among the people, the established leadership among the Jews did not recognize him or accept him. Jesus was not the kind of Messiah that they were looking for. Instead of Jesus doing what they thought the messiah would do, he did what they never expected. They were expecting him to stand up and condemn Rome, but he stood up and condemned his own people, the hypocritical ones of the Jewish people. 


      Jesus, being wise and divinely guided, knew that he would have to do first things first. If a people have an enemy, or an oppressor over them and they cannot do anything about their condition, they should first look at what is happening in their own hearts and mind. They should recognize that something has gone wrong in the community to make it possible for the oppressor to get a firm position over them. So, Jesus went to the real cause of the problem. He called them lying, hypocritical Jews, "devils" in disguise. 

      "Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own; for he is a liar, and the father of it." 

      ( - St. John, 8:44 - ) 

      Jesus did a great work. He truly left a sign in history that a savior was indeed born. To save a people, it is necessary for God's man to do what he knows the people do not like, but what he knows is good for them. Jesus' first appearance in scripture is described as one coming under the cover of darkness at a dark time. It was a time when the earth (the society, or the masses of the people) was dark (ignorant), but the leadership had light. 


      The Bible speaks of two firmaments (the upper firmament and the lower firmament), which we have broadly taken to be the earth and a physical heaven. The writers of scripture were talking about things that resemble, in their nature, physical earth and sky, but they were not talking about physical earth and sky. The "lower firmament" represents the ignorant, rejected and unschooled people. The" upper firmament" represents the favored, and the wealthy people who have knowledge and a position of power over the common people. 

      In the beginning God favored the "upper firmament" by opening the way for everybody to get wealth and knowledge. The people who had the best qualifications got the wealth and knowledge. After they got it and other people began to envy their wealth and knowledge, jealousy and envy came into the picture. People began to war against each other and rob each other of their rights. It was at this time that the snake, the devil himself (the wicked ungodly mind of men hiding under religious garments), conspired to take over the" heaven" that God had originally established. They conspired to take ovre the original religious society that God first inspired to hold the torch of truth high for humanity, and they maneuvered themselves into the seats of authority. This was the condition of Jerusalem when Jesus ­came. The conspirators were ruling the religious order. They had the light, but they were withholding the light from the masses. Darkness was not over "heaven," it was over the earth (the weak, the meek, the deprived).


      "Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him; and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him . Even so, Amen." 

      ( - Revelation 1:7 - ) 

      The Book says that when Christ returns, he will return in the clouds of heaven. Today, we have lived ­to see the time when the upper firmament would be dark, confused and disturbed. We cannot say that the darkness is on the earth, because the masses (the common people) know what is right and what is wrong. The average person in the street has seen wrong doings of the leadership, and they are condemn­ing their leaders from the preacher to the government leaders for their conduct. But, there was a time a few centuries ago, before mass literacy and modern communication techniques, when the masses of the people were kept out of everything. They could not point a finger at their guilty leaders and judge those who were ruling over them. They had to accept whatever the leadership gave them. We have come to the time that the Book has prophesied of when the ground (the common people) would be lit with knowledge and know the truth. They cannot read the Bible because they were not given the Bible - they were given a rational mind and an experience of the history of enslavement and depravation. That experience has lit their mind, and the natural conscious that Almighty God gave them lights their heart They are not in darkness. The church, the synagogue and the mosque are in darkness. 

      "For as the lighting cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming the son of man be." 

      ( - St. Matthew, 24:27 - ) 

      The Book says that the second coming of the Christ would be as a flash of light out of the East even unto the West. In order to remove the confusion in religion today, we have found that it is necessary to go back to where this religious teaching started and trace it up to where we are today. We had to bring it from Jerusalem to America and not have a single break in the chain of light that stretches from Jerusalem to the USA. This is what has to be done before the religious order today can be lit up again with light, because someone has broken that chain of light. 

      The evil workers of Satan have separated Abraham from Moses, Moses from Jesus, and Jesus from Muhammad. They have put blocks of darkness in the great chain of prophets in the movement of truth from God to us. In order to see clearly again, we have to see that light stretching from the East to the West in an even unbroken pattern. 


      The Book says that when Jesus comes, he would come to judge and to condemn the wicked. He would also reprove the righteous, justify the righteous, and satisfy the burdened hearts and minds of those who have held on to truth and God. They have respected righteousness and humanity, but they have suffered the greatest hell that any human beings or any creatures could have suffered. It was prophesied that Jesus would bring comfort to their minds and to their hearts by explaining to them the things that have taken place in the history that the Book had prophesied. 

      Who are the wicked that he is to condemn? They are the same ones that he condemned before. That is why the return of his life is called" Christ's coming" again, because the job that the second man will do will be the same as the first coming of Christ. He is not coming to change the common prostitutes and make them confess their sins, nor is he coming to judge people who eat physical hog flesh. On his "second return" he does the same thing that Jesus did the first time that he was on earth. Jesus pointed at the heavens and said that the earth was dark because the heavens were a hypocrite. On his second coming he will say that the heaven is dark because of God's judgment. The established houses of worship have become houses of hypocrites, so God has taken the light away from them and made their heavens dark. God has condemned them and taken the light away because they do not deserve to have His light shining up there "in the heavens." 


      You might say, "Look at the good that the Christians have done." I say to you, "Look at the good that the devil has done." Do you think that the devil is all bad? The devil always shows more good than he shows bad, but he produces more hell than he produces heaven. The established religious orders have shown more good than they have shown bad, but the effect that they have left on the earth has been more hellish than it has been divine. Let us look at their work and judge the doers of that work. 

      There are some members of the established religious order who do not go along with the majority, but you have to look at the facts. If the minority of them are wicked, then the majority have let the' minority come into power. If they speak from their scripture, and if they preach the truth, they have to present something that will condemn them for what they have done. The Bible, from Genesis to Revelations, preaches against deceit, lies, craftiness, greed, murder, enslavement and hypocrisy. The Book also preaches against materialism. It goes after the protection of the weak, the unschooled and the deprived. The Christian establishment has gone after the weak, the uneducated and the deprived to put shackles on their arms and on their legs. 

      That is the history that is behind us as descendants of slaves. If it were not for us fighting and risking our lives everyday for the last 70 years or more, we would still be in mental and spiritual shackles right now. The Holy Quran from AL-Fatihah to AL-Nas, preaches against the withholding of knowledge from people wherever they be on the face of the earth. It, like the Bible, preaches against a "holy monopoly" on God's truth. 


      Today, brother and sister, Almighty God has rewarded us with more spiritual light of understanding than He has rewarded any people with in the past history. You may ask, "How can you have more light than Christ Jesus?" There was not as much light needed in the time of Jesus Christ, because there was not as much darkness as there is today. You might ask, "How can you have as much light as the holy Prophet Muhammad of Arabia (peace be upon him)?" There was not as much darkness on the earth when Prophet Muhammad of Arabia was here. The conditions were horrible in the times of those great men, but darkness had not covered the whole earth at that time. Almost one-third of the whole world had not yet been discovered by the known world at that time. Look at all of the problems that have come out of human nature, and out of human society since the time of Moses, Jesus and Muhammad of Arabia. The world has grown in darkness like the burning of a corrupt and filthy lake. It poured out just so much filth in Moses' day, and just so much in Jesus' day, and just so much in Muhammad's day - but, today, the whole world is polluted with filth and ignorance. 

      It takes the proper kind of understanding, right conditions, experiments, circumstances. All of these natural things working together to bring the bright light of truth out more and more grow our understanding. As our understanding grows bigger and bigger, our focus grows bigger because our focus widens to take in more light. The people to whom Jesus and Prophet Muhammad spoke, lived in a world that conditions, experiments and circumstances had only allowed to grow so big in understanding. Their spiritual eye could not focus to receive so much light. But, today the divine plan is universal. The devil and his hell have gone all around the world and he has covered the earth with hell and confusion. The people have the experience of hell and confusion all over the world. Television,computers and other modern inventions have focused the world scene so that the average man and woman anywhere in the world can look at the whole world's picture at one time. This condition has worked to open up and to expand the mind of the common people. So, the man that comes today can give more light, because the focus of the people is big enough to see the light, whereas yesterday the focus was too small to see the light. 


      If God blesses us to do all the things that He has shown us, in a very short time there will be great populations confessing that this is truly the return of the light (truth)of Christ and of the light of Muhammad. They will confess that the hope that has been in the people for the return of Christ and for the return of the light of Muhammad as he presented it in his day, has been answered here amongst the despised and rejected people of America.

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