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Salah Positions Explained

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    02-12-1983 Salah Positions Explained Imam s Meeting Dallas Texas By Imam W Deen Mohammed Now if you do that, see if you make salat, in your heart and spirit
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       Salah Positions Explained

      Imam's Meeting Dallas Texas

      By Imam W Deen Mohammed

      Now if you do that, see if you make salat, in your heart and spirit not just bowing, but if you make that to Allah, returning back to the nature He created for you, and the developmental stages that He designed for you to come up by, then what happens as a result of that? "We shall forgive you your sins… Right?" "Except that you be born again", isn't that was Jesus said? "And We shall forgive you your sins…

      Sajdah symbolic of life and death

      So understand that every time we go down to sajda, it's symbolic of life and death. See we come standing don't we? And we're alive, Allah-U-Akbar. The proof that we're alive, the hands go to the ears , meaning our attention is on G-d, and our purpose, symbolically told in the Ka'bah. Then we lower the hands and start our prayers.

      Prayer is recitation of Qur'an


      What is our prayer? Recitation of the Word of G-d, Revelation. Then we go down, Ruku' in this position, right? To glorify that Allah is the Mightiest, right? The Mightiest. Men bowed before mighty rulers. But we bow before Allah, the Mightiest! What is `Azeem' from? It's a play on strength, but it has another application.

      Bones means structures logic

      It's a play on bones. So it's a play on bones. And bone is the most rigid part of your body, isn't it? It's the structure. It holds the structure. But it is structured in a pattern, it takes a pattern, the bones follow a pattern. So that's structured what? Structured logic, structured logic.

      So (Azeem) not only in reference to the might of government, the might of men, of nations, and armies, or kingdoms, it has reference to the power of knowledge, wisdom. Subhaana Rabiyal Azeem. The power of knowledge, or a sign of wisdom and that power of physical might. So we see both coming as gifts from G-d. So we don't fear the world, not in wisdom, not in physical might. That's what it means. `Subhaana Rabiyal Azeem'. We follow G-d. Revelation came and it brought him to see G-d as the Mighty, the Power. Mightier than the world and its physical force and mightier than the world in its wisdom or in its science or knowledge. Then after doing that, what are we saying? He says `Sami Allaahuliman Hamidah'.

      "G-d hears who praises Him.." And that is the perfect praise. When you praise G-d with your might – what does man depend on? He depends on muscle and wisdom, right? So he praise G-d for the two precious gifts of muscles and wisdom, that is the perfect praise.

      And if you will praise G-d like that and being sincere, Allah will hear him, `Sami Allaahuliman Hamidah', `Rabbana Lakal hamd.' Then he says Allah-U-Akbar again, right?…. Now with Revelation he's come to see now, that my material possibilities have been created by G-d. And the science I have is not of materialism, it's the gift of G-d, the Creator, of G-d. I have nothing to be proud of. Oh G-d, you have heard me, You stood me back up.'

      Sajda: re-enters womb

      John 3.3-6; Can a man go back in womb?

      Now, he says, You stood me up, so now I know how I got the ability to stand. I'm going back to the womb. Nicodemus says can a man go back into his mother and be born again? Jesus says you have to be born again. Says can a man return to the womb and be born again? Jesus says, nevertheless you have to be borne again. It don't mean you have to return to that womb physically or to that biological womb, but return your spirit, your attitude. Let your attitude change and humble yourself and acknowledge that G-d has brought you from nothing! From the despicable sperm germ, to a clot of blood and on up the scale of evolution to be a man.

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