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Savior's Day 2007

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    2/25/2007 Chicago, Illinois Savior s Day By Imam W. Deen Mohammed With Allah s name, the praise and the thanks is for G_d. We thank Him for the gift and
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      Chicago, Illinois 

      Savior's Day 

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed

      With Allah's name, the praise and the thanks is for G_d.  We thank Him for the gift and blessing of the model human person Muhammed (pbuh), the honorable and noble servant and Messenger of G_d and what follows of that salute or that traditional salutation to the last Prophet (pbuh), the seal of the Prophets mentioned in the Bible as it is given in the Qur'an.

      Our greeting is As Salaam Alaikum peace be unto you. First we must thank G_d, Allah swt in our religious language. All of you know He is the same Allah swt that is in the Bible, in the Torah and in the Gospel or the Injeel, the same no different.  We have one G_d, there is only one G_d.

      This address addresses sensitive issues in black history in our life and we have discouraged persons who are not of African decent from attending this meeting. It is not because I don't want you here it is because some of the things that we will be saying or giving to this audience here and in Homewood, we were fortunate to connect up with the Homewood hotel facility so that the overflow can hear this live address.  We don't want people to be uncomfortable but you know when you have a ailment or a wound that needs healing you go to the doctor, he may have to cause you pain, prescribe medicine for you after treating you like the extraction of a tooth and other needs that we have from the doctor causes pain and you can't prevent that sometimes. 

      A lot we will be saying to persons in the African American  and mind you this address is not for Muslims only it is for all of our people. So it might not please all of us but it is as medicine we accept the pain expecting to be healed or expect to be put in a better condition.

      The Moral Imperative - "Frustrated Community Spirit"

      The first issue that is sensitive, you'll understand why we call it the moral imperative. I hope my students are in this audience if not here at the other facility because I expect for them to make notes. Sub-topic that we are addressing under the moral imperative "Frustrated community spirit."  I see our spirit like you see a machine that needs some overhauling and it is like an automobile spitting out from its exhaust, exhaust spitting. So I see our spirit as an exhaust spitting black spirit. 

      Looking at the moral picture in our community life for this failing time we're living in our people up from slave life we see them being affected by the spirit of this time and suffering a corruption of spirit. We see our North what migration's manifestation as being similar to the migration of the followers of Muhammed the Prophet pbuh from a city that persecuted him upon our Prophet be peace. He said, "Whoever left his home to migrate expecting such as a beautiful woman or riches that is his migration."  We will come back to that, be patient with me I'm not in a big hurry. I want this to be a slow walk to the destiny.

      Under sensitive black issues in black history in the life of a people, really in the soul of a people and in the spirit of a people, because most of us didn't read it, most of us didn't remember it, most of us have missed most of our important history but all of us have had our soul impressed and our spirit formed by our experiences. The Holy Temple of Islam, this is a commemorative day for Savior's day isn't it? I thought I was on the right track. 

      The Holy Temple of Islam at a meeting of Muslim saints convened in the year 1929 the need for a mask wearing plan capable of raising up America's put down black man was key for their agenda to give one of the lost found members of Islam from Africa an animated message termed the Holy Temple. The Temple in animation. It was hoped their plan would be accepted by Allah swt and over a stretch of time propelled the African American soul upward to the upper stratum of civilization.

      Black Americans were denied human community life

      So I know I never saw myself as anything but a soldier for G_d.  I never saw myself out of the Fruit of Islam so I would like those who still identify in that wisdom and in that positive direction for our spirit, for our soul to come to attention. And you will be drilled with a new cadence caller or by a new cadence caller. To follow the commands is to march to understanding. Above all get what? An understanding.  

      The march to understanding is a march to freedom, justice and equality. Living ,/////community. Who are we?  The African American soul can tell us who we are. We are the Americans who were denied human community life.  We are marching up the king's highway. Marching, marching, marching all the day with our savior the universal king. We used to sing that didn't we?  

      Issue: The spirit and false values

      The biggest need in the soul is achievement for human community life. Live community and every member has the opportunity to excels. Every member evolves. Every member gains and grows with a spirited sense of personal shares in community wealth.  The burden of poverty is driven off of each member soul. Living community raises raises every members sense of personal worth and a sense of individual beauty. 

      We are making progress wit hour community life plan sisters, that is beautiful. That is what a sister told me when I told her we will progressing with our community plan. She said, "That is beautiful."  Those who will not live community lose their sight and their pursuit of beauty in their pursuit of beauty.  There blind spending on beauty 

      pushes them over the edge and they fall down into hell. Live community to avoid that pitfall. That medicine is good. It is coming.   I feel the spirit running to the destiny. I can feel it in you. I can feel it run to the destiny like running the Olympics. Like running water for a plumbing system that has been fixed.  

      Holding onto community as a driving force protects our spirit from the false values promoted by vanity. The human soul urges or drives individuals to grow in personal beauty. Beauty is a personal need in everyone's soul.  The most beautiful nation is in the wilds of North America we were told. 

      Valence: The degree of attractiveness and individual activity or a thing processes as a behavioral goal.

      Valentine: Community is our of Valentine

      The next paragraph will have the word valence. Definition of valence: the degree of attractiveness and individual activity or a thing processes as a behavioral goal. Do you know our Creator created us to naturally known what is good for our behavior and what is bad?  To naturally know the choices to make to protect our behavior mode. He gave every creature such protection. It is very difficult for a dog, a monkey, elephant or a camel, an apple tree, a tomato bush plant, anything living is very difficult to have that come out of its behavior mode. 

      So how is it so easy for us to slip out of our natural behavioral mode that G_d gave us and fall under the influences of a corrupt culture? Why? Is because we are higher than all of those living things. We are the highest living thing in creation. And we have the highest because G_d has given us willpower and He has given us rational life, reasoning for making personal choices. 

      So we are free to make choices with our intelligence and with our willpower. We are free to make choices because of the rational factor in the makeup of our intelligence.  We are free to make choices and come out of the natural confines. We can leave the natural confines. The plants and animals they cannot do that except as Allah swt wills or except as science in the hands of man the rational factor wills. 

      This community is our sweet Valentine upon its sole valence and let me repeat the definition for valence. The degree of attractiveness, an individually or a thing possesses as a behavioral goal.  Is speaking of something in the soul naturally. That is  in the soul and the original spirit of the human life.  This community our valentine upon its sole valence is rising up to its heavenly sky. The apex in beauty. The community, our sweet heart, our valentine. And this is February.

      Brothers we are the products of Al Islam that is the one who came with a strategy and stratagem.  He intended that his model animated, coming alive in our soul, the Temple of Islam.

      That his model will influence us  to become the best community of Muslims of this planet earth. We are created to increase the community property. Fruit that is who I am talking to, the fruit. We are created to increase the community property. 

      WD Mohammed's dream

      Let me share with you a dream I had it was during the time when my father and me  as a minister in the city of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. I was home for a little while visiting and had a dream. My dream was  really a search by me for a destination that I was not even aware of. In the dream I was going upon spirit and spirit was taking me.  I knew not where I was going. I came first out in the wasteland were no house, no sign of human, no sign of animals were in that space that I was searching.  And my spirit was taking me there not my conscience. I came upon a big, big something that looked like a mountain of stoker coal.

      A lot of you do not know what  stoker coal is. It was black coal like small rocks, they would deliver it to our house and we used to take that coal and we had to get it into the basement by wheel barrel or by bushel barrel or by bushels. We would take it to the window of the basement and throw it in that window and it would be piled up in a special areas that was walled in for use as fuel to heat the house. And the furnace had a stoker and it came on automatically. When the temperature got low and the house was cool the furnace would come on and the stoker would start feeding the coal into the furnace for the fire. You did not have to do it by hand. 

      So I came upon this mountain of black stoker coal and my spirit was guiding me so I knew that I had to keep going the way my spirit was guiding me. So I am trying to get over this mountain. Every time I put my feet down on the stoker coal I went down almost as much as I was hoping that I would go up. So I could not get over that mountain. And you know how dreams are the scenery can change suddenly without any explanation. 

      So suddenly that situation is gone and I see nothing but open area, but far, a long distance.  So I kept walking under the spirit in the distance I saw what appeared to be a white man and he appeared to be standing on the wall of the edge of something. So I kept going. When I got close enough to see him he beckoned to me without speaking. He made me know what he wanted without speaking and I knew he was looking at me and telling me to keep coming. Come and approach me. So I kept coming and as I got closer I saw that he was standing on the age of a huge swimming pool. 

      In my imagination what I saw in the dream would be at least three to four times the  width and distance of this audience. It was a huge pool and he was standing on the edge. As I closer to him like I am to you person on the front row he beckoned to me again without speaking. I understood what he wanted from me and I came and got on top of the edge with him.  Then he stepped upon the water and walked the water and he looked at me and he did some movements with his feet and he beckoned me to come and stand upon the water. 

      So I stepped upon the water and surprising for me I didn't sink I stood upon the water and I started moving my feet balanced upon the water. That dream was so real and so strange I think it is the first dream I ever told to my father. So I told my father, "Daddy I had a dream" he said, "What was it son?"  He was quick. And I described to him what I described to you. He said, "Well son I don't know the meaning of that mountain of coal but I know the meaning of you standing on the water. It means that one day you are going to have many followers." That is all he said.  So over the long period of time since that time I came to know just the mountain of stoker coal means. He did not tell me but now I know for sure. I have experienced it and I am not going to say anymore.  

      Another definition that we offer, see we have a running vocabulary here because we have to use some special words, they care in the right meanings. And as I said like a running Olympics or like the Olympics running. The running Olympics. And like a town's water system or a community's water system that had serious problems but now it is fixed, we are running. We have a commercial and private dwelling plumber sitting right behind me. I know he is feeling there words and I know he is interpreting and applying as I am speaking.   That is our very productive Imam of Harlem New York Imam Ezekial Pasha.

      Qur'an 91.7-8; He is successful who spends on his soul

      7. By the Soul and the proportion and order Given to it; 

      8. And its enlightenment as to its wrong and its right;

      Qur'an 2.187; Eat until see white and black threads of dawn

      Permitted to you on the night of the fasts is the approach to your wives.  They are your garments.  And ye are their garments.  Allah knoweth what ye used to do secretly among yourselves; but He turned to you and forgave you; so now associate with them and seek what Allah hath ordained for you and eat and drink until the white thread of dawn appear to you distinct from its black thread; then complete your fast till the night appears; 

      Soul's two properties: Taqwa and Fujoor

      Fujoor: Exposed to be influenced, misguided, defected 

      Taqwa: Is the constant agent

      Nous: Common sense alertness in the soul at birth

      Nostalgia: Is inherent as an expression its origin in the soul

      Brother FOI we are created to increase our community productivity. Definition of nous, British language reference, nous means common sense alertness. Where does this intelligence begin?  In the soul. Every baby is born with it in the soul. It begins in the soul. To help this explanation for the term nous, the term nostalgia most of you should know that term. Nostalgia should be understood. It is inherent as an expression having its origin in the soul or in the nous. 

      The nous in the soul is as Taqwa. You Muslim students of the Qur'an and the life of our Prophet pbuh you would know Taqwa.   Allah swt has revealed to us through our Prophet Muhammed pbuh that the soul has two agents working to help man go to the destiny or to the purpose G_d created him for. One is Taqwa the other one is Fujoor. And if you are alert minded students and have studied you have connected Fujoor with Fajr the time in the morning that we get up for prayer.  What wakes us up out of our bed. The interest or the importance that is designed in our religion to be the first to awake us from our beds.  

      We make Fajr prayer it has only two rakats, to sections of pray. And it is this Fujoor that is one of two in the main agents that is propelling our life force, propelling us, pushing us to go forward for progress in our life for the benefit of humanity or the human community, the Fujoor.   

      Thread: Black of human nature, white of human conscience

      The Fujoor is exposed to be influenced, misguided, defected but the Taqwa is not. The Taqwa is the constant agent the Fujoor is the moving, evolving agent. Like the rising of the sun before it appears there is the dawn. There is Fajr time.  The sun has not appeared yet. In fact Fajr  first comes when it appears to still be dark outside and it shows as two parallel lines on the Eastern horizon. And they are running parallel perfectly together, black and white. The black of human nature the white of human conscience. 

      I'm not the show business man if you came here for hype you won't get it. And by the way I'm happy to hear that minister Farrakhan has been improving steadily and I pray to Allah swt that he delivers the message in Detroit. Why? Because I know that he's the best qualified among them to deliver the message in Detroit I don't know if they know it because they like that coal too. A lot of them are over them with him.  They are just like that mountain of stoker coal. 

      But I hope they understand especially their leaders that minister Farrakhan is the best qualified of them. He can attract the people, he can hold the people and he has made a lot of improvement for the Nation of Islam under his leadership. I sent two statements to him. I was invited to both the Jumah, to join them for Jumah prayer in fact they asked me to lead the Jumah and I was invited to the Sunday address that they are having at the same time we are having this address. They are just a hour behind us.  So whatever time it  is now, it is an hour later for them. 

      I have a nice watch here one of you gave me. I only wear it on very special occasions. Its close to 4:15 pm there. Never forget that we were formed, actually we were created in that model that had its own language and for those who are in Detroit that has its own language.

      Nation of Islam was a special language environment

      Temple in animation: Is the language environment

      Soul: Is the whole life

      Qur'an 19.17-18; Mary Angel as a man revealed to her

      17. She placed a screen (to screen herself) from them:then We sent to her Our angel and he appeared before her as a man in all respects.  

      18. He said: "Nay I am only a messenger from thy Lord (to announce) to thee the gift of a holy son.

      Luke 1.26-35; Angel overshadowed Mary

      "And in the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent from God unto a city of Galilee, named Nazareth, [27] [30] And the angel said unto her, Fear not, Mary: for thou hast found favour with God.[35] And the angel answered and said unto her, The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee: therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God." 

      That model that has its own language called Temple of Islam. We were put in a special language environment. Don't see the walls or the physical structure and everything  like we have here, don't see that as the real Temple of Islam. That is not the real Temple of Islam. Those walls can't do anything for you. The real Temple of Islam is the language and the communication that, that language brought to your intelligence and your behavior. That is the real Temple that is why I say Temple in animation. 

      Continuing now the definition of nous, common sense alertness. To help this explanation for the term nous the term nostalgia should be understood. Nostalgia is inherent, in born in your own nature when you come into the world. Inherent as an expression having its origin in the soul or in the nous. Nous and soul are not the same.  But soul is the whole life. Your soul is the whole life. 

      Scientists or students of the soul like the Greek philosopher Socrates and many others in different religions. I want to share this with you right now. This particular focus that we have right now on the human life in its best nature, in its best value is in the religions that are really out of the family or out of the Abrahamic family of faiths. Judaism, Christianity and Al Islam, those are the Abrahamic family of faiths. But also the religion of Buddhism, the religion of Hinduism, and even other that have branched off from some of these larger ones they all have the same perception of the original man, the black man. 

      The black man is every man

      The black man is not a physical man. The black man is every man. When some racists prejudiced came out in the present of the Prophet pbuh because one of his companions or followers in his immediate circle of friends or circle of people spoke derogatively of Bilal. And the Prophet pbuh said we all are Bilal. Meaning racist fool if you think he is inferior because he is black you don't now the meaning of black in scripture.  We all are black. What does the Gospel say of Mary when the angel came to inform her that she was going to give birth to a special child?  

      A shadow is black 

      The Gospel says that the holy ghost or the holy spirit overshadowed her preacher. You know a spirit doesn't cast a shadow.  The holy spirit overshadowed her and she became pregnant with child. There is not enough room here for me to shout.  I would go straight up through that ceiling. Thank G_d I'm not allowed to display body language in that extreme. I like it too man, it is good. The holy ghost overshadowed Mary the mother of Jesus Christ peace be upon them and she became pregnant with

      child the holy ghost, the holy spirit. Cast a shadow. What color is a shadow? Answer me I don't hate you. Answer me. Black. The original black man. Do you have it?  I can turn that page down. 

      To day on this February twenty five I did not say 25th, February twenty five two thousand and seven our nous with our valence is as a fertile field being plowed for soon an abundant harvest in moral excellence and economic life increase. I promise you that. And G_d has authorized me to promise you that whether you know it or not whether you believe it or not.

      Virility: manhood, manly vigor

      Vigor: Is excited energy

      Now I want to turn to another focus here, the United States uniqueness as a nation or as a people more so than as a nation. I will  give you another definition now virility, the definition in the dictionary manhood, manly vigor.  When we look and see the condition of our males, black brothers in this time that we are living in that condition does not say to us manhood, that condition does not say to us manly vigor. Vigor means excited energy. Energy ready to accomplish things. 

      Transcendence: Extending beyond the limits of ordinary experience

      WD Fard conditioned us to ascend, transcend

      We want another definition now transcendence, the definition quote, "Extending beyond the limits of ordinary experience." G_d says to us He is the one Who "Khalaqa fasawwaa" He created and the condition of creation that He caused created equality and balance. Then He says "Qaddara fahada," He empowered the human soul and intellect to achieve transcendency. We are marching, marching up the king's highway. We are marching, marching all the day. With our savior the universal king. Up the highway. We are ascending because we have been conditioned by a master teacher WD Forty. He has conditioned our soul, our human sensitivity, he has conditioned our intellect,  he has conditioned our essence, our valence, our Taqwa and our Fujoor. He has conditioned it to ascend. 

      And what is that ascension for? It is to give us height. Lift us up to the highest regions so we get the fullest picture of our life down here on this earth.  And then come back down with a plan and a blue print and be successful in rising up a great people who will have community life excellence, Allahu Akbar, G_d is the greatest.

      Disk II 

      .....go where Mr. WD Forty found us and then see how his doings, his works have influenced our life to bring Elijah Muhammed whose education was just three years in a time when education for blacks was nothing in Georgia when he was a boy. Only three years of formal education and Mr. Fard saw in him great intelligence, great worth and made him his supreme minister. That is what he called him firstly. And made my father's brother, my uncle Kallat his supreme captain over the FOI. 

      If they would see how the works of that man who was put in the hands of my father to establish it and bring about progress and how his son has come into his works not by my own choice, but by Mr. Fard's plan. He told my father and mother, how would  I know? They told me.  He told my father and mother, "Keep your promise that you will raise him and let him help us in this work." That is what I was told as a boy. That language passes by a boy. A boy does not have  enough developed mind and experience to really register that kind of language. 

      W D Mohammed visited the Pope

      So when this was told to me he did not register, not on my mind and not on my feelings. Do you think I felt as a child thoughts as, "Oh that's great. I am going to be a great man." G_d Knows that never touched me. Nothing like that ever touched me. But when I look at my life now, see my Imam W Deen Mohammed in the Vatican as a guest of  Pope John Paul II with people is far you could look standing all in the streets everywhere. And I am the only Muslim leader there. The one who they thought was not a true Muslim, praise be to Allah swt.  I am the only one there representing Al  Islam from America.   When I look now at the invitation that just came to me on my desk from the Wisdom University and its representatives and supporters include the son of Robert . Kennedy Jr and many others perhaps among them of  more notoriety Van Robert Kennedy.

      They invited me there to see what I have in me? No. They invited me there because they like what they saw and see in me. And they did not ask how do I know that? I know that because they are not asking me to just come here. The president of the organization told me that "We are not wanting you just to come from one time, we are hoping that you will join us for a long time." 

      When I became minister, people study important things that appear on the terrain of the United States of America or anywhere. They are international minded people who watch the terrain constantly to see what is developing on the terrain. If they see something important to them they will try to make contact with it. 

      So they knew the Nation of Islam, this was immediately after I became leader and as soon as the news hit the media that the son of the Hon. Elijah Muhammed, Wallace D. Mohammed had become the leader of the Nation of Islam I received from the international society of metaphysics an invitation to join them. The ones who sent that invitation

      I see them now as angels in man saying let us take this new child and bring him in into our society and prepare him to be a great successful leader. We see that whoever gave him that language knew the language of metaphysics so we would like to take this new leader and prepare him for his future. Allah swt would not let my spirit go that way. I never answered them and angels don't follow you up when you turn them down they know why and they leave you to your own spirit. And I thank them for being angles.

      This invitation I have accepted. I will not turn it down and if I seen an opportunity to work with them  I am going to work with them for the benefit for the benefit of all mankind. Someone might ask, "Oh are you going to leave us?" No. Being with you is what got me the invitation. I am going to stay with you and get more invitations. One of the leaders I met, a female in my travel or in my answering appointments and invitations it was a big high level meeting and this European one woman, I do not like to say white it just perpetuates racism I like to say European, black American, African American that is what I prefer because it does not influence the perpetuation of racism. It acts as a healing agent when you take the charge words out. 

      We were leaving the meeting that we had and she came to me, I knew her, I had enough acquaintance with her for her not to be insulting we were considering each other friends.  So she had the right come to me the way she did. She was a white woman, an European American I said that for your benefit because I know white means more than European to you. The expression "White woman" means a lot more then European-American to you. I am talking to you Mandingos out there.   She said, "Imam Mohammed when are you going to leave your community? They can appreciate you." Isn't that something?  

      You who are able to, you have the experience and the knowledge why don't you work harder to raise the level of intelligence in our community? Some of you are afraid to see your community graduate, you are afraid to see your community elevated in the knowledge because you are a piece of stoker coal. I am not here to hurt anybody so knew that start your cheer leader stuff here.  You cannot influence me. I am not here to hurt anybody. 

      America's constitution's virility for transcendence 

      We are on the United States of America's uniqueness. And not referring to the government more than I am referring to the American people.  America's Constitution, doctrine that is has a virility that gives it a constant transcendence for prevailing against the troubled times. If you had the insight that many have who has studied our Constitution especially the language of the founding fathers you would have a much better appreciation in respect for the United States of America and for its people. Is there any evidence that America has that nature in its doctrine and in it people who live by the doctrine or stand by that doctrine? Yes there is.

      The time of Warren G. Hardin was a bad time for our government. There was great corruption in our government. Almost immediately behind that period team the roaring 1920s. If you something of the roaring 1920s it was a time similar to this time when the tendency in the people is to just let go and have fun. And let rust take over their lives, a similar time the roaring 1920s. And also following that almost in the same time the Wall Street crash. But these terrible events coming like one behind another, rapid fire did not prevail over the constitution's doctrinal virility, praise be to Allah swt.

      Qur'an 33.21; Muhammed is an excellent model

      "Ye have indeed in the Apostle of Allah a beautiful pattern of (conduct) for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Final Day and who engages much in the praise of Allah." 

      Qur'an 91.8; The soul has Taqwa and Fujura 

      "And its enlightenment as to its wrong and its right;"

      So there is a constancy in the life of this nation the United States of America. There is that erratic thing right thing too, but there is a constant image energy for the preservation of the nation, the government order in the American people. The Prophet pbuh had revelation given to him, guidance given to him to give us scholarly insight so we would find the tools for building our world and would  stand by the best of worlds and endure for as long as the earth abides. 

      Those tools are in the Qur'an and in the sunnah of Prophet pbuh, in his uswa, his human nature and life as a model,  G_d says for all who believe in G_d and the last day. It did not say for Muslims, it said for all who believe in G_d and the last day. It means they believe in G_d and they believe in being accountable to G_d. The last day brings to your mind the judge.  They believe in G_d and they are conscious of the judgment. They believe in being accountable to their G_d, their Lord, Allah swt the Creator of everything.  

      So the Fajoor and the Taqwa it says in the Qur'an, "Fa alhamahaa fujooraha wa taqwaha," And the G_d Who created the soul created it with an agent to carry its Fujoor and its Taqwa.  Its energy and principle for progressing it so it goes outward into the societies of mankind. And its Taqwa so it ascends upward to higher regions of consciousness in consciousness so that it becomes equipped to come back down to carry out its responsibility to its G_d to improve the community life of mankind on this planet earth.  Are these sensitive issues?  They are sensitive for your intelligence

      and your human heart but they are also sensitive for nonmembers. And is why I did not want anybody but the members here. If there are any others I accept African-American Christians that they be here but for them if they come in here they are just like you. A lot of those Christians they would not dare come in here they don't want anybody see them doing anything that make them think that they are pleased with the Muslim being in America and having the freedom of religion.  If we could have black Christians as our president we would have no more freedom of religion in this country because the leaders among them they watch us like a hawk watches a chicken.  

      A hawk will fly over a place for a long time but he's going to watch it. Now don't let him get hungry, if he gets hungry he will swoop down on you. I pity you. But if they knew what was going on in here they would dismiss all that other stuff, all their fears of us advancing and getting more of the African-American community with us. They would get rid of all that fear and everything, because they do not have a teacher on this planet who could give them what I am giving you. And believe me most of them know that, you do not know it, but most of them know it. You do not know he because you are too low to the ground. You have not ascended. 

      Qur'an 13.17; Fire removes scum from ore 

      Even so from that (ore) which they heat in the fire to make ornaments or utensils therewith there is a scum likewise.  Thus doth Allah (by parables) show forth Truth and Vanity: for the scum disappears like froth cast out; while that which is for the good of mankind remains on the earth. 

      Race conscious and pride failures

      Sludge: Mud, mire or ooze covering the ground or forming a deposit as on a river bed

      River:  Messianic flow in the human spirit

      We are going to use a word here that I'm going to have to give you the definition for as I told you we have a running vocabulary here.  Definition of sludge: Mud, mire or ooze covering the ground or forming a deposit as on a river bed. 

      What is a river? Messianic flow in the human spirit. It is a running messenger in the human spirit. Where did it come from?  Like Moses it came down from the mountain. Where is it going?  Where water levels off. Sludge.   So in the Qur'an we're told how foam and false and impurity is churned up by the water or pushed out by the water like the metal boiling pot of the metal worker. He puts the metals in the pot to melt them so that they will be fluid and he can make mold for them and shape whatever he wants making different things.

      Qur'an  40.57; Universe bigger creation than man

      "Assuredly the creation of the heavens and the earth is a greater (matter) than the creation of men: Yet most men understand not. 

      Qur'an 40.7; Allah embraces all in mercy, knowledge

      "Those who sustain the Throne (of Allah) and those around it sing Glory and Praise to their Lord; believe in Him; and implore forgiveness for those who believe: "Our Lord! Thy reach is over all things in Mercy and Knowledge.  Forgive then those who turn in repentance and follow Thy Path: and preserve them from the Penalty of the Blazing Fire!" 

      Macrocosm Is the universe

      Microcosm: Is the soul

      Allah swt says in the Qur'an, "And the false is pushed up to the surface to be thrown out," impurities. All of these pictures has reference to the microcosm which is the soul. The great learned people they see two creations. They see the natural creation of things in nature, material bodies Jupiter, earth and everything, they see all of that as the macrocosm and they see the human world as the microcosm. Micro as you know means small. Any of you who with a high school diploma you should know what micro means. Micro means small, miniature. Macro means large, the bigger.

      So all of the language that you'll find in scripture is addressing importantly the world of human soul, the microcosm. And that is told in the Qur'anic language that goes like this, "Man do not think that your creation is a bigger creation than the world."  You are the microcosm that is what Allah swt revealed to Muhammed the Prophet pbuh to tell them they are the microcosm not the macrocosm.  

      Our life forms of the macrocosm. We can't have life unless it comes out of the material world. Human life as every other life is born in and comes out of the material world. That is the macrocosm. The macrocosm produces or supports the microcosm coming into being, coming into life. But isn't it wonderful how Allah swt checks our importance that may make our head too big and destroy us before we reach the purpose that G_d made us for?  So Allah swt checks that by telling us your world, you human existence is not a bigger matter with G_d than the creation of the heavens and earth because I created that universe to birth you the microcosm.  But the things that I created like matter, plants and animals those things have not received of My spirit a communication for a free mind or  human intellect. 

      So I have created you though you are smaller than the universe I created you to engage the universe, all of it with you intelligence and your heart. Allah swt says in the Qur'an, "Wase't kulla shayen rahmatan wa ilman," translated "He has created and extended everything with mercy and knowledge. He caused all of His creation to grow and expand upon what rule of knowledge or principle? That you engage it with your intelligence but out of respect for the share that every human being in the family of man is entitled to. So don't be selfish with the knowledge when you get it, be compassionate, the Qur'an says "Wa rahma" meaning be compassionate, mercy.

      You have to engage this creation with your intelligence and with your heart. The two have to constantly work together so that your intelligence does not cause problems for the human heart and so that the human heart is not left blind.  

      The two working together.  So that the intelligence does not go off the track of moral excellence and hurt the world of human beings or person. And so that the heart will have light and not be blind. 

      I love Nat Cole I used to sing all of his songs and I still can sing most of them. You may not want to listen to me but I can sing most of them. He said, "My foolish heart." Isn't it the condition that we see in our people in the public life and at home too an indication that the intelligent, decent moral heart that we got from our first leaders who were trying to bring us up from slavery, is in that heart absent in them? Most of them have foolish hearts.

      Qur'an 68.49; Jonah cast on the shore 

      Jonah 1.15-17; Jonah's story

      Matthew 2.13-15; Flee to Egypt with your child 

      "And when they were departed, behold, the angel of the Lord appeareth to Joseph in a dream, saying, Arise, and take the young child and his mother, and flee into Egypt, and be thou there until I bring thee word: for Herod will seek the young child to destroy him."

      What is the importance of the river bed? Jonah is a sign the one who swallowed by the big fish in the belly of the whale. It is in the Bible and in the Qur'an, he was swallowed by the big fish and the fish spat him out upon the shore.  You know they don't swim in rivers, but for us to understand the religious guidance we should see it as a river bed.  Spat him out upon the shore and I'm sure the person who wrote that they had in mind the Nile river.  The Nile river rises and falls. And when it rises it throws out mud sludge but rich soil. It is the rich soil that covers the ground or the land. We call it top soil but there is another word.   

      Because that is thrown up out of the river when it rises that area has what is called the fertile crescent. That is how it is identified in geography. And at one time in history Egypt was the bread basket of the whole world. Egypt had advanced over the whole world in a similar way that we see America, the United States over most of the world, all of the world. The richest nation on earth today is  the United States and it has been holding that position for a long time. It does not mean it is going to keep it, but it has been holding it for a long time. 

      What accounted for Egypt being so wealthy and rich I think two things, it had a culture that could captivate the mind of ordinary person educated or not. When people can into that cultural environment and its magnetic field, its attraction on the mind and the heart and life of human beings they were so captivated it was almost like they were hypnotized. And that culture carried their mind and their life.  The language of their culture was so much constituted as kryptonite, granite even harder that it baffled them. 

      Right now do you know it started maybe a hundred years ago or more intelligent researchers from Europe and America going to Egypt trying to break the code of that ancient language hieroglyphics. And they are still working on breaking the code. But they have gotten a lot out of it.  They have been successful to translate some of that ancient language, but most of it they have not been able to translate. You know what it is? Picture language. They used objects in creation like a sun rise or a moon in the night sky and many other things they have. So it's the language of symbolism, metaphors without plain talk. And believe me that is what the Bible is for most of you, kryptonite. 

      Jesus' mother was told to flee to Egypt with your child. Now let me connect this part right here, sludge, muck, mire, ooze covering the ground or forming a deposit as on a river bed. If I would ask any of my brother, I have one sister still living. My mother  only had two girls and six boys a total of eight of us. If I would ask any of them living and all of them are living except one my sister Ethyl, may G_d give her peace and paradise. I would ask any of them how did you spell you name for most of your youth, your young years and how did you pronounce it? They would say, "We spelled it Mohammed."  That is what Mr. WD Forty left with us. That was on my father's driver's license when he died, on my birth certificate that I got, my father Elijah Mohammed. It did not say Poole. 

      Now that is wonderful. In Detroit he was permitted to use his right name and had put it on my birth certificate, Elijah Mohammed. And my mother Clara Evans Mohammed. Now they put her middle name or her maiden name on my birth certificate. And my name on my birth certificate Wallace D. Mohammed. I don't now why that should be a sensitive issue but for some few of you it is. Every now and then somebody in the audience when I'm speaking like when I was in Philadelphia speaking to an audience mostly non Muslims, about fifty - fifty, I was invited to address an audience of non Muslims. We had a good number there and mostly all youngsters. The audience was at Benjamin Franklin high school in Philadelphia. A high school that in recent times was named for Malcolm. Itw as called Malcolm X high school and the youngsters there led by a very impressive, intelligent young African American lady they had managed to convince the authorities to change the name back to Malcolm X. So in a few weeks it is going to be Malcolm X again which is good. That should make us happy.  

      Elijah Muhammed Black writers err excluding him from History

      Malcolm is only in our African American history

      That is our history. There is no Malcolm in any other history except ours. I'm telling you. If he impressed black people he impressed them while he was speaking for the Hon. Elijah Muhammed and the Nation of Islam. Now that might be a sensitive issue but one thing is sure, something is wrong with our African America history writers if they will take the Hon. Elijah Muhammed out of our history and try to set up Malcolm when Malcolm was in prison serving a 14 year sentence for being a pimp and a hustler on the streets of New York Harlem. It was the Hon Elijah Muhammed's message that woke him up, stirred his energies and brought him to come to the Hon. Elijah Muhammed and be taught how to speak to our people. 

      Credit is due to the person who deserves it and earned it. Don't give one man's earning that is due to another man. Take the earnings of one man and give it to somebody else who didn't earn it.  I'm not knocking Malcolm I loved the man. My brother Elijah Muhammed loved the man. We loved the man. My mother loved the man. He came to my house and what did my mother say to us? She said, "He is like my son too." She let us know her respect for him and her appreciation. And that is a real mother and real wife who has her husband's work and interest in her heart and if she sees you supporting it you are endeared so much that she will tel her own children, her own boys, "He's my son too."  

      Qur'an 2.148; Race for all that is good

      Blacks race pride rides the back of spiritual insecurity

      Our burning passion for race pride rides the back of spiritual insecurity. We are not the way we were in the early days of this history of black people. We used to have a potent, energetic spirit, but now spiritual insecurity rides us. As a people up from slavery it is expected that we would be united as relay runs in a race for all that is good.  Allah swt invites us in our Holy Book, "Be together in a race for all that is good." 

      Sadly as a majority our leaders are treacherous hawks. They hover above the head of leaders who belong to a different spiritual life. They have treacherous alliances and their treachery marks their professions and show their books the on history of black Americans to be bogus. As a people up from slavery it was seen that this majority representing our people would be contributing to journalist excellence. But there's no journalist excellence to the respected when they leave out something as important in African-American history as the rise of the community of Muslims from the Hon Elijah Muhammed. 

      Again sadly this is not true again of our so-called African-American journalists making newspapers, writing in newspapers, books, putting out big volumes on the history of black people in America up from the Mayflower. Then he came with after that with  another big volume and did everything he could to ignore the great, new model of human community life the Nation of Islam in the following of Imam W Deen Mohammed.  That makes the pages of their book nothing but trash for the waste bucket. I would love to support Lerone Bennet in fact I bought his book I love him, I met him in person twice or three times but when I look at what they're producing and calling it literature, calling it history it cramps my style. It makes  me want to act ugly, kick somebody in the rear.  And that is not of my nature so I just put it out of my sight. 

      Negativism and Dr. King's spirit

      We come to now the issue of Negativism and Dr. King's spirit. Dr. Martin Luther King junior's spirit calls on us to be accountable. Dr. King left with us his faith in the people of America. Dr. King lived progress not negativism. Dr. King's faith is home grown. The roots are in liberty's best history. It is a history with a window to a living room. A sky scraping American people. A towering American people. Our history is a history of slavery but we fail to register some of the things in slavery that can contribute to us not becoming negative but staying positive.  A slave master and his wife who gave their slave Frederick Douglass book to read to put Frederick Douglas on the road to education and statesmanship, and is a positive even in the history of slavery.  And is a positive.   

      Blacks have had many saviors

      Our history is also history of abolitionists who were European-American, whites Christian Quakers and others brother Mandingo. We know how to Jews going with our people in the segregated South to change them from segregating, open their minds, open their hearts to force them, put pressure them to get rid of the system of segregation and discrimination and how two of the Jewish men were killed helping us along with an African-American also killed.   But much further than in the our history there was John Brown, he knew he could not defeat America with a few men. He knew he was going to lose his life and all those they could catch who were supporting him.  I am sure he told them "You know you're going to move your life." He did not have to tell the black man you are going to lose your life. The black men knew they were

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