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The Birth of Community Life

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    2006 Ramadan Session The Birth of Community Life By Imam W. Deen Mohammed Kabah means vital connections The house itself, the bait, al-bait, is called Kabah.
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      Ramadan Session

      The Birth of Community Life

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed

      Kabah means vital connections

      The house itself, the bait, al-bait, is called Kabah. It is important to understand when you say house that is not enough. When you say home that is not enough. But when you say Kabah, now, that is where the knowledge is for identifying that house and knowing what that house means in our lives. It is given in the term "Kabah". Kabah means, "vital connections that are necessary and important". Without these connections you do not have the house. Vital, most important connections, that's what Kabah means. So the connection for our home life begins with Adam having a mate, or begins with Brother Sharif having a wife, Sister Salimah. Don't look for them, I'm forming them as I go. And like the movies when they show you the acknowledgment, they say, "Any connection with a person is just a coincidence."

      Isn't that the history of the Genesis and isn't that the history of the beginning of mankind in Islam, too, that G_d made a male and then He made of the male a female? So if He made of the male a female He made them both of the same essence. He made a male first and then He made a female. Now, don't think anymore of a flesh man and a flesh woman. That's okay in kindergarten for Muslims. That's okay to have that idea. But you who are students, you are now listening to a student and we want to have knowledge, not just stories. So it starts with a mate; a husband and a wife, a male and a female coming together. That is the only way we can extend and populate the earth with people. We cannot extend our life or populate the earth with people unless we mate with one another. Males and female have to mate.

      I said do not think of flesh right now. Think of community. From the beginning on this earth we are talking about community. Science, the secular world will give us history and theory of how man formed on the earth and progressed. Religion is not giving us a picture of flesh population. It is giving us a picture of community development and how the establishment of community life was designed into our very creation by G_d. And that it is natural heritage, inheritance, of everyone of us, to have and support community life.

      Man, animals have knowledge in their genes

      The bird comes here and knows when it is time to have baby birds, knows to start getting the straws and whatever, to make a home for the babies; and it knows how to make its home. No man taught the bird to make its home round and make it of this particular straw or soft dry stuff. The bird knows that by virtue of its own creation. Its own life knows that. Its life as it came into existence knows that. So it will know what to do when time comes and it does it.

      It is the same for humans. You don't have to teach a baby to crawl. It is going to crawl. We give them help but you don't have to teach it to walk. It is going to walk because it sees you walking. You are not an English teacher but the baby learns to speak your language just by listening to you. So these are great developments. This is nothing to push aside like it's nothing. No, that's the beginning of life. And it is clocked into our very composition as flesh, as people and it expresses itself automatically inside when the time comes. When the situation presents itself the light responds to the situation and it does what G_d has designed for it to do.

      Family life evolves naturally but is now threatened

      And don't you know if we just depended on nothing but that original life right now, if African American people depended on nothing but that original life we'd be better off than we are right now; because at least we would learn to walk. We would come here ready to crawl, to walk and we would come here ready and know how to love one another and be family. G_d clocked all that into our creation, into our nature. Into our very flesh He put that. But the world deceives us and then we lose the original life. We lose the interest to be nice and loving to each other, to have a spirit to be family not causing problems for each other, but working together in unity, as a unit. And your education, your schooling, the academic world tells you that family is the first unit of society. And that is what we have lost, family. Not just African Americans now or blacks, this big problem has taken over all people and all religions. Yes, all the religious people are suffering from the corruption of the family.

      So man comes here without education, without science and industry. Man comes here knowing how to establish his life just like the birds know how to establish theirs; just like the bees know how to establish theirs; just like the other creatures know how to establish theirs that are not human. Man comes here with the ability to establish his own social pattern and it begins with family for community life. Family is a small community. That is what family is, a small community.

      If you stay in touch with your relatives then family becomes a big community. Tribes become so big they are almost like a nation¬ójust one tribe. In fact, when you read the history of the people of the Book their tribes became nations.

      Scripture is not addressing flesh creation, but how community life is born

      I have to say again, because I think many of you missed the most important thing I am saying, from the beginning the scripture is not addressing flesh creation. It is addressing our community life, how community life is born. So when it says male and female where is the male? The male is the brain. Why is he the brain? Because the male has to go out and hunt. The male has to go out and risk his life in the wild environment for the beginning of family life. He has to risk his life out there. He has to discover things that he needs at home for his wife. And he relates to her to know what he should be looking for out there in the field or in the wilderness. She lets him know, "Honey, we're going to need something to sit on. This ground is cold and hard, baby. We need something to sleep on and we don't know when the wind and rain is going to come on us. We need a wall built up and we need a cover for our heads."

      The wife is the one who gives the requisition

      So she is the one who gives the requisition. She makes the request and gives the bill. "Go out and get it, baby".

      And if he is a natural man in the original pattern made by our Creator he goes out there and gets it. He doesn't tell her, "I don't have job." That original woman will say to him, "And you have no wife! Don't you know my original nature calls for a man? What is this speaking to me? You are worst off than a baby." We have to make it relevant don't we? Don't leave it up in the sky. Bring it down here where the real deal is.

      The new wife

      So he goes out and he brings her these things and pretty soon the family gets big. You have somebody next door, down the road belonging to the family needing the same thing. And this development grows and after a while they call it a town. They call it community. "This is our community, our town." When a town is established, when the community life is established where those private people have a public that they are responsible for, that public whether we call it town, city, village or whatever, that's wife. That's the new wife. That is the most important wife. And the men who put their heads together and I'm sure sometimes women get into the work, too, whoever was responsible for building that community life up is the husband; that's scripture, the husbandman; in the Bible, the husbandman. And I think they have a profession called husbandry, taking care of animals and plants. An animal can't survive or exist without some plants. You better have some plants if you have animals, unless they are carnivorous and eat no plants. But then you still have to have plants. There is no way to not have plants. So, the language is there to support what I am bringing home to you. That is what I'm showing you.

      So, occasionally, you see me go to the language of the world, right? That's to show you that to prove that this is the right picture that I'm presenting to you, I go and find evidence of this being in the history of man's life and growth on this planet earth. It is still in his language. If I was speaking to the leaders in the Vatican I could have said everything I said to you in about 10 minutes. Don't think we are the only ones who know things. Among all people there are those who know something about what I'm bringing to you right now; maybe not in the exact language that I'm giving to you. But they have been given the concepts, the ideas. They have the concepts but it is us who have to be given this for the first time and educated in this knowledge, because they are not going to share it They think it is supposed to be kept secret and they are wrong.

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