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The Three Stages Of Integrity For Man's Spirit

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    11/17/1984 Newark, NJ The Three Stages Of Integrity For Man s Spirit By Imam W. Deen Mohammed It s time to do a little Soul Searching. Time to examine Self.
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      Newark, NJ

      The Three Stages Of Integrity For Man's Spirit

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed

      It's time to do a little Soul Searching. Time to examine Self. Time to get back to the excellence that G-d created us with. Time to go back and embrace the Slave on the plantation. And, say I'm freer than you. But, you are more a man than I am. Something you had I've, lost.

      This writer said something had to happen to cause Black Americans to question their own behavior, the time is overdue for us to question own own behavior. Don't you know we have become a traitor to our cause as a people?

      It's painful to have all this freedom, and all of this material affluence in our lives, but no dignity. 

      We have allowed the false life of material plenty to capture our souls. Kill our spirit. Corrupt our morality. Kill our sense of right and wrong. Deprive us of collective direction. Collective direction, we used to have a spirit for collective direction. The church used to preach it. The politician used to represent it. The little man in the street used to identify with it. Collective direction. Collective purpose. Collective dignity. Collective role on this earth. We used to have that. But, we left it behind us. The spoiled way of life robbed us of it. We have to come back to Spiritual Integrity.

      It's painful, painful. We have to become responsible again. We have to attach ourselves to a purpose bigger than ourselves. We have to attach ourselves to values bigger than material values. We have to come back to the human life. And, the human context. Then, you will see a people who will make use of the opportunities that are here in America. And will cooperate humanly with each other for the excellence and, the progress of the whole. That's the day we pray for. That's the day we work for. That's the purpose for which we are created and, existing here on this earth.

      Now, many nations will come that far. They will work, openly and privately, to promote that healthy state of man and society. Where man and society will at least have Spiritual Integrity, and Contextual Integrity. All people can be depended upon to support that. But, they will always condition and preserve the select few to look out after the needs of the many. We have to take that concern upon ourselves, and exercise it for the good of the Black People, the African-Americans in this Country. Yes! Enforce it! Be willing to die for it! Not everybody. A select few. Cause, everybody jus ain't ready.

      There is a higher stage and, G-d Requires that of Man. And, He fulfilled it in Muhammed and, Jesus was a Sign. The last stage for the Integrity of Man's Spirit is to come into, is,  Procedural Integrity. Where man will advance himself. And will use strategy to advance his life. And to conquer forces in his environment and against his life. But, will be upright. And will not do wrong in advancing himself. I don't know a nation on this planet that has that Procedural Integrity that was demonstrated in the life of Muhammed. And, that I pray G-d willing, will let me live to Demonstrate that for this Community. Peace be unto you As-Salaam-Alaikum.

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