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Negativism And Dr. King's Spirit

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    2/25/2007 Savior s Day Chicago, Illinois Negativism And Dr. King s Spirit By Imam W. Deen Mohammed We come to now the issue of Negativism and Dr. King s
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      Savior's Day Chicago, Illinois

      Negativism And Dr. King's Spirit

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed

      We come to now the issue of Negativism and Dr. King's spirit. Dr. Martin Luther King junior's spirit calls on us to be accountable. Dr. King left with us his faith in the people of America. Dr. King lived progress not negativism. Dr. King's faith is home grown. The roots are in liberty's best history. It is a history with a window to a living room. A sky scraping American people. A towering American people. Our history is a history of slavery but we fail to register some of the things in slavery that can contribute to us not becoming negative but staying positive. A slave master and his wife who gave their slave Frederick Douglass book to read to put Frederick Douglas on the road to education and statesmanship, and is a positive even in the history of slavery. And is a positive.

      Blacks have had many saviors

      Our history is also history of abolitionists who were European-American, whites Christian Quakers and others brother Mandingo. We know how to Jews going with our people in the segregated South to change them from segregating, open their minds, open their hearts to force them, put pressure them to get rid of the system of segregation and discrimination and how two of the Jewish men were killed helping us along with an African-American also killed. But much further than in the our history there was John Brown, he knew he could not defeat America with a few men. He knew he was going to lose his life and all those they could catch who were supporting him. I am sure he told them "You know you're going to move your life." He did not have to tell the black man you are going to lose your life. The black men knew they were going to die. They just accepted to die. 

      Now is that something that we should just skip over? Nat Turn he lead and open violent rebellion and they destroyed him. Don't you know he knew he was going to be destroyed? So what were they doing? They were putting their precious life, their precious blood into the soil of our microcosm hoping that it would be an energizing life. That their death would be a living force energizing life in our microcosm to lift our souls up higher and to make our souls strong enough to continue the sacrifice for arriving at the destiny, community freedom. 

      We can't talk about saviors and leave out the man they called the wild man. Some history books say he was a wild man. They picture him as a wild, crazy man. But I have seen other pictures , that other people have in picture books where he looked civilized and intelligent. So we can't leave John Brown out of our history. And do you know that when I was a boy John Brown was still in our conscience? I heard little children sing, "John Brown's body lies resting in his grave but his spirit is marching on." And that is the cause or the purpose for which saviors die. They know they're going to be killed many of them, some do not die or are not killed but they know that they are risking their lives when they make their sacrifice to give their life to the world or to the people who need it for their future and their leadership success.

      Psalms 23.5; He anointed my head with oil

      So this is Savior's Day but let us remember that we have had many saviors but the one who has triggered our energy in our microcosm, no doubt Mr. WD Forty. You may ask, "Why doesn't he say Mr. WD Fard?" Because that name I'm going to get to it is not now as easily understood as the expression that I have given for his name WD Forty. All of you with cars you know WD Forty don't you? Scripture says, "He anointed my head with oil and my cup runs over." Clean oil. It is a history with a window to the living room of sky scraping America and we shouldn't forget any who made sacrifices and contributed to us making progress on the road to manifest destiny.

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