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America's Constitution's Virility For Transcendence

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    America s Constitution s Virility For Transcendence (excerpts)02/25/2007By Imam W Deen Mohammed (ra) Valence: The degree of attractiveness and individual
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      America's Constitution's Virility For Transcendence (excerpts)
      By Imam W Deen Mohammed (ra)

      Valence: The degree of attractiveness and individual activity or a thing processes as a behavioral goal.

      Valentine: Community is our of Valentine

      "The next paragraph will have the word valence. Definition of valence: the degree of attractiveness and individual activity or a thing processes as a behavioral goal. Do you know our Creator created us to naturally known what is good for our behavior and what is bad?  To naturally know the choices to make to protect our behavior mode. He gave every creature such protection. It is very difficult for a dog, a monkey, elephant or a camel, an apple tree, a tomato bush plant, anything living is very difficult to have that come out of its behavior mode. 

      So how is it so easy for us to slip out of our natural behavioral mode that G_d gave us and fall under the influences of a corrupt culture? Why? Is because we are higher than all of those living things. We are the highest living thing in creation. And we have the highest because G_d has given us willpower and He has given us rational life, reasoning for making personal choices. 

      So we are free to make choices with our intelligence and with our willpower. We are free to make choices because of the rational factor in the makeup of our intelligence.  We are free to make choices and come out of the natural confines. We can leave the natural confines. The plants and animals they cannot do that except as Allah swt wills or except as science in the hands of man the rational factor wills. 

      This community is our sweet Valentine upon its sole valence and let me repeat the definition for valence. The degree of attractiveness, an individually or a thing possesses as a behavioral goal.  Is speaking of something in the soul naturally. That is  in the soul and the original spirit of the human life.  This community our valentine upon its sole valence is rising up to its heavenly sky. The apex in beauty. The community, our sweet heart, our valentine. And this is February."

      Transcendence: Extending beyond the limits of ordinary experience

      "We want another definition now transcendence, the definition quote, "Extending beyond the limits of ordinary experience." G_d says to us He is the one Who "Khalaqa fasawwaa" He created and the condition of creation that He caused created equality and balance. Then He says "Qaddara fahada," He empowered the human soul and intellect to achieve transcendency. We are marching, marching up the king's highway. We are marching, marching all the day. With our savior the universal king. Up the highway. We are ascending because we have been conditioned by a master teacher WD Forty. He has conditioned our soul, our human sensitivity, he has conditioned our intellect,  he has conditioned our essence, our valence, our Taqwa and our Fujoor. He has conditioned it to ascend.

      And what is that ascension for? It is to give us height. Lift us up to the highest regions so we get the fullest picture of our life down here on this earth.  And then come back down with a plan and a blue print and be successful in rising up a great people who will have community life excellence, Allahu Akbar, G_d is the greatest."

      Virility: manhood, manly vigor
      Vigor: Is excited energy

      "Now I want to turn to another focus here, the United States uniqueness as a nation or as a people more so than as a nation. I will  give you another definition now virility, the definition in the dictionary manhood, manly vigor. When we look and see the condition of our males, black brothers in this time that we are living in that condition does not say to us manhood, that condition does not say to us manly vigor. Vigor means excited energy. Energy ready to accomplish things." 

       America's Constitution's Virility For Transcendence 

      We are on the United States of America's uniqueness. I am not referring to the government more than I am referring to the American people.  America's Constitution, doctrine that is has a virility that gives it a constant transcendence for prevailing against the troubled times. If you had the insight that many have who has studied our Constitution especially the language of the founding fathers you would have a much better appreciation in respect for the United States of America and for its people. Is there any evidence that America has that nature in its doctrine and in it people who live by the doctrine or stand by that doctrine? Yes there is.

      The time of Warren G. Hardin was a bad time for our government. There was great corruption in our government. Almost immediately behind that period came the roaring 1920s. If you know something of the roaring 1920s it was a time similar to this time when the tendency in the people is to just let go and have fun. And let rust take over their lives, a similar time the roaring 1920s. And also following that almost in the same time the Wall Street crash. But these terrible events coming like one behind another, rapid fire did not prevail over the constitution's doctrinal virility, praise be to Allah swt.

       Qur'an 33.21; Muhammed is an excellent model

      "Ye have indeed in the Apostle of Allah a beautiful pattern of (conduct) for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Final Day and who engages much in the praise of Allah." 

      Qur'an 91.8; The soul has Taqwa and Fujura 

      "And its enlightenment as to its wrong and its right;"

      So there is a constancy in the life of this nation the United States of America. There is that erratic thing right thing too, but there is a constant image energy for the preservation of the nation, the government order in the American people. The Prophet pbuh had revelation given to him, guidance given to him to give us scholarly insight so we would find the tools for building our world and would  stand by the best of worlds and endure for as long as the earth abides. 

      Those tools are in the Qur'an and in the sunnah of Prophet pbuh, in his uswa, his human nature and life as a model,  G_d says for all who believe in G_d and the last day. It did not say for Muslims, it said for all who believe in G_d and the last day. It means they believe in G_d and they believe in being accountable to G_d. The last day brings to your mind the judge.  They believe in G_d and they are conscious of the judgment. They believe in being accountable to their G_d, their Lord, Allah swt the Creator of everything.  

      So the Fajoor and the Taqwa it says in the Qur'an, "Fa alhamahaa fujooraha wa taqwaha," And the G_d Who created the soul created it with an agent to carry its Fujoor and its Taqwa.  Its energy and principle for progressing it so it goes outward into the societies of mankind. And its Taqwa so it ascends upward to higher regions of consciousness in consciousness so that it becomes equipped to come back down to carry out its responsibility to its G_d to improve the community life of mankind on this planet earth.  Are these sensitive issues?  They are sensitive for your intelligence and your human heart but they are also sensitive for nonmembers. And is why I did not want anybody but the members here. If there are any others I accept African-American Christians that they be here but for them if they come in here they are just like you. A lot of those Christians they would not dare come in here they don't want anybody see them doing anything that make them think that they are pleased with the Muslim being in America and having the freedom of religion.  If we could have black Christians as our president we would have no more freedom of religion in this country because the leaders among them they watch us like a hawk watches a chicken.  

      A hawk will fly over a place for a long time but he's going to watch it. Now don't let him get hungry, if he gets hungry he will swoop down on you. I pity you. But if they knew what was going on in here they would dismiss all that other stuff, all their fears of us advancing and getting more of the African-American community with us. They would get rid of all that fear and everything, because they do not have a teacher on this planet who could give them what I am giving you. And believe me most of them know that, you do not know it, but most of them know it. You do not know it because you are too low to the ground. You have not ascended. 
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