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It Is Inevitable That Freedom And Justice Be Established

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    01/02/2005 From the Book Wake Up To Human Life It Is Inevitable That Freedom And Justice Be Established By Imam W. Deen Mohammed (raa) I want you know
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      From the Book "Wake Up To Human Life"

      It Is Inevitable That Freedom And Justice Be Established

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed (raa)

      I want you know there are seven heavens if you forgot and one of those heavens is the heaven of business accomplishment, of material achievement. One of those  heavens is a heaven of the fulfillment of material aspirations. The Qur'an says, "See the mountains how they are structured and raised high." That is great material establishment symbolized or pictured as a mountain. Moses went up in the mountain and the Jews came out rich.

      Dr. King went up the mountain too, he said, "I have been to the mountain top." But look at the ghetto, look at the neighborhood. What mountain was that? No change over his followers, not economically, they are still described as economic failures, the neighborhood of the blacks or African Americans is one big business failure. So what mountain did our Moses, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. go up to? The mountain of enlightenment. He was able to see with his intelligence and his education the future for those down here on earth. When you go up on top of a high mountain you look down onto the earth on all of the people all around. It is like being in a plane. Some planes don't fly as high as some mountains are raised up, that is a fact.

      He was enlightened to see the future for society on this earth and he was ready to die. He knew they didn't want him around and he knew they were going to kill him, but he was telling us, "I'm ready to die because I know they can't stop it, it is inevitable that freedom and justice be established." That is what he saw. He saw the Hand of Divine Intervention and he also saw the purpose of G-d for the creation of man in society.

      He knew that their way was in direct opposition to the will of G-d and the way of nature and that eventually the way of nature in man would work him out of this bad situation. And there would be no more segregation but there would be equality of opportunity for all citizens. He saw that with his wisdom and his insight and he got great help from the Bible to understand it and he was ready to die.

      A real Muslim or real Christian being like Christ nature are ready to die any time G-d calls us and we're happy to go if we know it is G-d Who is calling us. I'm talking about this association that you are in with me. Wouldn't it be beautiful if we could look at them and see the beauty of stars in the heaven? They give us the security of order and not conflict and they communicate to us, impart to us from their stature peace for our souls, wouldn't that be wonderful?

      Looking at the sky G-d is saying, "Man hope for a sky of your leaders, of your stars like My sky that I made for you," that is what He is saying. He says, "See how the mountains are raised up high" He raise them up like that so that the  earth would not shake with you. What earth?

      The earth of material accomplishments. If you don't want your business to shake and fall, if you don't want your material life to crumble then establish men in the leadership of business solid like a mountain and towering up with material achievements for themselves like a high mountain. Don't follow anybody who has peanut shells all around him and there is nothing higher than his peanut shells. He is eating the peanuts and dropping shells. Find a man with achievement and model yourself after him and make him your business leader. You see the great wisdom, do you see how G-d is communicating?

      Now you rather go and follow somebody who is going to telling you to count the beads and make so many rakats and do this and tell you, "No brother the sky is the sky. What is this that the Imam is telling you, no the sky is sky everybody knows the sky G-d said the sky it means the sky. Did you  pay  your zakat, the sadaqa Eid, put it in the basket brother? Did you make salat? Here is my rug, make it now." And you make your salat and he is looking for another fool.

      He is looking for another fool saying, "Come here brother the Imam Mohammed is wrong the mountain is the mountain, Moses went up a real mountain, this stuff he is talking about you leave that brother you're going back to bidah, back to Elijah Muhammed darkness." If that is the way you're going come to me physically, walk to me then I want you to turn around I want to kick you in your behind and help you go where you want to go. If you want to go to that crap I will give you a boost. G-d knows my soul has never been in this body to accept cheating, I don't want religion or the world cheating me out of what my life is created for. G-d did not create me for that crap and I don't want anybody cheating me out of what my G-d created me for.

      If you don't understand it correctly it is working against your productivity, your good life, your good spirit, even your health. Falsehood works against truth, it works against good life. Muhammed the Prophet (pbuh) said the time will come when they will see Christ Jesus and him together. He was saying  right now or in these circumstances or in this time for the circumstances that man has to accept you can't see us together, you think I'm an adversary or I'm in competition in some kind of effort to pull away from Christ, to take from Christ his following or to hurt the Christian hope, no. He said there is coming a time when you will come to see us together.

      I mentioned the Prophet (pbuh) being given the freedom or the right of choice to choose the path to his destiny that takes him through the mountains or the path that takes him through the plains. He said he chose the path that takes him through the plains meaning.

      I choose to fulfill my mission with the masses, the common people not with the mountains, the rich, the mighty, the bosses, the rulers, no. This is good but if you take what I'm saying in another way it is bad. If you think I'm saying he went out to topple governments you are wrong and that is a bad perception.  He was saying that religion connecting people back with G-d does not depend on material wealth and  power, academic knowledge and power, it does not depend on all of these mountains of achievements and power.

      It depends on nothing but the common person in his best human spirit and nature responding to the invitation that G-d has given me to give to them. A new life will be bred and from the ground will come up new worlds and a people who will eventually have their mountains, but they will know that the mountains didn't make them, the spirit of G-d and His guidance made them and also made them able to raise up their mountains, this is the way of religion.   Was Jesus Christ saying it different? No. That is why he said you will see us together.

      Jesus Christ is pictured in the Bible being welcomed into the city and the people threw their palm branches and Easter is coming up soon, in fact I can already smell Easter. This materialist over here he has these holidays so close together as soon as one is gone you start smelling the next one. Thanks Giving, Christmas just stay in the house and eat popcorn and drink coffee, tea whatever Easter will be there soon you don't have but a short wait.

      It is okay if we live for G-d and not for the holidays, then they are beautiful, without hangovers, jail terms. More people from the ghetto go to jail than any other time, if jail wasn't so crowded it would be more of them going to jail, but now the police take them out and say, "Go home we don't have anywhere to put you. You didn't do anything but put out the eye of your friend on the dance floor, you stabbed him in the eye, he was blind in both eyes already, go on home. "

      Jesus Christ is pictured coming into the city victorious and they threw palm branches down in his path for him to walk on, not a red carpet but a palm leaf carpet. That was their livelihood, palm trees supported them, so they threw what they cherished, valued saying, "You are the man not us, we trust ourselves and our way of life to you."

      He rode in on a donkey victorious, the same Bible in the Old Testament has Baal riding a donkey and keeping it in donkey life.   Who is the donkey? Everything is a sign, G-d is speaking through signs. Moses was trying to lead his people and they were so busy questioning him and doubting him that they made so much trouble he could have gotten done what he had to do much faster if it wasn't for them just constantly questioning, doubting and making trouble for his leadership. G-d blessed him with a sign to show them that when they saw it, it was a healing for them to take them out of that argumentative state of mind where they would just be disputing all of the time with wisdom and guidance. In the Qur'an it says, "The ignorant ones say," meaning these are the ones who just contend, always doubting.

      The donkey is an unruly animal isn't he? He is given to changes of spirit. He will be cooperating with you, then he'll braw and balk. You talk to him and get back on his back and he'll braw. One man said he got off of the donkey and took a two by four and hit him in the face with it and he got back on him and he rode without trouble for a while. I don't think so the nature of a donkey, you have to kill it. You might say, "If you kill it you will kill your ride too." Donkey represents that type of spirit and mind in people. It can be a white man, red man, yellow man but most of the time it is a Negro.

      It is said in the Bible of Jesus Christ that he said to the leaders, the establishment, "Give me your tired and unwanted," your way doesn't bring them happiness or peace and  you don't like them, they are not producing anything. They don't contribute hardly anything to your establishment, so why should you carry this burden on yourself? This is a strategy, Jesus Christ is using a strategy guided by G-d. If I go to those people they think they know everything they are not going to listen to me, but if I get the common people they don't think they know everything, they will listen to me. Let me reduce the amount of trouble I can expect from them by appealing to their need to get rid of this burden. That was his strategy.

      He didn't go through the mountain either did he? He chose a path through the plains, he reached for the rejected masses, understand back there in that time it was just a few people who were not discriminated against. All females were discriminated against, they thought males were the only ones who had the divine spark and all ignorant people were discriminated against. They didn't have any morals or ethics that demanded of them that they open up schools to educate all of their public, they regarded their public like dumb animals that should be treated like dumb animals. If they don't work beat them, if they get in your way and won't move shoot them, hang them, kill them that was the order of that time gone by.

      He was appealing not to just the black, some of you say, "I knew Jesus was for the black man, he came in with that donkey into the city victorious that is us you know." Back then the masses of people, the public were all cheated out of education, cheated out of equal treatment like animals, Jesus came to save communities, not governments because the governments were responsible for the communities being left in the situation they were in. He came to offer a strategy and a way of life to the governments that would benefit them down the road so he used a strategy to get them to open a way for him and not persecute or stop him. He said to his disciples, "Go and you will see a donkey untied." Untied means he doesn't have faith in anything, he's not tied to anything. It didn't say find a donkey untied except to one tie that is the tie of matrimony, they didn't even respect matrimony.

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