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Abraham Is A Community

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    2/15/2002 Jumu ah World Savior s Day Los Angles, California Abraham Is A Community By Imam W. Deen Mohammed Qur an 16:120; Abraham is a community Abraham was
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      Jumu'ah World Savior's Day Los Angles, California

      Abraham Is A Community

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed

      Qur'an 16:120; Abraham is a community 

      "Abraham was indeed a model (community) devoutly obedient to Allah (and) true in faith and he joined not gods with Allah:" 

      We are called to come to life, the life that G-d created us for when He created the first man, the community life. One of the learned Imams in Al Islam at one of the meeting that I was in with leaders abroad he said to me he said "you know Imam Mohammed Abraham was a community" and he just left it right there and I took it where he wanted me to take it I believe, Muhammed (pbuh) is a community.

      Qur'an 18:110; I am a mortal being like you

      Say: "I am but a man like yourselves (but) the inspiration has come to me that your Allah is one Allah: whoever expects to meet his Lord let him work righteousness and in the worship of his Lord admit no one as partner." 

      John 14:20; I in you and you in me 

      "At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you." 

      And Jesus Christ as a sign is also a community and both of them used similar language when they said, Jesus Christ said according to the Gospel we don't take the Bible to be accurate in every place or reading so I am not offering you this for you to just stand upon it and go and take it and run with it now, we're just saying what's in the Bible that's not our Book our Book is the Qur'an. We take what's in the Qur'an and run with it, we take what's in the Bible and look at it and then put it down So it says in the Bible of Jesus Christ that he said to his followers he said "I in the father" and he went on with that meaning G-d and then he spoke of himself and his relationship to his followers and their relationship to him. He said "and I in you and you in me". And then Muhammed (pbuh) was told by G-d to say, G-d said to Muhammed (pbuh) He said Muhammed (pbuh) "say to them I am a mortal being like you are". Jesus human conform to Will and Spirit of G-d So what does that tell us? If we see it as a progression it was said of Jesus Christ and the people before it was said again in the day of Al Islam to Muhammed (pbuh) so how do we understand this? We understand that the clarity is given by G-d to Muhammed (pbuh) that its also clarity for the relationship of Jesus Christ to people.

      That Jesus Christ was a mortal human being just like all other mortals, he had no divinity as a human being that made his human form different from ours. The only difference was that he had a spirit in him from G-d that he obeyed and his mortal life conformed as G-d wanted it to conform to the Will and Spirit of G-d. Muhammed retained flesh purity the mortal innocence And Muhammed (pbuh) also had lived even without G-d revealing anything to him for 40 yrs and he had retained the flesh purity the mortal innocence the G-d created for all human beings and therefore G-d selected him from among his fellow citizens and selected him to be a Messenger to all people and then told him "I know that they will think you're something above a human being too because you're going to do marvelous thing, tell them `I'm a human mortal like you are "and basharum Methlukum' I am a human person or human mortal like all of you are. It didn't say like Peter, like Paul because maybe that would confuse the people too, it says like you human beings, Muhammed (pbuh) was a human being coming to correct was said of Jesus Christ in error after G-d had revealed to him the plain truth they then saw him and perceive him incorrectly and took centuries discussing it before they could come up with an agreement to publish what they concluded on.

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