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Our Greatest Identity To Have Is The Identity As Human Beings

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    12/5/2004 First Sunday Homewood, Ill Our Greatest Identity To Have Is The Identity As Human Beings By Imam W Deen Mohammed (ra) Every human being is without
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      First Sunday Homewood, Ill 

      Our Greatest Identity To Have  Is The Identity As Human Beings

      By Imam W Deen Mohammed (ra)

      Every human being is without any nationality until we give it one, it is without any racial identity until we give it one, it is not conscious of that. If you would raise it in another environment speaking a different language, having a different culture the child would come up regardless to the color of the skin being one of those people. It will take on the language and the culture of those people, the behavior of those people and in every real respect or practical sense the child will be one of them, not one of us. We make these distinctions, we make these differences, the environment we're in makes these differences and now the environment is becoming one that connects us all. The material environment, the environment of industry, the commercial environment, the environment of the business is bringing us all together, to work with each other, to buy from each other, to do business with each other and to have one business law, one business language, this is the world now. 

      Identity greatest is as human beings 

      Without knowing scripture we should acknowledge these things, you don't necessarily have to be wise in scripture or even knowledgeable of what the Bible says or what the Torah of the Jews says or what the Qur'an of the Muslims says we don't have to be knowledgeable of these to use our common sense and see that the greatest identity we have is the identity as human beings. If we could choose our life form and if all life form could speak one language and we could have our representatives meet representing all of us, human beings, monkeys, apes, dogs, rats everything would have a spokesperson at this great meeting and we all had the freedom to choose any life form we wanted saying, "Well this meeting is to decide what life form you would choose." Those who are human if they choose any other life form they should be exterminated. But we know we can't do that because we are human. We have to have mercy on them we have to extend them kindness, we have to try to inform them of their great worth as human beings and get them to see that they are in the best form already. If you are human you're in the best, you are the choice form of all living things. 

      If the world was left to any but human you could not have the world we have now. There is no creature that G-d created that can produce as the family of man has produced industry, science, made and changed the world making it new and different. Created transportation that enabled the human being to travel faster than any other living form, to travel and move out more comfortably. We need to think about our own identity as human beings, not as blacks. If you think about yourself just as a black person you probably just wrote yourself right off of the planet earth, but if you will weep of yourself as a human being you'll stop weeping and you will start feeling good. To remember that you are human and that G-d has given you a capacity to grow into the most excellent life, the best life the earth can bear or support. You will not be sad you will be feeling good, I feel good everyday, they say, "How do you feel?" Sometimes I don't want to answer, thinking why do you want to know if everybody feels like you, you look like you are having problems. I'm looking at them thinking why should you be interested in how I feel you should be interested in knowing how to feel better with self. 

      Humans all are like the best car

      We should understand that we have the ability to do marvelous things as a human being and no human being has been made like one car is a Rolls Royce, the other one is a Chevrolet although all the cars are good now you can hardly get a bad car, but you sure can get a bad human being. I don't know if this is comparison I'm making, what I'm speaking of is in terms of the money,  the price of the cars, you have a very expensive car and then there is the car that is cheap, not an expensive car, but all of the cars can start up and go, right? Some of those cars can't go as fast as others or live as long as the other ones, others have longer life and serve you much better because of expenses that goes into the manufacture of that car so you have a more durable and comfortable car. 

      No one is born a Chevrolet, no one is born an "L" car or a Volkswagen like I have all of us are born Rolls Royces, but all of us don't get the attention that a Rolls Royce deserves. This world in many areas of the world the Rolls Royce is just not appreciated, the people are not even conscious of having the Rolls Royce. What we need to do as friends of each other and as leaders who can reach people in numbers like we're reaching people right now in numbers, we should be all about trying to get people to see their special worth and get them to take their minds off of the dressing that we dress that valuable creature in. 

      Without knowledge man is animal wearing human design 

      We are human and we dress ourselves up in our national garb or we dress ourselves up in our ethnic garb or our racial garb, but without the human content there is nothing to support those other identities because if you don't have your human senses and your human nature you're just an animal wearing a design, a picture that you are not living up to. We have to appreciate ourselves as human beings in these days and times more so than any other time. You're meeting people in the United States from many parts of the world, speaking many different languages etc., and you have to relate to them as a human being, you can't speak to them in Chinese or in whatever their language is, most likely you can't speak their language. You don't know their life style, you don't know their traditions, you don't know their religion so you have to relate to them as human beings. Do you see how G-d promises have come true? That there will come a time when we're going to have to be one community of human beings respecting each other as human beings. 

      Think first of yourself as a human being and think first of the other person as a human being and then you can treat each other with respect and you can be brothers and sisters in the family of mankind, in the global family of human beings. This is the urgency now that we become more conscious of ourselves as human beings and prepare to live with respect for others, respecting their choices, respecting them to live their life forms, they could be Chinese to have their own religion, to have their own culture, to have their own choice of food etc., we have to be happy with that. These things are superficial, they are not the real thing. 

      Judge man by his character 

      A great leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. he hoped for the day when a man would not be judged by the color of his face or his skin, but by the content of his character, that means be judged as a human being and if the human being does not care to live a life of respect for himself or herself and grow upon its excellence so that it becomes more beautiful and more worthwhile, if we spoil our own character and cheat our own life that G-d has given us that it should grow in more beauty and in more excellence, then you judge that person by his or her character and you have to disregard them, dismiss them, not include them in serious work that requires human sense, human sensitivities, reasoning ability, the ability to think and reason and care in the heart to want to do it and do it better. You have to choose such persons to give responsibility to and not choose those who don't care about their human worth even in the face of guidance or in the hearing of guidance and help to them, if they don't want it you can't force it upon them. You have to leave them and give your attention to those who have respect and want to do something with their lives and want to see others prosper as well. 

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