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929Cutting Off The Hands & The Feet On Opposite Sides

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    May 23, 2012
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      Ramadan Session

      Cutting Off The Hands & The Feet On Opposite Sides

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed

      Holy Qur'an

      26:49 Said (Pharaoh): "Believe ye in him before I give you permission? Surely he is your leader who has taught you sorcery! But soon shall ye know! "But sure I will cut off your hands and your feet on opposite sides and I will cause you all to die on the cross!"

      7:124 "Be sure I will cut off your hands and your feet on opposite sides, and I will cause you all to die on the cross."


      I was reading Qur'an a little differently; I know when Allah (swt) says something like that it's deeper than what it appears to be. I was hoping you could explain it.

      Imam W. Deen Mohammed:

      Yes, thank you and welcome. I recall reading that more than once and I recall being stopped by it, too. It stops you. It says on opposite sides, horrible mutilation, that's the way it appears to be. It is horrifying that someone would cut limbs off on the opposite sides. Man walks and he balances himself with the swinging of his arms. It keeps your balance. It makes your balance easy when you walk, when you are swinging your arms. Now here you have lost an arm on the right side or the left side and a leg on the other side. How are you going to walk?

      These limbs are symbols. I have a physical right arm, but I also have a spiritual right arm and Religion has taken up the issues of man's life on this planet in society. Religion didn't come and start from nowhere. G-d did not send revelation until man's life needed help from Him. He created man, then He revealed when man's life needed help from Himself. There were pure persons pleading to G-d or helpless persons who needed G-d to come to them. So G-d responds to man and these ideas were with man before G-d addressed them.

      I was visiting Cairo, Egypt, the monuments there, the relics there and I saw in their pictures, their mythology as we call it, it might have been their Religion but to us its myth. In their mythology I saw headless people and also cows up in the sky. Now we know cows can't exist in the sky, but these people are ancient people and they drew stars and the cow was up in the sky with the stars on the body of the cow. A cow is up in the heaven. He has stars all in his body and headless people are up there. So these things were done by men first.

      And in another mythology I saw—this is from Europe, cold country—I saw a man on skis and this is Religious mythology. He is on skis and he's sliding on the snow, on the skies. Another one, now, in a different picture is seen with just two sticks and he's standing up on the ground and no legs. The sticks had replaced the legs. But this is not suppose to be a person who had bad luck, an accident or something. This is suppose to be a symbol in their Religion.

      Cross is symbol of man in balance

      We were talking this morning about the cross and many things and also Egypt. This is where the Qur'an goes back to for the cross. And this, though it doesn't look like a cross, it is associated with the cross. It is the same thing as the cross. A cross actually has one leg but it is suppose to be a symbol of a man. You don't see the two legs, but the two legs are supposed to be in such harmony and such agreement that they give one leg. And the balance, when you stand on two legs in balance, you may start to feel that actually your balance is one, not two separate balances. I know I have two legs but the balance seems to be one when you put your legs together close like that.

      These men, their plight is they are punished by Pharaoh. He threatened them that he would cut their legs off on opposite sides. How do you get it—what are you going to cut them with? What are you going to cut their legs off with? What kind of cutting is this? He is going to cut limbs off on opposite sides. A leg off over here (left side) and an arm off over here (right side). Do you know during the six day war I think it was the Israelis who actually did that to the Egyptians? They cut some of their limbs off. It was in the news. They cut a leg off on one side and an arm off on the other side. They did exactly what is in the Scripture to some of them.

      Right is symbolic of conscious effort

      Like I said, Benjamin is called "My right hand" He is not the only one called, "My right hand". So the right hand is symbolic of something. It is symbolic of your conscious effort. Most people are right-handed and the right hand usually does what your mind wants it to do. It is unconscious sometimes but it is used more to carry out your conscious biddings or your thoughts, what your conscious needs. You say for example, "I think I'll get me an apple". You reach and pick up the apple with your right hand, if you are right-handed. So it is the side for your conscious actions and work. 

      Now it did not say which side (right or left). It just said on opposite sides. If the (right) arm is cut off then I'm deprived of my conscious, deprived of the tool for me to carry out what my conscious desires and wishes, if it is cut. I believe it was cut off on the right arm and the left leg, that is what I believe, why? Because we use—that is most people use—the right arm. So I believe although it says opposite sides, I believe we are suppose to use our own reasoning and see the right arm missing and the left leg missing. So if the right arm is missing, so then is the ability to use the support for this mind to help this mind do what this mind wants to do.

      Leg symbolic of unconscious activity

      Now the leg is always involved in unconscious acts. It is automatic. It is the unconscious actions or activities. But this is the left leg. What is the difference between the left leg and the right leg? The right leg is more conscious than the left leg although both of them are, most of the time, doing things unconsciously. The right leg is more conscious than the left leg because when you want to kick a football and you are right handed, which leg do you use? The right leg. So then this whole side represents the conscious side. Although the right leg is not used that much, it represents the conscious side.

      So it is not getting you (crucified) on both limbs of the conscious sides. If both of your limbs are crucified on the conscious (right) side you might be alright you might be happy. But if he cuts or severs the conscious arm here (right side) and then the unconscious (left leg) and leave consciousness over here (in the left arm) that is horrible.

      There is consciousness in the body, but the body has been deprived of its main (right) arm and it's right-handed, too, which is the delicate tool and it is only left with this left arm. This figure is a collective figure, a type that looks singular but it is representing those people, altogether. So cutting off their right arm means they will not be able to do art. They will not be able to do skilled work. They are missing their right arm.

      Cut left leg rep deprivation of ignorant masses

      Cutting off their left leg means that they will be deprived of their ignorant spiritual masses to support them. So the left side (arm now) has no support under it they have a left arm left there but no support under it for what you want to do, unconsciously. This unconsciousness here means that it is over the head of the ignorant people, because these are bad people. What you want to do with your ignorant masses you cannot do it now because you do not have any leaders any more. These are the leaders up here (represented by the arms). These are the followers down here (represented by the legs) and we say "Foot soldiers".

      So this is the order of these people and we are being told what Pharaoh threatened to do, i.e., cut them off from conscious work. The (right) arm carries out the building of the civilization, the script, writings and everything. It draws, makes art. It does all of the things for the civilization. So Pharaoh deprived them of this one (right arm) and leaves them with the people that can do that, but now they have no leaders. So how can you organize'? In the higher part are the leaders and in the lower part are the followers, so how can you organize? They have been cut off from having freedom to do these things and that happens to people? Oppressors come in and they take over the people and they deprive them of having any leadership for art, etc.

      The ignorant masses are left (represented by the left leg) but the followers that use to work with the intelligent, skilled, educated leaders, carrying out, writing for them doing those things, the support for these people are gone.

      And if you have leaders in art, leaders in sciences, leaders in culture, you have these leaders here (arms) and the government is here (represented by the head). You have those leaders and they need their workers (represented by the legs). Now the workers are left and the leaders are gone.

      So the workers are leaderless, right? You see that is the picture. The workers are leaderless and over here (the left leg). You've got ignorant masses but you have leaders (left arm) for the ignorant masses, right?

      Left arm represent religions people

      Now the leaders have been deprived of their subjects on this side (left leg) and who is unconscious most of the time? The religious people, they are the unconscious people in the body of the government and they don't work with the conscious. They work with only the spiritual. This is the type that Pharaoh had. He had an order that was mystified. The evidence of all this is still there and it is in the Qur'an, too, if you understand it. He had a religious order that kept the people in check with high level, very complicated mysteries and a lot of symbolic rituals.

      And everything in their religious service was without speaking, almost. That was the ancient religion of these people, very much like (please don't say this to anyone) very much like Catholicism used to be and to some extent still is. They show you a lot of pictures of the head of angels and they chant in Latin. They're stopping that now. It is changing. They chant in Latin. It is a dead language. If it is dead, why use it? Only the leaders use it. The people don't know it and they are chanting this language. So it was much like that scene there that we get when we go to the Catholic Church. That is how ancient Egypt was.

      So the leaders of that, aren't they like the left hand? They are not doing the work that all of us understand in the world like the right hand does. They are doing the work that we can't read, so we cannot deal with it with our conscious minds. So they are like the left hand and left arm. Now they are still living, but they have been deprived of their supporters and the industrial people and the cultural people they are gone, destroyed and left their workers still living.

      So the government body is like this. There is no (right) arm over here and no (left) leg over here. That is horrible. So the key is to know that it is not talking about an individual. It is talking about the whole society with its head as the government, although they did it to the individual, too. You see when they have a concept they enjoy actually carrying it out as they give it to you. So the people that have such horrifying ideas, if you give them trouble, they will actually do to you what is in their Scripture. Pharaoh is also in the Qur'an. He threatened to crucify them or cut their limbs or to crucify them, or cut their limbs off on opposite sides, which is the same effect. The thing is almost the same.

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