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801Imam's Retreat - Part IV

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      Imam's Retreat – Part IV

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed


      We are going to read so Qur'an Al Fatiha again and a few verses, the first verse from the second chapter and then the last four short surahs from the Qur'an beginning with Qul and remembering that what we been discussing so far and what we will be discussing for the rest of this Ramadan session with you is the Qur'an and Muhammad universal message and mission, Islam's universality or universal message and its mission. 

      These verse we just read are five in number and it begin with Bismillaher Rahmaaner Raheem and then the mystical letters alif lam meem and then the statement this Book or this is the Book or that is the Book but its translated this is the Book in which there is no doubt guidance for the G'd fearing, for those having Taqwa, the Mustaqeem.  Those who believe without proof or those who believe in the unseen means in the absence of proof, if you are absent from this meeting here and we are expecting you we say he is absent. 

      Those who believe in the unseen or those who believe in the absence of truth; truth is not there but they still believe; proof is not with them but they still believe; and they establish regular pray and they spend in charity out of what G'd has given them and these are the ones who believe in what has been revealed to Muhammad (PBUH) and what was revealed before him, before he received Revelation that is before his time.  And in the hereafter or in the later---simply the latter---they are assured the hereafter or the latter, the end, the destiny or the destination.  These are the ones on guidance from their Lord, this is guidance from their Lord---this means this is Revelation,---they are the ones who are following real Revelation, it is not lost, not mixed, not confused it hasn't been adulterated they are following Revelation from their Lord, guidance from their Lord that comes in the Revelation from their Lord.

      And their Lord remember what we said of this Rabb before, their Lord is the One Who brought about their existence and then gave His creation support so that it would reach its maturity. For a man full of adulthood, for a woman same with all the faculties and everything else, intelligence, speech everything, He is the One that nursed them on and going to the responsibility until they knew what their responsibilities were, like a parent raises us, a parent raise us not only to have a healthy life as an individual.

      But parents raise us to have a healthy life in community so that we know our obligation to our family and to our society so that we will fit in that society and have a comfortable place there. So that is what Allah did for us too, it was Allah who did that for us first and in the best way. Civilization: Allah guided us to true civilization so that we will have a good individual life and good life established in society, just

      like a parent raises a child that is like how G'd raised the whole humanity and is still caring for us and raising us.

      QUR'AN 71:17; Man like growth

      So these are the ones the translations say "are on true guidance from their Lord and these are the ones who are successful".  G'd says and He created us, made us like a plant. So much is in that statement about (our being) created like a plant, but the main thing we should know is that most plants try to grow up right. There are some creepy crawling ones, but most of them try to grow up right.  Even the flimsy ones, they try to look for something to support them, they want to grow up right too. The vine, if you give them something they will crawl up on something more firm, steady than they are, they want to grow up right.  And the plant is rooted in the ground, in the earth, rooted in the matter that births it; the matter from which it is born out of it is rooted in that matter and it establishes itself upon the roots or the life that is in the ground covered and hid and that is where it establishes its life upon.  And so it is with us.

      QUR'AN 2:38; Get you all down

      G'd said He put us in the earth from heaven, we were heavenly bodies and G'd put us in the earth, heavenly bodies this is universal or what they would call the cosmic beings.  We have been created not only to live in the earth but in the total world, so originally G'd made the human being's soul in heaven, meaning He made the human being's soul and intellect to live in the wide borders of the whole creation itself. How are we going to do that?  Our minds can't help but go outward if you have a mind your mind goes out to everything that you can see or everything you can imagine, not only see, imagine based upon what you see, mind goes out. Give the man a telescope his mind goes out farther.  And if he is intelligent and can reason his reasoning will take him out beyond even the telescope to have some perception or some idea of what is beyond his eyesight, you see?

      QUR'AN 57:21; Garden paradise width as heaven-earth

      So G'd created the human being's brain with wings that fly much higher and much further than the eagle, He really created us in heaven didn't He? And the Qur'an gives it, He says and the space of that garden of paradise, it is as the space of the heavens and the earth that is all of it, the cosmic order.  So these are the ones who will be successful so we can have short lived success, nations are born like communist Russia tried something, tried materialism and ignored the existence of G'd. I don't think they didn't believe in G'd but for the success of their materialistic based idea, material based ideal of existence they left out G'd and survived only about 70 yrs and have come to a death, demise and they may try something else later who knows where they will go. I hope they will go to heaven.  To get there they have to follow this Deen the path of G'd.

      They are the successful ones. Look at the word for success muflihun "they are the successful ones" and where does this meaning derive from, how does the meaning come to us?  From the farmer, he is the one who cultivates the land, if you study Judaism and some other Religions even Asian Religions most of them go back to agriculture; go back to the time where man the society was an agriculture-based society.

      And really it is only recently that man's community on earth stopped being an agriculture-based society, it is based now in industry, science, technology etc., but it use to be an agriculture-based ------and technically speaking we are still an agriculture-based society because most of these other things we have they couldn't

      be produced without agriculture supporting them.  They are the successful one and that growth is out of the earth, agriculture, it is a growth out  the earth, they are the successful ones, growth out of the earth brings, it is intended to take our minds back to our beginning in this material scheme created by G'd .  So we are not a creation formed and established in space, we are a creation formed out of this material body of the world and established upon that because of our natural growth as part and partial of the creation itself.   We are creation, material world that is what we are and it is G'd Who put His Will and His light into the body and makes it possible for us to have more freedom, more mobility and more production than all the other things created than all the other creatures He made.

      We are created for a great production and isn't the world for agriculture a very productive entity, it bears life many times. Allah says in the Qur'an so many times you can't number them, too many to number, great variety of things and it gives the living more than the living needs so it is a sign too of charity. A sign of great charity and Allah says, "He gives without counting", G'd gives you without counting, now you know Allah can count everything, but He gives without counting and some of us are very generous, we give with our heart and not with our brains, we could count the money but we don't count we say here take this, I have seen you do that brother, haven't even counted it, praise be to Allah.

      They are the successful ones, so real success in order for it not to be a short success, the real success for the destination as G'd intends for His living creature  the real success is that we be in accord with the Plan for our life firstly in creation and then in Revelation.  Inherent life and then the guided life, we must be in accord and the inherent life and the guided life they are compatible, more than compatible they are a continuation; the guided life is a continuation on the inherent life or the life that is in the matter, life pattern that is in the matter itself.  That life pattern is aided by Revelation and then Revelation continues the growth in agreement with the inherent life, this is the unity of G'd's creation, unity of matter, unity of G'd's creation.

      Now the last four chapters what is said so far is said to every man equally, nothing we said is black or white, yellow or red it is equally the property and equally the concern of every man.

      Stone devil - Iblis

      QUR'AN 109;

      The first Qul is in the surah Al Kafirun which means the rejecters of faith, those who reject faith. Who was the first of the kafirun to reject faith?  Iblis, yes, he felt self importance became puffed up with pride, felt that he was too big to submit and he need faith to submit, he didn't accept anything but logic that is why we stone him.  He accepts no faith; he accepts nothing but logic, so since he couldn't accept faith he became the first rejecter of faith, first disbeliever and the one to envy the people of faith. And you know what I think erks him more than anything else is that we don't need a lot to believe in G'd, we don't have to have Revelation even, just our life and we know that we didn't do it ourselves we didn't put ourselves here, we can't keep ourselves here, just that alone we know we are dependent on so many things we know that there is a G'd.  And he just is erked to his death almost to see us like that. "What is wrong with those fools they have no proof they have nothing, talking about there is a G'd", says "ok, I'll get them, I'm going to capture them, I'll become their master and they won't even know it".

      "They will be worshiping G'd and I'll be the one that they will be worshiping". So he sought to put himself in G'd's place and he managed to do that with many people.  In their hearts they are still worshiping G'd, but in language they are worshiping the devil and don't know it.

      It begins with first verse for those who came later today who were not with us for comments on Al Fatiha, the first verse of Al Fatiha is Bismillaher Rahmaaner Raheem of Al Fatiha isn't that something to think about and we mentioned Al Fatiha being the opening, the victory because the mighty victory is the opening of the knowledge, Revelation and it suggest also key, miftah is a key from the same root word fatiha.  Fatiha something then you get Al Fatiha, the thing that is doing the opening and miftah is a common term for key but if Al Fatiha is the one thing that is doing the opening, it is Al Fatiha, by that reasoning that is the key, so if it is the key then you can understand why it is before every other chapter right?  Except one and then its mentioned in that chapter the message of Solomon it is given that he sent this letter and his letter read Bismillaher Rahmaaner Raheem, so it is still in there for the ninth chapter.

      "Say oh you rejecters of faith or disbelievers I do not worship what you worship", and the word worship you know comes from servant and before Al Islam it meant slave but now in the text of the Qur'an it does not mean slave it means servant.  But in the language of the society it still means slave `Abd is still slave, servant and slave means both. G'd wants us to know that we are not to give our life to any master except Him, you give service but don't give your life to any master except G'd, nothing but G'd should determine the limits of your thinking, the limits of your movements the limits of your work, no one but G'd.   And G'd has not restricted us so that we are tillers of the soil or domestic servants for all our life. That is what slavemasters do, they hire you and you do that for the rest of your life and anytime your children are restricted to that level in society for generation after generation like plantation slavery was…. 

      Slavery ended in Al Islam

      QUR'AN 43:68; My servants no fear

      Al Hadith 1 p.595 #95; Don't say my slave

      So the choice of this term slave is very powerful in my opinion, it is very powerful for peacefully doing away with slavery without wars because the master feels awful shame when he is saying to Allah G'd I'm your `Abd and he heard Allah saying oh people, oh mankind you are My `Abd and then he got one saying this is my `Abd.  Prophet in the hadith said "don't say to anyone my slave but say my son", he meant that if you got someone in your charge that you want to have that kind of possession over and that person has accepted to be that for you, accepted that position under you then you should treat them as you treat your own son, that is what it means and you shouldn't call him slave but call him my son [walade] he said according to Buhari and Muslim.

      You know the white man called us his boy didn't he? I don't know who started him to doing that, he might have read the Qur'an, but he didn't have the civilization to know how to relate to that, it sure wasn't his son, but in Arabic language means son it not only means boy, my son.  And we used to have an expression the white man said "I don't call you son because you're mine, I call you sun because you shine".  So this word is powerful for helping to bring about social justice, equality for people, this term `Abd and G'd says that, that is the best, He didn't say it directly but we know that those learned in the tradition of our Prophet they say that there is no name or title for man more dignified, more noble or higher in its meaning or its value than the term `Abd of G'd. 

      Servants of Allah

      And G'd referred to Muhammad as His `Abd and He says to all of us that we all are His `Abd [Ya ebaadullah] means females and males, that expression addresses both females and males; "Oh My servants" speaking to all human beings.  So if we are His servants, and the root meaning, history of the word takes us back to its meaning as slave then G'd is saying that no one can have you as a slave, He claims us and no one else can have a better claim as a slave.  And the hadith and Muhammad says we should know that nothing separates the servant from his Master not even the veil, partition thin like a veil, there is nothing. He can call directly on his G'd, needs no mediator, no intercessor, no priest, no monk, no Imam, no Rabbi, he doesn't need anybody, he calls directly to his G'd.  Isn't that the way it is supposed to be?  If G'd created me without you, how come I have got to call him through you?

      QUR'AN 26:78; He created me, guides me

      I really like the words Prophet Abraham gave, he told the big ruler he said "the one who created me shall guide me" and that is a good way to get another look at Abraham to see him a little clearer, and so where is the guidance?  In creation, the guidance for any form of life is in its created body, is that not right?  Science gets the guidance for treating all forms of life from the study of that form of life; the guidance is in its creation, in its form that is where the guidance is.  That is why just anybody can't be a doctor, you can't guess at the treatment, it is scientific, the guidance is in the created thing.

      So that which Abraham was telling this arrogant ruler, "you think you know everything, but no, you are ignorant, you are following guess work you are nothing but an advanced, wealthy witch doctor, here I'm coming with the truth you have got false magic.  The One Who created me shall guide me".

      QUR'AN 87:2-3; He created, then guided

      ... And that is the meaning of khalaqa fa sawwa qaddara fa hadaa, in four steps He created, then He balanced everything. That is law, if things are balanced it means these things are governed by laws. Qaddara, then He empowered the intellect that is talking about the intellect but the same thing happens with creation itself.  G'd has created matter so it comes willingly or unwillingly to the order that G'd intend for it, so if it is not in agreement, then there is a strain in the matter to conform to the law intended for that matter. It might explode and then find its adjustment, or it might by some other activity come to its adjustment, but it is going to come to its adjustment because Allah has created it all for peace, so it has to have its peace.

      So for the intellect straining for the guidance---the intellect strains and strains with issues that the intellect want to see in some kind of rational order or agreement---the  intellect strains and strains, that is qaddara and after a while its light comes on, it happens and the intellect knows this is the answer. This is how it is supposed to be settled or this is how this is supposed to be stated or composed etc.  And with that is the guidance, there is the guidance and the intellect will keep working with it after the light has been turned on in a mysterious way, intuition, cognition etc, the light is on now, the intellect begins to work on what it saw.

      QUR'AN 2:20; Walk only in thunder and lightening

      Those who won't follow Revelation and they follow nothing but the intuitive light they are those who wait for the thunder and the lightening. "And when the lightening flash, they walk a little bit and it goes off and they are at a standstill".  The same G'd  that gave you the intuitive power also gives you Revelation, so don't be satisfied with just that, still seek G'd and in time He will give you Revelation, revealed knowledge, that came to the Prophets as we know.

      "Say to the rejecters of faith I do not worship what you worship and you are not worshiping what I worship and I'm not worshiping what you worship or I'm not worshiping what you are set upon worshiping", a little stronger here.  "And you are not worshiping what I worship so for you your way, your Deen and for me my Deen" and you notice my Deen do not have the possessive {Y} on it just has the kasrah {E vowel} why? Because this is not an individual Religion it is an universal Religion of mankind so it's not nice for us to say in this particular discussion with rejecters my Religion with some kind of special pride or some kind of special sense of possession no, it is a Religion of mankind. 

      So play down your possession of it, don't put the long EE just put the little kasrah, don't say my, say my real quick and keep going like some people say   "my G'd" that is too long He is not just your G'd, our G'd.

      QUR'AN 112; Say He Allah is One

      Exodus 20:4; Make on likeness of Him

       The next chapter with the Qul say He the G'd is One The God is Eternal, He was not father a son and He is not fathered by any, and there never existed for him an equal or a comparison, there are no comparison for G'd isn't that what the old testament said, make no likeness of Him in the heavens or in the earth so there is no comparison.

      QUR'AN 46:9; No new fangled doctrine

      I king 8:27; Temple not hold G'd

      Kufuwan means that nothing serves as a just description or comparison for G'd, that is what it means, nothing measures up, everything falls short of being a description or a comparison for G'd.  What is G'd?  Man, no nothing, sun, no nothing the whole universe no nothing, because we know in the Bible Solomon when he was building the Temple he said "G'd I'm building this house for you but I know this house can't contain you, now listen to what he said, he said not even the heavens of heavens can contain you.  He means as far as we can imagine this world existing is not big enough to contain you. So, Allahu Akbar, is that a new expression, is that something invented? We said earlier, Muhammad was told to say by G'd say to them I bring no newly fabricated message that mean nothing in the Qur'an is new it all has a connection and reference to that, that came before, but the way it is put together it advances the life of the past, it advances the world of yesterday it extended and guides it on to where it should go for G'd to its destination.

      QUR'AN 113;

      Can all people say these prayers---these are really prayers aren't they?  The whole Book is a prayer. But I seek refuge, this is asking for help anyone can say these prayers, I'm pointing to the universality of Al Islam of the Qur'an, the Word of G'd and the sunnah or Uswaa of Prophet Muhammad. 

      Shar, harm

      QUR'AN 3:117; Allah wrong not but from self

      From the harm they say evil, shar means harm that, that benefits nafe', that, that harms shar, that that takes away from the value quality what every shar, that hurts it, it is shar, it is more than evil it is harm.  Evil suggests an intent on somebody's part right? But there is no intent in matter to hurt us; G'd created matter to serve us well. He didn't create anything to hurt us, created this whole world. (He created) fire, but He didn't create fire to hurt us He created the fire to comfort and aid us not to hurt us.  But many people get the shar of the fire it is not because G'd intended it that way He didn't intend any shar, that is why G'd says it is not G'd Who harms you it is you who harm your own soul.  Sometimes in complete ignorance we just don't know the proper use, approach to things etc., so we get the harm of it instead of the intent that G'd intended for us the benefit not the harm.  He intends nothing but good.

      Al Hadis 1 p.616 #56; Allah good only accepts good

      Muhammad says G'd is good and He accepts only good.

      React, respond

      Forty Hadith p. 84; Sex charity

      "Say I seek refuge with the Lord of the dawn, daybreak from the harm of what created" or we can say from the harm of what He created, so there is a benefit and harm in everything, they say even this water that we think is harmless---I'm not talking about when there is pollution in it, pure water---- you can get a sickness and even the water will have to be taken off your list, have to give it to you some other way, right?  The doctor will take you off of it, you can't take the water directly you have to have to take the water some other kind of way in food or something or through the veins--- can't drink it.  Everything has a benefit and also has harm and when the Prophet told the followers for the sexual act he said there is a reward in it---I guess he said it to awaken their minds to a problem that they had and the problem of some people react to things rather than responding to things.  Respond means your senses are working, react doesn't necessarily mean your good senses are working so (it is indicating) people that react to things.  Over the years having problem with sex and illegitimate births and all that and lots of wives and everything so man in his culture makes sex a dirty thing a sin, " that dirty sex, that is sin" he keeps sinning though he doesn't stop.

      So they said how is this?  He said if you did it unlawfully wouldn't there be a punishment?  The shar and the khair in everything and G'd had qaddara He has set the balance for this good and evil He has put it in the balance. And if you respect the balance you get the good if you disrespect the balance you get the harm or the measure it is a difficult word to translate, it means G'd has in creating it He has already set the rules for governing these things, the rules were set by G'd before we were even created in the matter itself He has set the rules He has determined how the creation will yield benefits and goodness and how it will cause or bring harm or loss, its all set by G'd; has been determined by Him in the making of the creation itself.

      "From the harm of the evil" they translate it, "intense darkness" but this Ghasefen is not only intense darkness it is also intense corruption, it is a darkness that suggests, hints at filth, corruption, offensive things to the good taste of human beings and society and civilized society when it comes and we know with darkness also comes corruption, with ignorance comes also corruption of morals, the culture and the life.  "And from the harm of the naffathaatte" and they translate it too literally from the

      evil of the whisper who whisper or blows into the knot, so this sounds like witch craft, which it is, it has reference to witch craft but let's get the better understanding.

      As one commentary gives and I think one translation gives too "from the harm or the evil of the one who casts evil suggestion into your firm resolution to break the tie of your conviction or your resolution".  You have resolved to obey G'd to stay away from this harm forbidden thing and here come the sneaky caster of suggestion.  He cast the suggestion without you knowing what he have cast, before you know it, he is got you in trouble, his language was so smooth so subtle that you thought he was a good advisor.  So you accept what he says and you find yourself breaking the law you wake up one morning and you say good G'd I have broken all the laws, I didn't know I had slipped into this kind of thinking.

      The `uqad here is from `uqada means a knot and this is firm conviction, your resolutions or firm convictions.  "And from the harm or the evil of the envier when he envies", these are prayers, chapters but also prayers.

      I would advise you to pray these, this world is too much for us we can't manage it but G'd will help us, and His Help that He gives is the Help. All of this is universal, every society has come under the influence or has been tempted by the Satan and every society has had its magic its witch craft.

      "Say I seek refuge with the Lord of the humanity, of mankind, of all people", you see every one of these verses we are calling on G'd Himself, directed to G'd and to be not of the kafirs the rejecters of faith to be not of the shirk the polytheists, declaring the oneness of G'd and here to have protection from the Lord of the Dawn and we know this is daybreak, light I seek refuge with the Lord of the Light.  There is the Lord of the light, it's not just light created but Lord of the light, the Creator of the light and then the Lord of the light or the One Who started the light and the Lord of the light, the One Who cause light to be He is also the Lord of the light, He is the One to progress that light to take that light from beginning to end, stage by stage, progression for the light.  Now if something interrupts that order and brings about darkness or confusion in the progression of light I should turn to the One Who started the light in the first place because He is also the Lord of the Light.

      We mentioned earlier the Bible saying there would be a famine of hearing the Word of G'd, not a famine of food but of hearing the Word of G'd, the Bible also says that darkness would cover the whole earth.  "Say I seek refuge with the Lord of humanity, of mankind" common usage of this word Nas means all people.  Lord of mankind is better because humanity refers to human people refined or people living in accord with their best motivations, their inherent excellence, so humanity is not necessarily all people, all people have the gift of humanity but it doesn't mean that they all have it because they are not awakened to it or they don't accept it, but this is all people so I just want to correct myself, this is not humanity it is all people or mankind.

      "The king or the master, judge of mankind, the G'd of mankind", now look how this progression goes, first the Lord of mankind number one and the Lord we said is the One Who takes what He has brought into existence and then cares for it like a good parent until it reaches its adulthood, its maturity and can go on its own.  Oh G'd will never leave us on our own, oh according to the hadith He will, says a servant every time he did something wrong he kept coming back to G'd asking for forgiveness, it made that such a persistent practice that G'd knew that, that servant formed a habit that had become his nature so G'd said go on like the judge said on your own recognizance.  Trusted him with his own life that is what G'd is saying He has created you to be trusted with your own life but you have to earn that kind of trust.

      QUR'AN 7:20-2; Satan deceived Adam

       So G'd is the Lord of all people and because He has brought all people into existence and He is the One that has cared for their progress or maturity then doesn't it reason then that only He can judge His creation, He is the King, Master, Judge first and then if He is the Judge and the Master and also the Rabb that brought you into existence and cared for you then shouldn't He alone be the One you worship? If you make any G'd, shouldn't it be that one, no one but that one.  The G'd of mankind from the harm of the whisperer who whispers behind a partition you don't see him you only got the whisper you don't know where it came from.  One translator says he whispers then withdraws out of your reach, your perception. The one who cast these evil, subtle suggestions into the hearts of the people now isn't that what he did when he tempted Adam?  He didn't go to Adam's rational mind he went to his heart he made him feel that he was left out of something he was suppose to be included in and there was some other being that had that which he was missing. 

      Gen 3:22; Adam become one of us

      Gen 3:3-5; Adam surely not die eyes open

      "Don't you know G'd and the angels are up there eating that stuff, this is food for the god's man says and really you don't understand G'd. Now He didn't mean you would die He meant your eyes would come open".  Adam said I been short changed and I sure want my eyes open, that is me, I'm the man that wants to see Adam is an intellect par excellence and he wants to see, ok rap on, who are you?  I'm your innocent advisor.

      Where do we find this whisperer this suggester?  Among jinn and among men he didn't say go look for him in the back woods, the nether world, he is among jinn and people. Now if you don't know about jinn look for him among people, if the jinn is too much of a mystery for you look for that one Iblis among people, he is among both.

      These four Quls they are our protection to keep us from being taken out of tauheed, out of the universal picture and universal constitution of things, things are constituted regionally but the bigger constitution is the universal constitution of things is the universal constitution of things, matter life and man, the intellect for all of it.  So to avoid coming out of the path of G'd out of the Tauheed that G'd wants us in we should say these prayers and say them for your salvation, security, your protection and your salvation and its not a wonder that they are at the end of the Qur'an.

      We know in the order that the Revelation descended upon the heart of Muhammad the Prophet (PBUH) the first verse is "read" and then we have these verses coming early Meccan and Medinah verses coming early but in the order that we are to read the Qur'an and know this, that this didn't come after Muhammad as some writers have said that the ordering of the chapters came after Prophet Muhammad no. Muhammad never recited the Qura'n any other way than this, it is the only way he ever recited it and one night he recited the whole Qura'n in Ramadan this has been reported. Says he recited the whole Qur'an in one night, one standing in the month of Ramadan.  And he recited it just as we read it, G'd showed him the order and he left it with his followers his disciples.

      So I say again that there is no wonder that these verses come at the end, all that is in the Qur'an has some reference to the Scriptures that came before the Qur'an.  The Revelation the last book of the Bible talks about the magic, the darkness the intensification of corruption, darkness and a need for the evil to be taken of the world, John the Revelator is said to be giving us this picture how evils are going to be multiplied, thickened. So how should we see that last chapter in Qur'an? Instead of reading all that very difficult language (in Bible of John the Revelator) to deal with, just say I seek refuge with the Lord of the daybreak and read it to the end. That is all you need to escape all that darkness and all that corruption that is going to be plaguing the very nature of the man and his life that G'd made. 

      Seven effect nature

      That is what it means by seven, seven mean it is going to affect the very nature that G'd made in his constitution that God gave him; these things are going to come into it and come against that constitution to break the constitution of the life G'd created. Seven and to overcome it, we have only to say "I seek refuge with the Lord of the daybreak from the evil of that which He created" or "from the harm of the intense darkness, intensification of darkness and corruption when it comes and from the evil of the one who work witch craft, magic and cast those suggestions to break the conviction or firm resolution of G'd's servants and from the harm or evil of the envier when he envies".  Who envies?  Iblis, he is the father of that too. He envied when G'd said, "I'm going to make a human being and trust him with himself", that is what G'd was saying.

      QUR'AN 7:12; Iblis I'm better

      I'm going to make a human being and trust that human being with his own life, Satan said, "I'm better than he", isn't that what he said?  Iblis said "I'm better than he" isn't that envy, an expression of the disease of envy working in him? So if we who won't fight envy in our own souls we are aiding the Satan, and if we aren't careful we'll be in his company. So fight the disease and weakness of envy in your soul, fight it to get it out; seek G'd's help to keep it out.  I was in Damascus, Syria and this man had a big factory and he is the boss and I looked up on his wall behind his desk and he had his desk facing the entrance but behind his back on the back wall was this surah "I seek refuge with the Lord of the dawn" I looked at it I told him I said that is a very appropriate surah for your office because all the business and money you are handling you are going to have enviers, and he just smiled. I was just agreeing with him in his selection of that chapter, he understood I wasn't teaching him something I was just telling him I agree with you that is the chapter you should have hanging on that wall.  When they come in they speak Arabic they look right up there and say astaghferullah, I came in wrong but that straighten me.

      So these verses are for all people, they address the life, problems, concerns and the need in all people not just as individuals but as members in societies, all societies have had this trouble, all individuals will experience these troubles, Amin.

      QUR'AN 10:82; Allah establish His Word

      Now how is our time?  When we started the session or when we announced the beginning of the session we said we would be discussing the Qur'an and the Sunnah of our Prophet and by Sunnah we mean the Sunnah of the Prophet established upon his Uswaa; its universal message and universal mission.  There is an expression in the Bible and also in the Qur'an Allah says that the burden of responsibility for publishing His Word is not something G'd leaves to any of His creatures, both Books if we understand it, G'd says He will publish His Word Himself.

      QUR'AN 28:56; You can't guide but Allah guides

      ... and Allah doesn't want us to make the mistake of thinking we can bring converts to G'd, say you can only inform them, it is G'd who puts faith into their heart G'd you can't make anybody believe no matter how ardently you work at it you cannot make anybody believe in G'd, that is what G'd wants us to know.  So resent our reasoning to bring someone to be a convert but try to give them a better picture of their G'd, our G'd and when they see the G'd right they will believe, it will be G'd that brought them to faith not us.

      QUR'AN 21:30; Heaven earth one then split

      First we will be looking at the concept of Tauheed with reference to the wholeness of matter or creation. G'd says in the Holy Book, His book, do they not see that the creation was one continuous whole before it was separated---sky and earth. You know the belief on this earth was that the earth was the center of the universe. And the astronomers who studied it objectively as they possible could, they finally concluded it is not he center at all, but in the small e belong to the family of the sun, the sun is the center because all the other bodies are rotating around the sun or evolving around the sun, going around the sun.  And some other ideas or myths believe that this was really an alienated body beyond the bodies of the heaves and this is the black hole the black planet, the alienated one the one in trouble and finally they gave that description to pluto, because it is too far out. But mind it when you are studying that astronomy too, there is some Pluto in all earthlings.

      So Tauheed is the term for the unity of matter and the unity, consistency of G'd's creation that force us to His unity, His consistency, His uniqueness as Creator of all of that.

      So it is through the study of what He did that we can be guided or lead to what He is and you know if you say mother, what is the meaning of mother?  The female parent that is a quick answer right? But before you really know what a mother is you have to know a mother's history, is that not right?   What has been her performance in that role then we truly see her, the meaning of mother.  So the meaning of G'd we have to know G'd in G'd's performance in the role of G'd, how has G'd performed in the role of G'd?  When we know that, then we truly know G'd, we see the true picture, the whole picture, we know G'd the meaning is full now, complete now and what takes us to that conclusion is the study of what He did. And men have been guided by their nature by the nature of their intellects, they have been guided in the nature of their souls, they have been guided to come to the conclusion that this world couldn't have made itself that G'd did this and G'd did it; let us study His Works and see what His Works tells us of Him.  So G'd gives the servant the help, say why do they, how come they can't see that this scheme of matter was once a consistent whole before it was separated into earth and sky, spiritual and material.

      QUR'AN 3:7; Men of understanding

      So this is a hint, hinting to the thinkers, the men of [uluul al baabe] the men of the first logic, first reasoning, first possessors of the door, the door to the knowledge, so this is a hint to them that G'd is going to stop this separation in man's life where he think he is spiritual in one side and material on the other side and the two sides are in conflict.  No, G'd made the world in agreement, made it in peace, made it to have a harmonious relationship for its different parts and its different sections and its different systems like a great symphony of spiritual life.  The spiritual life is a part of that great symphony, the material life is a part of that great symphony all parts of our life are in that great symphony, G'd played music man---not cacophony---beautiful music!

      G'd is saying, "I am One and My creation is a whole and a consistent, harmonious whole, discord is in your own mind because of ignorance".  Tauheed, so this is the message that must go to the   whole world, if this message goes to the world it is like a body that is been afflicted with a disease and then a medicine comes to that body to defeat the disease in that body, the sore start going away the boils of racism disappear, to become a healthy humanity, yes.

      Muhammad Uswaa

      QUR'AN 33:21; Prophet's Uswaa example

      QUR'AN 34:28; Prophet enough for all humanity

      So this is the medicine, didn't we say it was a medicine, say in it is medicine for what ails you, humanity, mankind.  The Prophet's Uswaa it is also food for all people, it is the food of life for all people because as a model he is not only there for us to emulate but he is there for us to find peace in that model knowing that G'd has given all of us the Uswaa of Muhammad in our inherent nature he created all of us from Adam to us to have that Uswaa, will G'd give us a model to emulate if we didn't already have the power, the capacity to emulate that?  That is why it says he a mortal flesh and blood man just like you, he is not something different, he is just like you.  If you think him to be so superior it is because G'd has shown mercy to him and G'd has rewarded his struggle to keep his self from being defiled for 40 years successfully. G'd rewarded that struggle of his with the guidance and established him as a model for all people. I keep repeating that to you because it most important that we know that, he is not just a model for Muslims he is a model for all people according to the Words of G'd who believe in G'd and the last day.  And G'd says, "certainly you will find in him an excellent model for any who believe in G'd and the last day".

      That mean they believe in G'd and also conform; their behavior is a testimony that they believe in G'd because if you don't live with the consciousness or awareness that you are accountable to that G'd then your life is a contradiction, but if you live with an awareness that you are accountable to that G'd then your belief and your life is agreeing.  Now we won't take individuals because we know in American society there are saintly individuals very beautiful shiny examples for mankind but as a society, this society is a terrible contradiction. Here it says believe in G'd but it has all the creations of the devil, all the temptations of the Satan all around us, drugs, liquors, narcotics, crime, shameless behavior, gambling all kind of deceits it is filled with the invitation to follow Satan.  

      QUR'AN 2:219; Gamble, drinking

      So the society itself is not a testimony to the faith of the people that make up this society that is why some churches they get together and they use their voting power to vote a certain area alcohol free, so that their little area will be a clean testimony won't it?  Churches and no alcohol and they don't want gambling in the area and G'd says of the two they are the works of the devil, say stay away from them they are the works of the devil, alcohol and gambling or we can say drugs and gambling covers it all now are the works of Satan the devil say stay away from it if you expect to be guided, or successful in life.

      Sewaa, Uswaa

      The Prophet's Uswaa refers to something inherent it is not something that he achieved by study or by practice it is something he was born with, his uswaa and his uswaa is the uswaa that G'd gave Adam and all people. But the devil, the Satan seduced us out of our form. You know sewaa? Uswaa comes from sewaa, sewaa means level, plain perfectly balanced this is sewaa and sewaa has reference to a vertical, to a perpendicular so it is squared, level, balance with the perpendicular like this a "T" this is sewaa, all points are in balance I don't know if that is in balance what I got the "T" here pretty well balanced.  And what is that?  That is what it is also?  Cross it is a universal symbol don't be afraid of it let Dracula be afraid of it don't you be afraid of it, not that we are going to adopt the Christian cross no, we don't adopt it when you put it into a physical thing and make it part of Religion it can become shirk So we don't accept it the way Christianity accepts it.  But we should understand the meaning of it; and that is why these things are given to us in Al Islam to show us really what the cross is.

      Would Jesus say take up my cross if it was something bad? Then the Qur'an would say Jesus never told you to take up a cross---that is not in the Qur'an. It says, "He never told you to take up celibacy", that is in the Qur'an, so if the cross was a great evil that they charge Jesus with (it would say) G'd never order Jesus to tell you to take of a cross Jesus never said to you to take up his cross, it is a mystery that is better left alone until the people can see their own mistakes.  So here the knowledge, wisdom comes very quietly and subtly, the Uswaa of Muhammad and the Uswaa of the created world itself, saying that He has put everything in a balance, right?  And He made the seven heavens firm, right?   Firm graduations so every graduation or every sky it really has a reference to sewaa; khalaqa fasawwa it has a reference to sewaa, there are laws and regulations that keep everything in the order and balance that the Creator intended for them.

      So actually every level from Adam to Abraham on every level is the cross and the cross is the person himself on the second level two crosses a double cross and that is what the world is right? 

      The world takes the meaning that science gives of Jesus Christ and of John and uses that science to double cross us.  Given us to one or other extreme, you are all positive and can't see the don'ts see all the do's and no don'ts. Jesus Christ---do's; John is don'ts you see all the do's and no don'ts or you see all the don'ts and no do's or you confuse the two of them and double cross.

      QUR'AN7:124; Pharaoh to sorcerers crucify

      So we have two sides to our own nature in our own life don't we, two sides to our own life, spiritual side and a rational side, spiritual-emotional side and the rational side you have these two sides to your life. If the Satan work too these two bodies of yours or these two aspects of your own life and nature he can turn them against you and you against them where you are not getting the proper use of your life, not relating properly to your own life and that would be a double cross.  But actually cross is the human being and this is not the first, the Qur'an is not the first to do that, it goes all the way back to Egypt the Qur'an takes it back to Egypt, saying and "Pharaoh said if you disobey me I will cut your limbs off the opposite sides, crucify you, put you upon the cross".

      I have been over there I studied their symbolism and they have figures that they call the heavenly cow and on this figure they have a lot of crosses. This existed before Christianity, maybe before even Judaism---who knows---this is very ancient. They have a cow that they call the heavenly cow and on that cow are nothing but picture of crosses, you can go and see it for yourself if you like and you find it that interesting and you want to have it verified you can go there, go to Egypt and see it for yourself.  Go to the pyramids of Egypt and you will see the picture of the heavenly cow and you will see crosses all over it---you don't have to do that just look in the dictionary...

      Cross balance inherent instinct

      ... I mean in the encyclopedia, get you a good encyclopedia and look up heavenly cows, pretty sure somewhere in the sentence on Egyptian cow you will find a picture of the cow with those crosses on it, what does it mean the cross?  The balance is  something you inherit; the Uswaa you inherit that it is in the biological gross body it comes by the way of genes from Adam to us genetically we have this, so what does it mean.  It means the intelligence that is not controlled by your mind but you have inherited it and that is your first intelligence isn't it?  That is your first intelligence; man was really supported by inherent intelligence before he was supported by learning like an animal, so he was able to build homes a lot of things with nothing but instinct, an inherent intelligence. Eventually trial and error brought him to have some form of society. The dawning of enlightenment came late in the history of man on this earth where he follows a teaching or logic or a science for direction in his life or the establishment of his life that came late.

      So Uswaa hasana is saying no, man is not despicable in his nature, man is not without value in his own created nature; in his created nature is his best form. Uswaa hasana, it was created by G'd for him.  When G'd made him, created him with the senses, with the life, sensitivity and senses to follow it to eventually come to it---the proof is Muhammad the Prophet---he came to it without Revelation, without educated teachers he came to it, it is something he got before Revelation---his Uswaa hasana---so it is the property of all men, yes.  So it is also a cross because it is in the body without the head, you got it now?  Take the head off and leave the neck you got the cross and put him in the balance and this is how man always try to balance when they walking on something difficult, tight rope or walking on a fence it is natural to throw your arms out like that to get that balance.

      It is a cross, perpendicular to the square that is why in Religious science the cross itself is a light meaning the cross itself has its own science has its own separate body of knowledge. The cross is an illuminated figure and somebody---I guess it was Iblis---gave the Klan a little knowledge of it. So when you aren't obeying them they come and set the cross a fire, the balance is disturbed, the balance is angry on fire.

      The Prophet's Uswaa is different from his sunnah the Uswaa is what we have by virtue of his human creation, something that everybody else has as a potential whether he sees it or not they have it as a potential. That means they have it as a common property of everybody---the Uswaa of every human being.  Sometimes the environment won't permit us to realize it, sometimes our own misbehavior keeps us out of it but it is the common property of all people.  Actually, Muhammad is a picture of our humanity as G'd made it and intended it for all of us, that is why he is given to all of us not just his sunnah. All of this talk about sunnah, sunnah but more important than sunnah for us is his Uswaa. 

      The sunnah has been confused, we have confusion when it comes to knowing what his sunnah is. We have a bunch of Shites they don't even agree---I shouldn't say a bunch of Shites that was disrespect they don't come in bunches, forgive me for that. We have bodies of Shites who disagree with that, they don't even follow the sunnah they don't agree with that idea about the sunnah. But none of them disagree with his Uswaa, all of them accept his Uswaa; that his Uswaa is Uswatan hasanatan most excellent and suitable for all people to emulate to marvel and to copy that Uswaaa.  So this is universal Prophet Muhammad in his picture as a man he is a universal message to all mankind. It is in the Qur'an, "certainly we have made noble all the sons, children of Adam". Why is that said?  Because some say that some are the Children of Ham and they are not noble, they are mean low base, despicable creatures and the same Bible says Ham is Egypt and Egypt is in Africa so we have been slandered haven't we?  We been mocked and slandered, our worth as human beings by a people ignorantly trying to read Scripture and translate it and having their own ambitions influence their translation or their interpretation. 

      Their mission is to become the masters and everybody else be subjects, to create a class of masters and class of slaves so they targeted the African people to make us the slaves and they the masters; white supremacy, racism in this modern time.  You think G'd would reveal something to a Prophet and the big issue of racism "the issue of the 20th century" as Dubois said, you think G'd didn't know about that?  And G'd wouldn't have something to say about that?  Muhammad addressed it in his life time because it was already existing when he was on earth, he addressed disrespect for Black people "no superiority of a white over a black or a black over a white" it is in his farewell address it is addressing racism and he used the Qur'an to back up what he said

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