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651Time Saa 't

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    Jan 5, 2010
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      Ramadan Asr Session

      Time Saa 't

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed


      Qur'an 79.42;  When is the hour, time?

      "They ask thee about the Hour "When will be its appointed time?'"

      Allah swt says, "Wait until He comes with His clock. And what is the clock? It is a time piece. There are two realities referred to here in that saying in the Quran. One reality is the reality that all of us know. We know timepieces in the world of man. The watch I am wearing now. The alarm clock I carry with me sometimes on my trip or the clock on my wall at home, all of these timepieces are the clocks or the timepieces of man. But G-d says wait until He comes with His timepiece, with His Saa't. Darnell Karim I know he knows what "Saa't" means because I went to class with him and we had to learn "Saa't" in the same class.

      G-d doesn't use a foreign term that He has to explain to us that this means a watch, clock, something that keeps time. He uses the most common language for timepiece in the Arabic language is "Saa't" and that is the one He uses. Wait until G-d comes with His "Saa't." This is in scriptures that came before, not just in our scripture. That lets you know right now what we're aiming at, the direction now is to show us the world as affected by man and to show us the world as planned by G-d.

      Qur'an 2.30; I am making a khalifa in the earth

      To do it upon observation of what we've experienced and experiencing now in the world of man and upon recognition of the direction that Allah swt wants the world to take. That is given in Quran, Bible and the life of Muhammad pubh. But it is also in scriptures that came before. References to this is given in many places. When Allah swt said to the angels, "I'm about forming a khalifa in earth," this is being addressed, the natural life is being addressed and how the nature forces designed by G-d starts His plan and will see His plan through.

      Clock of G-d and man

      So the movement of natural forces is the clock of G-d, and manmade orchestrated forces is the clock of man. Both have movement, both have an object or a destiny or an end, an aim and both have movements and there is no time without movement. Time has reference to movement. Even for a thing that is dead, when you speak of time for it you are talking about movement. How it has been affected by years, how it has deteriorated during a period of time or how it has been affected during a period of time. How corrosion has affected it, so you can measure its age. A tree, how rings are formed so you can measure its age. Isn't it wonderful how Allah swt made a tree so that if you cut it you can see its age right there as though He wrote it in letters, as though He wrote it in numbers. Just count the rings. Every spring a new ring starts.

      Forces of nature are bringing in the world G-d wants

      These are the two timepieces. And what is more important is not to know about the two timepieces. The important thing to know is that G-d is not dependent upon the world and its leaders to bring in the world that He wants for people. Natural forces are created to usher in the world that Allah swt wants for all people. Isn't it wonderful of G-d the Loving, Generous and Merciful G-d to give man an invitation to work for Him saying, "Be My servant to bring in My world." Allah swt already knew that the forces of nature were going to bring in His world, but He wants to share the great celebration. Trees, rocks, stones, dogs, cats and lions and elephants, they can't come to the party, they don't have the consciousness to come to the party. So G-d wants His creation to come to the party and join Him in the great celebration of the victory to come. Isn't it wonderful? He created man and jinn to share in the celebration. If they will only join the effort then they will be welcomed to the party. Only His workers will be welcomed, praise be to Allah swt.   Because those who are not His workers they are turned off. They turn on only to temporary things, expedient enjoyments that come in and go out and see no more things. This is a great day we're living in. G-d's clock, this section is on G-d's clock. G-d's clock and the world's clock or G-d's timepiece and the world's timepiece.

      Please indicate that the world's timepiece is explained by man's plan based upon his recognition of his works but not the works of G-d. The clock of G-d, the timepiece of Allah swt is based upon or explained upon our recognition of the order of the natural universe. How G-d has made this universe to bear or to operate upon His will and His plan for mankind. 

      We really need to write volumes on science or scientific theory. This also includes our perception of the life and nature of the universe itself. Some of you are getting this but it is too much for a lot of you. It is easy if you don't strain the mind to much. I saw a guy he couldn't get his car started. He was just pressing on the accelerator, he flooded the thing out. Another man came and took the top off of the carburetor and let some air get in there, he went and started it up, and he's ready to go. Don't stain too hard, you will damage the equipment you're using praise be to Allah swt.

      Qur'an 22.48; One day with G-d is as a thousand years

      "Yet they ask thee to hasten on the Punishment! But Allah will not fail in His promise. Verily a day in the sight of thy Lord is like a thousand years of your reckoning."

      Qur'an 70.4; One day with G-d is like fifty thousand years

      "The angels and the Spirit ascend unto Him in a Day the measure whereof is (as) fifty thousand years:"

      These are two realties, Allah swt says "Man's time with G-d or one day with G-d is like a thousand years of man's time. Man he is looking at a one day clock that is 24 hours, and on G-d's clock a whole thousand years is in that one day.

      So reasoning in that body of language we would say then that in 1,000 years man has to take rest because in his 24 hours he takes a rest every night. So in a 1,000 years man is going to be an active part of that time and he is going to be resting part of that time.   The Quran descended in the night and the time, its duration coming down to man is as 50,000 years. Not a thousand years, 50,000 years. Now I can't keep you with me so I'm not going to try to take you down that road. I am just going to tell you what is at the end of that road, the exact sciences.

      The Qur'an's purpose is to bring man to the exact sciences

      50,000 years relates to America 's 50 states

      The purpose of the revelation of Quran was to bring within man' reach or put in his hands that which he would need to arrive at the exact sciences. And that is exactly what happened. It is no accident or it is not without purpose that these United State began from ] 3 colonies and then the United States came into being and those colonies came under a different political order and they grew to be 48 states and stayed that way for a long time. And they found it necessary so that their own growth as a nation communicated the best to those of vision and eyes to see. They changed from 48 to 50 states. And aren't we a scientific nation now? The government, the recent statement of the president was that America , the whole country has to go on digital we can't have the old clocks anymore with hands on it. One to 12 that is going to be obsolete. I have the old one, my watch is old, I paid for it, I better take it back I paid too much for an obsolete timepiece .

      Qur'an  3.7; Quran we believe in all of it

      "We believe in the Book; the whole of it is from our Lord";

      It is a message. It is not that this clock is not good and serves you well, but these people have language and they know that the wise read their language and they are going to have to have language to make the wise think they are not inferior. So they keep language up so that the wise recognize it. They get this from ancient Egypt . I'm telling you too much. You are not qualified for what I'm giving you, only a very few of you are qualified but I'm going to give it to you anyway. You who don't understand, it if you have enough faith in me it will serve your life well because you will accept it as though you understood it. What Allah swt gives me I accept it and I wait for understanding. I have patience to wait on my G-d to take me to the understanding that I don't have. I am not going to turn it down. I accept it wholeheartedly and I accept all of it. The Quran says "Those blessed with knowledge say we believe in it, all of it."

      Cairo from Qahara meaning to overwhelm the senses

      They have to keep their language up and it goes back to ancient Egypt . In ancient Egypt , in their myth they have their secret knowledge, their secret sciences. And in the myth of Egypt , Qahara is a word that means to overwhelm the senses, to subdue the senses and make the senses helpless to perceive or deal with Qahara. And Qahar is the name of the capital of Egypt . There you find all of these great monuments attesting to great science and technology on that level of ancient Egypt . The myth goes like this, "Anyone who comes to Egypt," I shared this with you before at this point in this section of this topic it fit, that the visitors who came to enter Egypt, they couldn't enter until they answered the riddle of the Oracle. And the Oracle in the Egyptian's myth, now your should understand that myth for them was also religion.

      Egypt had its high religious order, its high priests and they had their sacred sciences hidden away in their religious myths. The visitor would come and be questioned by the Oracle. If he answered the question correctly he could enter Egypt . The oracle says, "What is it that walks on four, then on two, then on three?" If you answered it correctly you got in Egypt . It doesn't mean that you could go into the land, take your body and your physical eyes to the monuments and look at them, no. Enter Egypt means that you come in there with understanding of their knowledge and how they have structured their world order, that is what it meant.

      That you are able to come in there with understanding, to see and understand how they structured and what they are all about. You can come in physically but it doesn't mean that you are in by their reasoning, right? That goes for this world too. You say, "I live in the United States of America ," no most of you are dying in the United States of America .

      On your birthday your death started and you died in the United States of America . But the few live in the United States of America , those who have understanding of how this great nation is put together and for what was it put together. They are the ones who have light on their life, and they have vision. They can see and they are mentally alive in this great body of knowledge we call the Constitution of the United States of America . And I'm using constitution very generally here, I'm just referring to the paper.

      Those who could answer the riddle got in, those who couldn't they were kept out. Our preachers, our leaders for freedom, justice, equality or equal opportunity in this country, they knew we were outside. And their language addressed that reality that we can't accept to be kept outside. We want to be included, we want in. I was going to a meeting one day and I got on the plane. And as I was going to take my seat this European American lady, looked like she was from America , she sounded like she was from America too, she could have been from Europe . She looked at me and she recognized me, maybe from a meeting, and she said "Mr. Mohammed, aren't things getting much better?" I said yes it is. She said, "Because of correct education," and she's right. The Hon. Elijah Muhammad said "If you want to be equal to the white man get equal knowledge." How am I going to get it, that is a big job.

      Compete with the white man in scriptural knowledge

      The white man excels, he is over me in science and in technology, in higher education in wealth. Where should I start to compete? In scriptural knowledge. I have come to see because Allah swt has guided me and taken me by the hand all the way. I come to see that this world hides from its people, not just the little people, its people period. It hides from its people the truth that G-d's revelation, revealed truth has given birth to them as a knowledge body and as a national body or government. G-d's revealed truth gave birth to them. G-d's revealed truth guided them to their greatest discoveries. And not only that. They in turn now secretly formed their public language after the hidden language they got from G-d. This world is not ruled by materialists. America and Europe are not ruled by material interest or material knowledge. It is ruled by science and scientific revelation made possible by the script G-d gave Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad pbuh. That's the reality, you can believe it or not, that is the truth. They hide if from the world, and that is their strategy for saving the world. Not to let the world know, you can be the president of the United States and be kept out of this knowledge I'm referring to right now. Only a few will be given that knowledge, they have to prove safe, trustworthy and free of risks.

      Qur'an 13.4; One water rains down vet grows different plants


      "And in the earth are tracts (diverse though) neighboring and gardens of vines and fields sown with corn and palm trees growing out of single roots or otherwise: watered with the same water yet some of them We make more excellent than others to eat. Behold verily in these things there are Signs for those who understand!"

      You might say, "You are giving it to us, you take chances like that?" Yes, you can do no more than G-d has created you to do. And man cannot withhold anything from man. G-d has created the protection, we don't have protection. I can give you all of that and you can't do a thing with it. But there are a few out there who can do something with it. The Quran says, "See how G-d causes the rain to fall down on the same land and some things grow up beautiful and lustrous in their growth and others come up niggardly like a Nigger who didn 't get chance a to go to school.    Now I know niggardly did come from Nigger, someone is saying, "The Imam is confusing the two words niggardly comes from this rule and Nigger comes from this rule," please don't waste your time.

      Qur'an 21.30; All life is created from water

      "Do not the Unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together (as one unit of Creation) before We clove them asunder? We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe?"

      Qur'an 5.103; Most men know not

      Ecclesiastes 11.1; Cast your bread on the water

      "Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days."

      If you followed me upon faith you wouldn't have problems and the test of the following is always their faith. It is not how much knowledge you know or what college or university you attended, it is how much faith you got. That is the ultimate test, that is the final test and if your faith is not good even in education what can you achieve there? Nothing. Faith is the beginning. The Qur'an says, "He created every living thing from water." The Bible says, "Cast your bread upon the water and it will return to you."

      Have faith in the people and trust your knowledge to those who are nothing but spiritual in constitution now, they are not rationally constituted, or logically structured. They are just like water but that is the beginning of life for the mentality, for the mind. Trust your knowledge to them and it will return to you. Look at the English, trust your knowledge to the water and it will return to you. It is a parable isn't it? We know that waves go out and come in don't they? One time of the day the waves go out and another time of the day the waves come in.

      So those people who saw this and were aware of the waters enough to know that you can cast something upon water and you just might find it on the shore in the morning when the waves come back in. It also says those who were trying to convert this particular audience, they knew that they were talking to people who were selfishly motivated, they were dealing with a very selfish world, stingy a very selfish elite they didn't want to share their knowledge with people thinking that their knowledge would be given with no benefit to them directly. So those pious teachers were trying to convince the hard-hearted, selfish world to trust education to the masses of people who are not logically structured, who are not students of higher knowledge. They are not materially constituted, they are not industrious etc., they are just spirit, wind, water, they are just spirituality. So trust, and that is the body of faith. So trust your knowledge to these common people who are established upon faith and they are contained in the context of faith and spirituality, trust them. Do you get the picture? Thank G-d I am drawing a beautiful picture, it is looking so good I want to stop and just look at it for a while. They are trying to find ways into them so that their advice will be accepted and thank Allah swt they reached a lot of government heads and they took on this new knowledge. They did accomplish a lot.

      Qur'an 5.103; Most men know not

      "It was not Allah Who instituted (superstitions like those of) a slit-ear she-camel or a she-camel let loose for free pasture or idol sacrifices for twin-births in animals or stallion-camels freed from work; it is blasphemers who invent a lie against Allah but most of them lack wisdom."


      In Al Islam we don't go that way, we don't compromise, we are not trying to get the leaders of the world to accept what we have for personal advantage or political advantage. We give it to them straight. They can accept it or reject it. We trust G-d the Creator that G-d has created people who will reject because they are not of His spirit and He has created people who will accept, they are of His spirit. We will miss many but we will get the few. In Qur'anic Arabic it is "Wa Aktharhum la yaqelun" translated it is "And most of them do not know." The great majority of them they don't know, they don't have the knowledge.

      Qur'an 35.12; Eat flesh from the two waters

      "Nor are the two bodies of flowing water alike the one palatable sweet and pleasant to drink and the other salty and bitter. Yet from each (kind of water) do ye eat flesh fresh and tender and ye extract ornaments to wear; and thou seest the ships therein that plough the waves that ye may seek (thus) of the Bounty of Allah that ye may be grateful."

      Matthew 5.13; What good if the salt loses its savor

      "Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men."

      Are the sweet waters on earth more than the salty waters? No, there is much more ocean water than lakes and rivers, right? The salty water bears us a lot of materials, there are huge fish in the salty water, the waters of the wealthy and powerful. That is the description of their spirituality, but you can't drink it can you?   I sure can't drink it, I will throw it up every time before it gets down. And just to think a certain party of them was using salt until they had an interruption in their life by one who didn't believe in salt, he believed in kindness over salt. And he said, "If the salt has lost its savor throw it out, it is no more good. I am bringing on a taste for sweetness. The day of our salt is out and it won't taste good in the mouth of humanity any more, praise be to Allah swt. The Quran comes back and it says in both bodies you find flesh, tender, delectable, tasty. What is it saying? Al Islam brings in new a new interpretation of oceans.

      Al Islam does not see oceans as a spirituality of the rich or spirituality of the materially powerful. Al Islam sees the ocean interpreting the message from G-d in the ocean is what it should be, it should have remained in the condition of the people of the Book, caution.

      Salt is spirituality in the cautious intelligence

      Sweet water is spirituality of or in a fun loving mentality

      Here are a people who have a spirituality and an intelligence inside the body of the spirituality, a body in the cautious intelligence. And the spirituality in the body of the lake and rivers is a fun loving mentality. It loves life and having a good time like the church I visited one time, they swung so hard they almost swung me through the wall. I went to the church and they were jamming so hard they almost blew me out of the congregation, they were having a good time. I don't dislike them, I love them because G-d created us to love happiness, to love joy, not sadness, and misery. But you need the balance of the salt water. I guess that is why salt is on the table all the time. You need some caution in your spirituality. And I noticed the big fish by any name he is not doing this in water (jerking around looking cautiously), he's smooth.

      Mr. Fard came and he put the big fish in my water, praise be to Allah swt. Mr. Fard put the cautious spirit in the waters of our faith didn't he? Yes he did, we have to give him credit. Without him I wouldn't be where I am right now. And without the Hon. Elijah Muhammad who around him for three years and taking what he left and he staying devoted to it until it brought about a big change in the black community. He brought the black community to stop being ashamed of their black color.

      Black leaders give Malcolm credit because he didn't require they have a new religion

      The Hon. Elijah Muhammad did that more than anybody. They just hate to give him the credit. They rather give it to Malcolm because Malcolm wasn't saying you have to have a new religion. Malcolm was just talking politics and combat with the world of the white man. These African American church leaders, political leaders, newspaper bosses, black press bosses, they can lift Malcolm up now that he is dead, now that he can't come to them and say, "You are with me, ok let us work together." They don't have to work with the man he is dead, so they can lift him up now you see. But they don't want to ever lift the Hon. Elijah Muhammad up no. They are very cautiously to embrace his teaching or what he did. Look at the difference between blacks and whites when it comes to the Hon. Elijah Muhammad. The magazine called Chicago , I support it, I support Channel 11 public televison, education etc. I get the magazine, I have been supporting it for many years at least about 20 years.

      That magazine a few years ago acknowledged the Hon. Elijah Muhammad among 100 names as one of the 100 who most influenced the history of Chicago . Those people don't speak foolishness, they don't speak just to be talking. What they are saying, they say it after coming to very intelligent conclusions studying the Hon. Elijah Muhammad in Chicago , how he has affected Chicago . And they say he is one of the 100.1 believe they put the 99 together just to say to tell the public the Hon. Elijah Muhammad influenced the history of Chicago .

      Chicago Tribune started catering to white supremacy

      The Tribune didn't do anything not to my knowledge, it is my paper now I love it, I think it is maybe the best paper we have. It started out as a paper catering to white supremacy, I guess because it was paid, they thought that was the only way it could survive, by catering to those who were for discrimination against African Americans. In my time, can you imagine this? This isn't the South, I'm talking about Chicago , in my time, I was old enough to read the paper. I was reading the want ads, I was old enough to want a job. I was reading the want ads saying for whites only, that isn't south on the other side of the Mason Dixon line, no that is in the United States, north, Chicago, 111. The paper want ads said, "Whites only." It was up north, here where they were not supposed to be going by the law of discrimination or segregation like the South. But they had the major newspaper of Chicago . The Tribune was always bigger than the other newspaper called the Sun Times newspaper. The Sun times has perhaps now gotten up with the Tribune on distribution and numbers of paper quotas. But the Chicago Tribune still carries the most weight right now, the paper of the wealthy, the paper of the powerful. It wasn't long after that, maybe a year and a half or two years the Sun Times newspaper, the next most popular paper in Chicago, came out with the same statement. And the pictures of the persons that they had selected, the Hon. Elijah Muhammad's picture was among them.

      They recognized him among 100 most influential persons. Most of you, not all of you underestimate the great works of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad. And I think it is going to be a long time before African Americans realize the great magnitude of his message and how deep his message ran as water to reach everybody white and black.

      Allah created man to evolve government out of his nature

      Qur'an 30.30; G-d patterned man after creation, fitraa

      "So set thou thy face steadily and truly to the Faith: (Establish) Allah's handiwork according to the pattern on which He has made mankind: no change (let there be) in the work (wrought) by Allah: that is the standard Religion: but most among mankind understand not."

      True picture of Al Islam and what it wants for humanity, for all the people on the face of this earth, what method it uses or what means it prefers over all other means for bringing humanity to that desired end that Allah swt, G-d the Creator, our Lord gave us when He created us. It is in us, it is in our own creation. The quickest way I can get you to understand what I'm saying now is just to go straight to the introduction of the constitution of these United States or the Declaration of Independence that says, "We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal and are endowed by the Creator with certain inalienable rights."

      That language to that point I don't have to carry it further. I can stop right there. That language says that government does not have the authority to design a scheme, a plan or a national order, a government theory or whatever for people without first acknowledging and building what they have to build upon, the belief that G-d had created man to evolve naturally into civilization, into government. And the only way we can achieve that form of government is that we respect what G-d had done in creating human beings. And they did that and the nation still stands. Even though the invitation to scrap their work was given at the same time, that is. any time this Constitution does not serve us well you have the right, the freedom to scrap it and bring in another. This is in the Constitution of the United States . Some of us think we have to always have the constitution of the United States . No we don't. If the future brings about problems for our concept development as given in the constitution of these United States . Those founding fathers, founders of this theory of government, they have authorized liberal thinkers, or free thinkers to lead a movement to do away with their works and bring in a better one. Those were great men weren't they? They were truly great men. It is truly a great man who can do a great thing and then see it destroyed and support the hand that destroyed it. The Hon. Elijah Muhammad did a great thing and he saw his son with a hand that was going to destroy much of what he did.

      But he told his top people in his establishment, they won't tell you these things, he told his top people in his establishment, the national leaders, he said, "I wish I was the man he is." That is what he said in my presence it made me feel so humble, it made me see him so big. I said "That is a great man." A man who know he's big and before the people who see him big he looks at little me and tells them that. I didn't have the accomplishments my father had, I still don't. I have other accomplishments that are bigger in the boundaries of the universe but down here in the boundaries that he was in I don't have nothing like what he had. He achieved miracles on the backs of the illiterates.

      I said to myself, "You are a much greater man than I am. I don't know if I could do what you just done." I saw him much greater that he would tell those he required obedience from and respect from and who he trusted to carry out his orders, that he would point to little Wallace at the table I say, "I wish I was man my son is." Allahu Akbar. That was G-d speaking through him and that was him looking to the future, he was seeing his son in the end on the road that he is on now, he is going to accomplish great things. He loved what he saw in me as Wallace's spirit he loved Wallace's spirit. Wallace doesn't want anything for himself, praise be to Allah swt.

      Qur'an 2:156; Surely we will return to Allah

      "Who say when afflicted with calamity: "To Allah we belong and to Him is our return."

      We have many references to the two movements, the movement of man in his own thinking or in his own pride and the movement of the natural world forces. And then there is a third movement, the movement of G-d's plan, the word of G-d, revelation. G-d knows that the natural forces were created to bring us to Him eventually, we are going to come to Him, He doesn't have to worry about that. That is why when you die they say, "en-naa lil-lahe wa en-nn e-layhe raaje-un," translated "Surely to Allah swt we belong and to Him we are returning. You're finished. If you have gone astray   you are not going to stray anymore. You are dead now, you are not going anywhere on you own. You have joined the natural system that Allah has created to obey His will. Isn't this wonderful? This is so wonderful to be seeing consciously in the new reality. I wouldn't give anything for this, this is the life.