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  • visionaries4
    May 1 9:06 PM


      Atlanta Masjid (Jumu'ah)


      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed


      The Praise and the Thanks is for Allah, the Lord and Keeper of all the worlds. We seek Him for guidance. We turn to Him for forgiveness. We ask that He always grant us His Mercy for He is the Most Merciful the Best to grant mercy for He is the Most Merciful of all that is merciful and that His Mercy and His Forgiveness extends beyond His Wrath.

      He's not a G-d looking to see who's gone wrong to punish them. He's a G-d firstly looking to see who deserves His Kindness, who deserves His Mercy, who deserves His Love, who deserves His Help. That's what He's looking for.

      When He finds someone needing punishment He doesn't punish them the way we would think the punisher punishes. He's slow to punish then again quick to punish, depending on our own condition.

      If we have something in us to warrant G-d helping or forgiving us, or being gentle with us, then the punishment comes very slow. He hates to punish that person. But, if you are an unconscious, callous, insensitive, reckless, careless person, punishment comes quick. But, still He doesn't punish the way we think the punisher punishes.

      He leaves you to suffer the consequences of your actions.

      That's your punishment. The angels take over and they do the job and you're suffering the consequences of your actions and all you have to do to make them retreat and withdraw is change the state of your mind.

      Stop thinking the way you think and start thinking for Islam.

      Start thinking for La illaha illalla, and start thinking for Mohammed dar- Rasullah and your situation will change, the angels will withdraw and you will have a normal life again.

      G-d says the soul that is in strain or distress is persecuted, mistreated, and dominated by forces that the individual can't master, can't control, can't find relief from.

      G-d wants those who are responsible for the condition of that person to know that He's never out of the reach of that person. G-d says not even a curtain stands between G-d and that person. G-d says He answers the caller when the caller calls on Him and he is sufficient, He is enough by Himself.

      Know the power of La illaha illalla, that Kalima in our life. Mohammed dar- Rasulullah รข Know the power of the Kalima and trust it, live according to the knowledge of it.

      Don't just hear it. Learn what it means in your life. Live according to the knowledge of it and you will have salvation and not only that, you'll be a generator of life and love, and correct passions in the community.

      We need generators in this community to generate the correct human passions. To generate love and appreciation for one another and not just for G-d and His Messenger.

      Co-operation for the advancement of all of us. Let us pray to G-d for that state. Prophet Mohammed said, You will never get into the garden of Paradise until you have faith and he said you'll never have faith until you practice loving one another.

       The destination is to have honor and respect as a community and not just as individuals.

      ~ Amin ~



      As-Salaam Alaikum.

      Dear Muslims G-d says to us in the last revelation of the Qur'an that if someone holds on to faith in G-d, believing that G-d is only One, existing without any assistance from anything He has created or that exists, that  La Illaha Illala, that kalima, will pull that person out of hell-fire. That is sufficient alone to pull someone out of hell-fire.

      We know that the kalima of the Muslims is La Illaha Illala, two parts, Mohammed dar rasulullah. There is but One G-d and Mohammed is the Messenger of G-d.

      G-d says of the help He can give any soul, all the people on this earth, the whole creation, He says that He is enough. G-d suffices. G-d is sufficient by Himself.

      G-d says He is enough for any soul and then He gives us Mohammed the Prophet as a model human person so that we can always refer back to our Prophet's life. How he lived, how he managed home life, how he managed life of nations within nations, how he led the Ummah (the international community).

      We have his life and history. G-d says He's enough and Mohammed is enough too. I have enough in the model life of Mohammed to give me all the support I need and to answer all my questions.

      How should I treat my wife? He's the answer! How should I relate to my children and support my family? He's the answer! This is what we should know and it makes it very easy for us to keep the focus and live our lives with ease.

      Islam comes to make it possible for us to live our lives in Islam with ease.

      I've never seen the Hell that the scripture tells us we'll go to for major sins, but, I've seen this world and La Illaha Illala and believing it sincerely and wholly, will pull the soul out of hell-fire, then it will pull us out of the fires of sin in this world.

      Just live a life of faith, that's the answer, and know that the focus for your life is to see  G-d as One and One alone depending on nothing, existing without any aid, or assistance or help from anything.

      That means G-d doesn't have to read the Qur'an. You need to read the Qur'an. G-d doesn't need to know the history of Mohammed and follow the Sunnah.

      You need to follow the Sunnah. G-d gave us the Qur'an for ourselves, He gave us Mohammed for ourselves. Allah does not need the Qur'an. Allah does not need Mohammed the Prophet.

      No! We need it!

      G-d wants the Qur'an for us. G-d wants Mohammed for us. What does He need from us? Nothing but our obedience. Our Taqwa. Nothing but our disposition to obey Him above all other authorities.

      That's why we're called the abd of G-d. The Ibad, the plural of abd. Ya ibadullah. O' servants of G-d. That's all of us. The best name for Muhammed is abd.

      But that's the common name for all of us. We're all the abd of G-d. He's the highest, the exemplar, the model abd for all of us, but all of us are the abd of G-d. We're the servants of G-d. Ibadullah, the servants of G-d.

      G-d says, "I have not created you except to be my servants" translated, "except to worship me" or to "do service or to serve G-d". Mohammed is enough for us. Not only for us but all mankind.

      G-d says that any who believes in G-d and the Last Day, they have in Mohammed an excellent model. G-d also says of that excellent Model Mohammed the Prophet, that he suffices, his model is enough.

      We don't need it to be more saintly, we only need Mohammed. We don't need for it to be more pragmatic, no, only like Mohammed.

      We don't need it to be any more militaristic. No! Just like Mohammed.

      We don't need a leader that's more domesticated. No! Just like Mohammed.

      (A) Balanced model doing just enough in every area. A complete man with all the facets of the human being that G-d wanted him to have. Like a great jewel. So many facets contribution to it's great beauty. It's brilliance. It's luster, etc.

      He has every facet that G-d intended for all humanity. He is enough for us.

      La Illaha Illala, Mohammed dar rasulullah. That's why we should promote kalima.

      We should promote it also with the understanding that G-d saves us from servitude and slavery to forces, not just people. We always think that a person will enslave us, or a nation will enslave us or a race will enslave us. No!


      With all those things removed, what enslaves us is the wrong disposition towards things. Towards an influence. Toward a desirable thing you want. Toward your wife and toward your husband. The wrong disposition will enslave us.

      The right disposition frees us. When we see everything as Allah wants us to see it and it's all in its place under the authority of G-d. That G-d is uppermost. That G-d is always superior and that G-d authorizes my relationship with this concern, and G-d authorizes how far I am to go in indulging or obliging it.

      Whether it's a physical thing or an abstract thing, whether its an idea or a concrete thing, G-d authorizes how I am to relate to it and how far I am to go.

      That's salvation.

      When you come to that idea that's what La Illaha Illala is. Mohammed, the prayers and the peace be upon him, has taught us that and he has given us the keys for our salvation.

      La Illaha Illala is the key to our salvation. Believe in it and live it and you will have salvation.