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  • visionaries4
    Aug 3, 2008


      First Sunday Address, May 4, 2008

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed

      Part 1

       We greet you with Peace. Peace be unto all of you, As Salaam Alaikum. We live in the best times, perhaps, ever on this planet earth. I know in man's history, this is the best time ever. Jesus and Muhammed, the Prophets, peace be on both of them, pointed to this time. They said that much greater things would happen in the times ahead.


      They did not say the great­est things were happening in their time. They pointed to the future. Now we have come to that future. There is a saying that can be applied to many kinds of situations in our family life and public life and especially in this time where man is connected all over the planet earth.




      There was a time when man did not know that man was living in another place. If you were in the Old World before the New World was discovered, they thought that was all the world. They thought they already were connected with all the peo­ple; they did not know about people all over the world.


      Now we have been con­nected all over and are liv­ing in the time of a global community. Man has finally come to be one global community connected with human beings like himself all around the world. This is the first time this ever hap­pened in history.


      Do you think the Servants of Allah, Allah's Prophets, didn't know about this time coming? Yes, they did. They knew the time was to come when people would be con­nected all over the world. They knew when that time came, it was time for man to be like he was in the begin­ning.


      How was man in the beginning? In the beginning, before man made his world over G-d's Creation, we were supported by the natural world. As we progressed in our separate nations and countries and places, we got more and more out of the nature that G-d created and more out of the natural world and more under or in man's world.




      Man's world grew with the help of science that express­es itself out of nature or through nature. You cannot have the science of anything, unless you first respect nature as Allah made it. If you don't, you will have no science. They call it objectiv­ity and other names or that you take the subject who is doing the work out of the subject matter.


      If you want to develop a science of any particular area or matter, you have to study what Allah created and respect it and don't devi­ate from what it says. If you let your own self come into it and influence it, you will never arrive at the exact sci­ence.


      That alone should give us the respect for G-d and what G-d has revealed. You cannot advance yourself but so far, without respecting the order of matter and the order of nature established by "Cre­ator." If you don't believe in Creator, then it is that which was established before you touched it. You don't have to believe in Cre­ator.


      But just know you couldn't get anything, until you respected the world and its nature in its state and com­position and under its laws, etc., before you came into the picture - before you touched it. This is in Qur'an.




      Science is telling us now, and we are getting it by the way of the news media, but it is coming from science and religion, that we are living in a time now when science and religion are coming together, are compatible. The Same G-d that made the material world from which we get the scientific disci­plines is the G-d that also made human spirit.


      He established that spiri­tual life upon a logic. He cre­ated that spiritual life to one day wake up to His Plan and have insight into things, so that he can guide his life in accordance to G-d's Plan for mankind, for all people on this planet earth.


      If he does that, just as science opened up great treasures and changed the world so it is so much more convenient and comfortable for us now, likewise for the spiritual realm, the spiritual life.




      If you obey the logic estab­lished by the Creator, estab­lished by G-d Allah, and respect that logic and use it as your tool to improve upon spiritual understanding and advance your spiritual vision for the future, you will have in the spiritual realm the miracles we have in the material realm.


      These are miracles. Some will say, "No. The miracle was walking on water." You can walk on water all day long now, and no one will pay attention to you in this modern scientific world. No one has time to waste watch­ing you walk on water.


      They want to see a ship sailing on water with mate­rials coming out of the earth coming to market. Now you can get their attention.


      "Oh, G-d parted the Red Sea. That was a miracle." Yes, the water went out and they walked on dry land. I have been over there, and believe me they have earth movers now in industry that can go and change the whole waterway.


      They can dig it out, pour dirt in it, close it up and open it up somewhere. They can change the whole geog­raphy in that area.


      The Scriptures say the wind blew all night long. We have wind blowers that are powerful in industry. They can turn them on the Red Sea at that point, and you will see dry land. They will blow all of that water out of there.


      Those miracles of the past are not miracles now. The miracle now is that as suici­dal as man is, he has sur­vived his own deficiencies. He has opened up so many wonderful opportunities for human beings.


      G-d says in the Qur'an, the Book of the Muslims, and in the Bible, the Book of the Christians, that He put man in the Garden and made everything in man's sur­roundings useful to him.


      He told man that this is for you to use. The fish in the sea and whatever grows out of the land, and the Qur'an adds, even what is up in the sky - the sun moon and stars - were all made to serve man.


      Back then, man was trav­eling on the high seas and oceans and using the stars to help him find his location and keep it and follow the direction for his point of des­tination.


      This is ancient knowledge for the use of the stars. But look now how we know the composition of the planets and the objects high above in the space far away from us. We know out there are the same elements we have here - copper, iron, zinc and on and on.


      (To be continued)