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1164Imam W Deen Mohammed Treaded The Wine Press Alone, Staying Innocent

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  • visionaries4
    Jan 28, 2014
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      Imam W Deen Mohammed Treaded The Wine Press Alone, Staying Innocent

      By: Imam W Deen Mohammed (raa)

      KM: Brother Imam...[one day] I asked you, "Who is the Son of Man?"...you said, "You already know."...I see that G'd has blessed us through you and you are that light...for humanity. We are talking about the scholars of these other countries coming to agreement, I say it is happening as result of you. You created that ripple in the water...Praise be to Allah.

      IWDM: I'm a product of our experience as a people rejected and then searching for the truth like the group called the Essence, not just Muslims but Christians too, searching for the truth wanting to know where G'd wants me to take this life. The Bible said that Jesus's mother was told to flee. They were pursuing her and they were pursuing her [because] they wanted to get rid of her child. So she was told to "flee to Egypt with your child". By some strange happening G'd put Mr. Fard in our life and Mr. Fard took us to Egypt with our lives. And for a people of Essence nature, who are searching for the destiny that G'd wants for us on this earth, [struggling with] questions [that are] unanswered and some that appeared to be unanswerable is the worse form of oppression. It is the most powerful form of oppression.

      So for our mind we were under great oppression. Allah as a planner put Mr. Fard in our lives and then Mr. Fard put us in this very difficult religion to understand [or] to make sense of. We were under that and that was the new oppressor on us. Not on those who just wanted to be big-shots that wanted to think they were better than other people: Black Power, Black Supremacy, and all of that kind of stuff. No, [there was only oppression on the minds of] the real serious ones who wanted understanding and wanted that understanding to be approved by G'd. That's us in the belly of the whale or us in oppressive Egypt where the language confounds us and defeats every effort of our rational mind to arrive at the answer we want. This is the new oppressor, this is the new Egypt. Flee to Egypt with your child.

      Jesus Christ says and I come treading the wine press alone. The wine press: [that means] pressure. The wine press alone. The juice of the grapes is going to be made wine and wine tastes good and even makes your insides feel good. It makes you feel so good inside, but that same wine can befog your mind. I come pressing the wine press alone. So what is the Bible saying and what am I saying here now? That the effect of that kind of teaching, that is so difficult to understand, on your mind can be like wine and take you out of your right mind. But if you can keep your good mind and work with the ideas and symbols that can take away your good senses and make you dizzy in your head; if you can remain faithful and rational long enough, eventually you will be able to drink this and it will have no effect on you to befog your mind. The effect would be to clear your mind. The same thing that would make the average non-believer or misguided person drunk, won't make you drunk, it clears up your senses. And Jesus Christ said "I come treading the wine press alone". [He is saying] that the innocence that I got is what's needed to bring the truth out of these cloudy matters and if you don't have this innocence you can't do it. Leave it only to my innocence, nobody else can do it. And that's the truth. Look how many we had of all these black coffee drinkers and fasting brothers in the Nation of Islam, crazy Jabbar [or] Herbert, and all these trying to get the knowledge and my brother going to Egypt for Arabic and he comes back home and has nothing for us, nothing to help us. But Wallace D. Mohammed, the one that was named, the only one that was able to drink the wine and clear up his head. Praise be to Allah.