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1152Slaves Were Not African Christians But African Muslims

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  • visionaries4
    Jan 6, 2014
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      Adult Dawa Classes - Chicago, Illinois

      Slaves Were Not African Christians But African Muslims

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed (raa)

      Arabic as Our Second Language

      Slaves Were Not African Christians But Africans Muslims


      One day we should have Arabic as a second language, we came from Muslim Africa many of us not all of us and understand this, they won’t tell you this even the historians probably won’t tell you at one point the American Christians of this part of the world they told the slave traders who were importing slaves not to bring Christians in here, it was a sin to enslave a Christian. So they weren’t enslaving Christians they were enslaving Africans who had their traditional religion and Muslims.


      They found out that some Christians had been put in slavery then they started to protest that and the slave traders knew they were not supposed to bring Christians as slaves.  So they brought those who worshiped family, ancestor spirits, the spirit of their ancestors and animists, African tribal religion and a lot of Muslims. We know it because we have pictures, my father had a picture and he kept it from the paper of slaves being sold on the slave block with their Muslim dress on, the head garb and you knew right away that was a Muslim. 


      Now our brother from our community has done research on Muslim slaves who were brought into America and sold into slavery and they have documented so many.  And then Dr. C. Eric Lincoln was doing a work before he passed and he said he had found hundreds of names of Muslims who were brought to America and sold in slavery.  And it was another brother from our community who is doing it not the same one I mentioned earlier and I hear that he has documented a big number of slaves who were Muslim brought to America.


      If they can find that many you can imagine how many it was I don’t think they can find too many. I don’t think too many would have been educated enough to bring notice to themselves from the society like Ibn Syid a very popular slave in America, in writings or publications by American authors and Bilal, there are others.


      Arabic second language and Spanish our third language

      Black American Muslims should speak five languages


      I think we should make Arabic a second language, one day we hope that our children in our schools, our institutions will have Arabic as a second language. English first because that is the must to continue to use the English language for our needs to communicate but we should make Arabic our second language, we should make Spanish our third language.


      And I hope one day we will have a minimum of five languages, everybody in our community will speak at least five languages.  This is not a dream this is real this can happen all you have to do is work for it, the educators in our community work for it and we’ll have that.


      France dominated Algeria


      We need to speak French my father told us that because those are in Africa. Our African brothers and sisters over there if you can’t speak French you’ll miss communicating with a lot of them because of French presence over there on that soil. The French dominated some areas of Africa for a little while like Algeria they tried to stay there it was just too tough they finally got them out they have influences there, their language is there and their influences.  The Italian is over there too not many but the Italians were in Morocco and a few other places. 


      The French, Italians, the British were definitely over there over Egypt, the Belgian Congo and many other area.  Belgian is Europe but they put that name on it.  They used to have names like French Morocco you may not have heard of it but that used to be its name.  French Morocco meant that part of Morocco that was occupied by the French.   En sha Allah swt we will learn these languages and require in our school curriculum the study of Arabic as a second language, Spanish as the third language and one day en shaa Allah we will include a couple of others that are spoken in Africa.


      Hispanics denied their life

      Acculturated and slaves left as shells of a person


      Spanish is desired because Spanish people are our neighbors, Mexico, South America and they are our brothers and sisters in humanity and they have been mistreated just like we have. They were denied their own life just like we were denied ours, their life was taken from them with no respect at all for their ancestors the same thing that happened to us. I’m not sad or angered because they became Christians but the way they became Christian angers me.  They came and imposed upon them with no respect for their ancestral life, you uproot a people you take all their roots away from them and then you leave them with nothing but what you give them and they become a shell of a person, but you’re a whole person you have the contents of your ancestors in you but you leave them a shell of a person and they have to fill in that emptiness with what you provide for them, that is wrong.