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1149Christians Say: "Jesus Come To Do Away With The Law"

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  • visionaries4
    Jan 4, 2014
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      Christians Say: "Jesus Come To Do Away With The Law"

      By: Imam W Deen Mohammed (raa)

      Now they say Jesus comes to do away with the law, right? Is that what they say? So the law was against drinking, the law was against eating blood. But now, you don't have to drain the blood, you don't have to do no halal killing, it's okay. Don't worry about the pig, it's okay to eat it. The drinking is okay. So if the pig is okay, if the drinking is okay, if the blood is okay, if these forbidden things are okay, okay, what about fornication, what about adultery, what about lying, what about stealing, what about killing? 

      So the land that preach that is filled with all of these crimes. That's right. You don't find any land suffering these crimes as much as you find the land that can preach that kind of idea. You find suffering most or on the highest level in the land that preaches that idea. 

      I come to fulfill law not destroy it 

      Matthew 5:17

      17. Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill. 

      Now, if read that Bible with a pure heart, even with its veil, heavy  veil of darkness over the truth, they will see the truth. Because Jesus said, "I come not to change law, but to fulfill it. To fulfill. So what does it mean 'fulfill it'? Said, "And I will write the law upon your hearts!" So Jesus comes to show that you don't have to have nobody to force you to obey G-d's law. If you love G-d then you'll obey G-d out of love for G-d. So that's where they make the mistake. A lot of Christians don't buy this kind of ___ that they have in the way. They don't drink whiskey, they don't commit adultery, they don't eat pork. That's true, a lot of Christians - they still obey the law. And what's making them obey the law? Love of G-d - their hearts! So they're getting up and saying that the New Testament the Gospel, when it says 'my first Commandment is Love G-d!' Gives only one Commandment. And this Commandment is not on the law. 

      Commandment that will bring the Spirit of G-d.  Says “And the Spirit comes, the Truth comes, it will lead you into all truth.  So how can your spirit conform to the Will of G-d if the doing of that depends on you loving G-d, because if you don’t love G-d more than you love the things of the world, you’re going to kill your spirit in the things of the world.  But once you love Allah more than you love the world, and you love His [preachers] too, his commandment of the true found preachers, La elaha illallah, Muhammed Rasulullah.  Love G-d and love His preachers too, connected in that one commandment is our shahada: La elah illallah, Muhammedar Rasulullah.   because Muhammed is a mortal man, he’s a common man, in his symbol, he represents the masses of people or the universal man.  So if you love G-d, love also His prophet.  If you understand, this is a creation.  See in the Qur’an we started off ____.

      Hebrew 8:10

      8. For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, saith the Lord; I will put my laws into their mind, and write them in their hearts: and I will be to them a God, and they shall be to me a people: 

      Lets continue now.  “He enjoins on them that which is right and forbids them that which is wrong.”  That should remind you that Jesus didn’t open the flood gates of sin.  His law wasn’t to open the flood gates of sin; but his law was to fulfill what had been put in tablets.   That he shall write the law on their hearts.

      Meaning people shall do it because they love G-d, not because law enforcers are making them do it.  So stop depending on law enforcement, depend on the love of G-d.