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1147We Must Grow & Get Knowledge of Self

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  • visionaries4
    Dec 20, 2013
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      We Must Grow & Get Knowledge of Self 
      By Imam W Deen Mohammed (raa)

      G'd wants me to grow and grow and grow. So He put in me a mysterious makeup that forces me, the world doesn't occupy me, myself will occupy me.

      What am I? I am the will of G'd. Where did I come from? I was created by G'd. When? From time immeasurable. Where was I before this visible creation? I was with G'd. How was I with G'd? G'd had the will to do me before He made creation. So I was with G'd, and then G'd brought about His will by creating the physical world. Finally it gave birth to me, my identity, the object of creation. I am the object. I am the purpose of creation. Creation wasn't made for nothing. Creation was made so that it would manifest or produced me.

      Once it produced me then G'd's purpose began working independently of creation. Creation now has been freed from creation to carry out G'd's will that is above and beyond creation. Is that right? Look, I hope you follow me now. So G'd created me now and now here He has separated, freed me from the physical creation. I don't have to obey physical creation. I can turn backward, go against it. I can do all kind of crazy things. I can change my nature. Take on any old nature. Break the laws of gravity. Break all the laws. Yes, because G'd has freed me from creation. After He created what He wants, then He cut me loose. So I move out independently now and the movement that He has put me on He has fixed it. I can't get out of it. It is to find more and more knowledge of myself.