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1142The Spirit That Comes From G-d Cannot Be Killed

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  • visionaries4
    Dec 17, 2013
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      The Spirit That Comes From G-d Cannot Be Killed
      By Imam W Deen Mohammed (raa) 
      We are living in the best times that human beings have experienced on this planet earth. No human being has even imagined a time like what we are in, in its full picture. They had hints of it and predicted it and prophesied it. But they could not imagine the full picture we are seeing now.

      Could you imagine our great religious teachers of the past, living a thousand or two thousand years ago, what would happen to their minds, if they were suddenly put where we are right now? The little things we are talking about, they won't hear a thing we are saying. They will marvel at an airplane taking off, saying, "This is more than I imagined!"

      But they knew the world was going to do bigger and better and greater things. They knew that the time was going to come, when the intellect was completely free. The old orders from government feared what people thought and feared that you would think something that would challenge them and sell to their public something better than what they had for the public.

      They persecuted and killed people, killing off the minds to preserve the order that they had. They did not want anything coming in to disturb that order.

      We read about the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ, which is the death of Socrates told all over again. This is why this whole passage is left out of the Qur'an. The Qur'an says, no, he (Jesus) was not crucified: "They neither crucified him nor killed him."

      Why? Jesus was the Word and Spirit that come from G-d, and you cannot kill the Spirit that comes from G-d. You cannot crucify it. You cannot kill or crucify the Word that comes from G-d.

      We should be prepared for education in religion that respects our adult minds and adult intelligence. I went to churches, because I wanted to hear and see for myself.

      I said to myself, "If I am going to preach to Christians" - and that was who we were preaching to, inviting them to the Temple - "I should understand what they have."

      I read the Bible and also went to the churches. I went to the Presbyterian Church and to the Catholic Church, but first I went to the Holiness Church. My people were closest to the Holiness Church. I went to the Baptist Church. I respected the Church. I won't even hint anything that would disrespect it.

      We have to reform, too. The truth comes like nature comes. The natural world comes at us and mystifies us. Before education, when people heard the thunder roar and saw the lightning flashing, they were terrified.

      It mystified them, and they started fearing things and started to perceive those things to have powers much greater than them. They made them gods and started praying to those things. They worshipped those things that they could not understand.

      So the process of learning also has been a process of elimination. You perceive things and thought they had power and thought they were g-d, and finally you had to say "no" to them. Abraham finally said, "La illaha illal-lah" - "There is no deity except The One G-d, The Creator of Everything."