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1139Three Required To Do Jumah and Fard Prayers

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  • visionaries4
    Nov 25, 2013
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      Three Required To Do Jumah and Fard Prayers

      By Imam W Deen Mohammed (raa)

      Matters are judged by intentions. The Prophet said, we only need three to perform Jumah prayer. You know we hope to have many more than three people but if we have three people we can do Jumah. If we have three people we can do any prayer including Jumah and Eid prayers.

      Three pray, one in front is the spirit of G-d

      There is three again, body, mind and spirit. So if it is three of us, one stands to the left, one stands to the right and the third one goes out in front, right? The third one is the leader, it represents the leader in the leadership that G-d wants for the world. He wants the third one in the front, that is the spirit. We want the spirit of G-d to be in our leader, he stands out in front.

      Two praying, the left leads like Joseph, the right trusts his Mind

      Now if we don't have him, a man inspired, or a man who knows how to follow the spirit that G-d wants in us, we just have two, on the left, that man leads the prayer, not the one on the right. He is the leader. So who is the one on the right? The one on the right is the one who trusts his mind. Who is the one on the left? The left is the one who follows his moral nature G-d created for him, he obeys the moral nature G-d created. He is like Joseph. He is supposed to be in the form like Joseph is in.

      So we pick the moral man, the clean and upright moral man and he leads us though we know more in the world than he knows. But if we have the third one, the one inspired by G-d, the one who has G-d's spirit in him then he is our leader he steps out in front.