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1133The Story of Joseph - Part III

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  • visionaries4
    Nov 20, 2013



      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed

      When did he take on wrong beliefs?  He didn't have wrong beliefs when his brothers took him.  He was with his father.  He was just young.  He didn't have knowledge and insight.  He was just young.  But he didn't have any false beliefs.  The sign that he didn't have any false belief was the charge of animal blood being on his shirt.  And the old man said, "I don't believe that".  That boy wouldn't do anything like that.  That boy doesn't mess around with any animals.  So where did he get that wrong belief?  He got the wrong in that good situation with the powerful people of the land.  Where did we get our wrong beliefs?  Where did we get our shirk?  Where did we get our idolatry?  Didn't we get it when they said you are free now to have your Christianity just like we have our Christianity?  Then we became guilty of believing in more then one G-d— of saying G-d has a son who is G-d and there are three G-ds.  That is when we came into that.  And like Joseph when we stood up and declared the true belief in G-d, they put us in prison.  They put us in prison.  When we were guilty of shirk, they put us on "Sixty minutes".  They put us on prime time television.  They told the whole world our message and showed us respect.  They even tried to justify our hate by saying, "The hate that hate produced".  In other words, "They are not guilty of that hate.  Hate has produced their hate.  We admire their militancy.  We admire their discipline.  We admire them for their cleanliness.  Oh they are like us.  They say that man is G-d.  And they don't believe in hereafter.  These are truly our boys.  They don't want our women.  Take note, we favor these niggers over those integrationists".  But as soon as we stood up under the influence of our moral nature and said, "Hey, this is the true Islam.  That was false Islam".  Then they said, "Hey lock him up in prison.  Cast him with the violent— Jim Jones and others". 

      He called them his companions.  Isn't that a wonderful man?  He knew of his excellence.  But in the prison, he looked at the circumstances of those in prison with him.  He wanted to help them.  He helped them and call them his companions —his companions in that situation.  He said, "I follow the ways of my fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and never could we attribute any partners what so ever to G-d.  That comes of the grace of G-d to us and to mankind.  Yet most men are not grateful".  Now look!  These twelve Israelis' were supposed to have been the favorites-right?  Israel —because after all according to the western people in the religion they say that Jacob became Israel —and Israel is the favorite —the favored.  And no one can get the special blessings that G-d has for Israel except through Israel.  You have to get from Israel.  You can't get it directly from G-d.  You have to get it by coming through Israel.  And you can not be called one by inheritance.  You will be one by adoption.  Don't forget that! 

      Now, what does our book say of this special group?  It says, "That comes of the Grace of G-d to us and to mankind".  Not just to us, but kind favors to all men as he favors us.  Do you see that?  Most of us would miss that, "On us and on all people".   So, here is Joseph —he is the true one.  Joseph, he can't lie.  Joseph says, "Yes— this special gift that you see now in me— it has come through our ancestors down to me.  But it is not just for us.  It is for all people".  He said, "O my two companions of the prison, I ask you, are many lords differing among themselves better, or is the one Lord, Supreme and Irresistible?"  So, here the attributes that they put on Egypt —the subduer —is changed a bit to make it a more powerful subduer.  And it is given as the name of our G-d— Al Qahhar.  Qahhirah is Egypt —means something that makes it seems that you are under a spell.  It captivates you and subdues you.  And here is the name of our G-d given now— more powerful than that —Al Qahhar.  He is the Subduer.  That is to tell Egypt —you can't subdue.  G-d is the Subduer.  Yes —you try to subdue them.  You are going to wash out their conscience.  You are going to drown their conscience.  You are going to drown their senses.  Well— there is One that is powerful enough to drown you out.  And wasn't that the fate of Pharaoh and his hosts?  They got drowned in the sea— though he called himself the lord.  He said, "I recognize no G-d but me".  That is what Pharaoh said.  I wondered how he sounded when that water was going down his throat. 

      And Joseph continues now, "O my two companions of the prison.  I ask you are many lords differing among themselves better then the one G-d, Supreme and Irresistible?"  Now, we are told in Christianity or by the Christians that actually the three are three in one.  But, we are told also that they differ.  They are three in one, and yet they differ.  How do they differ?  The father is the G-d  as conceived or presented in the Old Testament.  The son is the g-d as conceived or presented in the New Testament.  If they were the same, they wouldn't have asked for a new g-d.  They are different.  The g-d of the Old Testament is not like the g-d of the New Testament.  Now, here are g-ds differing with one another.  Now that is like one coming from fascist rule.  One man who used to rule the land, or a particular people, or a world –who was a fascist.  He was cruel man.  He used power in a brutal way.  And then they change now and send another —and he says, "My image is soiled in the world.  Now I am going to have a son that is not like me.  He is going to be just the other extreme.  Now, I am firm, now he is going to be forgiving.  As I have been firm to the extreme, he is going to be forgiving to the extreme.  As I have been so firm to the extreme that I have castrated men because they messed over my faithful ones.  So just as I have gone to the extreme— I have burned up nations;  I have set fire over it;  I have just licked up worlds with fire-- I am going to present one now that is going to be to the other extreme.  As I have been firm and strict to the extreme, this one is going to be mild and forgiving to the extreme.  So forgiving, that he is going to accept them to crucify him, kill him.  And he is going to say, `I forgive you".  Now, you are going to tell me they are not different.  They are different.  Those two purported g-ds are not the same, they are different.  And the choice of the child over the father is because the old image was rejected.  They rejected the old image of g-d.  So if g-d the father is not in the bad image, He is good— how did he become good?  He became good by repenting.  When he decided to re-introduce himself through his son that would be the other extreme— the mild lord.  When he decided that, he repented from his old ways and became the new man. So these are still different g-ds.  So you say, "Well the father he is good just like the son.  He is the son".  Well, if he is the son, what was he before?  So through his son, he has repented.  So the son not only has become the savior of the world, the son has become the savior of the image of his father.  There is no way to get around that.  So, they are different.  Now, here comes the Holy Ghost in Christianity —still different.  Jesus, he accepted all kinds of abuses.  "But the Gospel says.". You bring this attitude to the Holy Ghost, it won't be forgiven.  That is what it says.  You can do these things to the son but to the Holy Ghost— if you do it, it will not be forgiven.  So, there is still another one that is different.  The first one is adamant, is not accepting to bow or bend to anything.  Then the son is coming— so sweet.  Now here comes the Holy Ghost —"I don't take any stuff either".  "I am a mystery, but I don't take any stuff.  Now don't play with me like you played with the son".  So these are different.  I am not making a joke.  Believe me, I don't have a spirit to joke with this.  They are different!  And that is what Allah is telling us in the revelation to Muhammed.  He is telling us by way of hints and allusions— that these Christian Trinitarian ideas –they claim as one- and g-d is three in one— but they have differing g-ds.  They are not three in one   They are not all the same.  They are differing with each other.

      And Muslims you must understand!  Many of us are so recent— right from the Holy Ghost session.  And we come in and say, "I am a Muslim.  My name is Rasheed Hameed.  And I am a Muslim now".  But we still have the conditioning from the church life.  And we get over here and we think, "They believe basically the same as we do".  You are wrong.  "And we are to respect their beliefs".  You are wrong.  We are to respect their goodness.  We are to respect their innocence.  We are not to respect their falsehoods.  By that I mean we are not to go to a church and make them feel uncomfortable— attacking what they believe in.  But if we think they are sensible enough, sober enough in their minds and hearts to stand for us to read Qur'an concerning their troubles –their trouble spots in their beliefs— we should have the courage to go to the church and read Qur'an to them.

      Allah says in this Qur'an, highly glorified is He—, He says to the people of the book, "Please stop saying three. It will be better for you if you only understood".  So, Allah is not tolerating their belief in… three in one.  It is plainly said.  Stop that!  Now you are Muslims— some of you say you are responsible for the Dawah— for inviting the people to this religion.  So what are you going to do?  Are you going to go out there and tell them it is ok to believe in that g-d is three in one?  Or will you tell them what Allah says in the Qur'an? "Please stop doing that.  It is best if you only understood".  That should be your message to the church.  To go to them and tell them, "Look!  You have confusion here.  Stop this.  It is best for you if you only understood".  Tell them what G-d says in your book!  And maybe you will earn the favor G-d back on your people.