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1121Muhammed The Prophet Was A Real Human Being

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  • visionaries4
    Nov 7, 2013
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      Muhammed The Prophet Was A Real Human Being

      By Imam W Deen Mohammed (raa)


      As Salaam Alaikum Imam Mohammed

      Imam WD Mohammed:

      Wa Alaikum As Salaam my sister.


      I was talking to a person and we were waiting for you one day we were in a conversation and this came out of the conversation and I said I wanted to address it here. Someone told me that Prophet Muhammed pbuh was the only physical man to walk this earth as a Prophet, the other Prophets were not human beings physically. This person then said "That was how they were able to tell the lies in religion. And I said "How did they communicate the message?" And they said "Through Allah's swt nature." And that  "Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) was the only human Prophet."

      Nature governs all things and G-d is over nature

      Imam WD Mohammed:

      We don't use the language "G-d's nature," others use it we say "G-d's Self, G-d's Nafs," because nature implies a thing that is in the world created by G-d.

      Nature is created by G-d, but G-d is not nature, G-d is above nature and independent of nature.  Everything has a nature that governs it G-d has nothing governing His Soul or His Self, His Nafs. Let me make some comments, 1 say I'm commenting not necessarily answering.

      Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) is the only man that is in history, not just in the history of his people but in the history of the world with his life, with his birth and with his works he came into the history of the world, not just in the history of Arabia. Whereas the other Prophets they are found only in history of the people who claim those Prophets. And they came into the history of the world from their history.

      Prophets were types in the plural body and not individuals

      Qur’an 4.171: Jesus was a word and spirit 

      1 Corinthians 12.12; The Body Christ

      "For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ."

      We know Muhammed the Prophet (pbuh) lived on this earth, we know his family members still survive, where are the family members of Jesus? They are trying to find James the brother of Jesus Christ they thought they found him. But just recently in the paper they said it turned out to be bogus, false. So they don't have it there is no record of it. I believe and I'm not asking you to believe as I believe, believe what you're comfortable with. I believe that these other Prophets are types only and the type was not in a single human being only, the type was in their people.

      Jesus was a plural body not an individual

      So I believe the real Moses was this spirit and this condition for the human being in a few of the people called Jews. I believe that he is a plural body, not a single body, the same for Jesus who said that he was a plural body and said that he is a sign. And Allah swt said that he is a spirit and a word from G-d, right?

      So I believe all those figures were plural bodies not one, now you want to know what is real look what happened to the followers of Jesus Christ, now this is in history what happened to the Christians. What happened to him? Nothing, but they do have a record of what happen to his followers they were persecuted, they were crucified, made to suffer, great sufferings.

      So the crucifixion of Jesus in my sense is the treatment that the followers got and what forced the church to go up in the sky and not attend to matters down here on earth is given all in the Bible in the language called the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, that is what I believe. So 1 see Jesus Christ not as an individual person, I don't think he ever was a single human being or person but that type and that spirit and that life, that protest, that determination to serve G-d for the good of mankind in a group of people not just one person.

      Now most likely all groups have one leader don't they? Yes, but I don't think that one leader was his own leader, he was that group's leader, a representative of his group. In other words he didn't have to inspire or educate a group of followers they all were inspired and they all were educated and they all were protesting and most likely they had a representative, but that is not the Jesus Christ 1 see in scripture, that representative would not be that Jesus Christ, that representative is the Word of G-d. The Word of G-d goes into anybody who will receive it and the representative is the spirit of G-d. And the spirit of G-d goes into anybody who will receive it, not an individual person but in Muhammed's (pbuh) case yes, an individual person.

      Jesus Christ was the result of a group of people

      And when you think about Jesus Christ wasn't there people working for his birth, planning his birth? That is what the Bible tells us, so he was their effort wasn't he? He is the result of their effort. And in the case of Moses wasn't it the same? People were working for his birth, planning his birth that is why they both are plural bodies.

      Abraham was a community, a plural body 

      Qur’an 16.120; Abraham was a community

      Abraham was indeed a model (Ummah, community) devoutly obedient to Allah (and) true in faith and he joined not gods with Allah:

      Abraham is a plural body not a single man, he represents a movement in people that G-d inspired. Now I told you I'm not asking you to believe what I say, believe what you feel comfortable with. I know some of you from church life you can't believe your savior did not exist exactly as they told you. I love you my Christian brothers and sisters.