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1114Suratal Mustaqim - The Path of Uprightness

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  • visionaries4
    Nov 3, 2013
      Suratal Mustaqim - The Path of Uprightness
      By Imam W Deen Mohammed (raa)

      I haven't gotten off my subject of Suratal Mustaqim, The Path of Uprightness. Allah obligates us who say we believe in Islam and accept our Lord and His Servant Muhammed, prayers and peace be upon him, to be witnesses in the world. What is said does not just mean "be a people," it says "be a strong people, a firm people standing upon justice. You are witnesses for Allah"

      Allah wants some witnesses down here on this earth, witnessing what Allah wants in man. What Allah wants for man is justice on this earth. If we are weak in faith, we are going to be weak in courage. We are going to be fearful. The scriptures that came in Qur'an are not saying anything less."The fearful and unbelieving shall have their part in hellfire."

      Dear brothers and sisters, who do you, fear? Do you fear man or do you fear Allah? If you fear man more than you fear Allah, you are not a believer. If you fear the governments of the world more than you fear Allah, you are not a believer. A believer faces the whole world, not one government but all of the governments of man.

      He will face the whole world and be killed and die and smile as he dies.He knows who is allah and will die rather than have the world take him into disobedience to Allah. The Bible knew that even Jesus Christ's followers would be too fearful and too weak to stand up for what he stood up for after he was gone. The same thing has happened to Muhammed. In every respect, we see Jesus Christ and Muhammed right together. This community of Prophet Muhammed, when he went away, they betrayed him. And now we have a so-called ummah which is prostituted.

      The Prophet Muhammed said that his ummah would go into darkness, but it would rise again as it rose the first time. How did it rise the first time? It was on the backs of people strong in faith - not rich in material things, not rich in the knowledge of the world, not graduates of colleges and universities, not learned leaders in the scriptures. They were people who could not even read scriptures.

      That people were chosen to build the first community of Islam in Medinah, tin Mecca, in Saudi Arabia, in Fez, Morocco, and in different places, in Iran that was then called Persia, until it reached Spain and parts of Europe, into France, even. But it started right there with that people who nobody expected could shoulder on their backs the whole country or government. They didn't think those people could ever be responsible for government life.

      There was no Plato, no Aristotle. The verse came to a man who couldn't read scripture, telling him: "Read in the Name of your Lord, Who created." And he became the new leader to lead the learned, enlightened world - Muhammed, the Unlearned, became that leader. "Read and your Lord is Most Bountiful." It says in another place in Qur'an: "And He shall enrich you. He shall give you abundantly."

      We have to stand up as a people for justice. But we can't, until we are first a people strong in faith, because the world intimidates you. It will make you fear for your life and your family's life. It will make you fearful for your community life.