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1113Major Religions Influence The Majority of the World Population

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  • visionaries4
    Oct 31, 2013
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      Major Religions Influence The Majority of the World Population

      By Imam W Deen Mohammed (raa)

      In the world today there are publics, populations their way of thinking is influenced by Judaism, Christianity and Al Islam. There are other publics influenced by Buddhism, Hinduism and many other religions, the great majority of people on this planet are influenced by those major religions.  And all of these religions place great value on the human person and they invite the human person to wake up to the human value that they have by virtue of their creation, that they were created human. If you were created human you have special possibilities for your life that are not open to any other life except human life. Not even the angels according to revelations have the freedom that human beings have. The angels do not have the freedom  to alter creation and re-create and get the great satisfaction in their souls, spirit and minds of doing things worthwhile, beautiful and helpful to society not only of the community of the family of man, but to the community of animals as well. 

      Man has made history and if you study history you will see that man has made progress. If you go get a book that is a thousand years old and look at the human environment, its miseries, diseases and etc., and look at it now you will see that man has made progress. If you get a history book and read of what was existing for us just two or three hundred years ago you’ll see we have made progress. I have been living as a Chicagoan for most of my life and I know Chicago seventy years ago. When I was a baby in Chicago that is not the Chicago that I look at now, it was a backwards city when I look at the city of Chicago now. Traveling around in the city was not as convenient as it is now, the smell of the air was not as nice as it is now because horse drawn vehicles were going down the street and horses were dropping their waste on the street and you could smell that sometimes if you walked or road down the streets. 

      So man is making progress.  How are we making progress?  We’re making progress by building upon that work that others did before us, building upon that which was good for human life that others left with us, building upon the progress in the material environment that others left with us. Fathers and mothers passing on their life story of their mothers and fathers.  Passing it on to their children, passing on the wisdom and the good advice, passing on the good nature to their children, this is how we have made progress. If we stop doing that then we will not have progress we start to go backwards instead of forward, we start to go down instead of up, this is life and this is history.  So let us all recognize this, become aware of these things and think seriously about life, don’t make a joke of life, don’t take life for a joke. Don’t make your life a life of play.   You’re not babies anymore I’m looking at an audience here of mostly grownups, very few children are in here.