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1110Rise Up On The Air - Part 1

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  • visionaries4
    Oct 28, 2013
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      Rise Up On The Air
      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed

      With Allah's Name, The Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer

      He aspired to rise up on the air and become prince of the air; prince of the air means: he's gone to rule the air.

      His scheme was to first, rule the waters and he used the science of the ancient nations to get that. That enabled them to get in the world of man's water and rule him.

      So, here Professor Fard is telling us the story of Yakub coming and grafting the world of the ancient knowledge into a new thing, he's creating a new people with what he's using, grafting out of the original man...grafting a devil out of the original man.

      Now, those pagans weren't devils, they were just masters of the human psychology or the soul of the people. And they were able to dominate with their rule and keep the people please with their rule.

      Now, here comes a new visionary and he's gotten some help from some of G'd's revelation to his prophets. Now he's using the insight and revelation to His prophets or the nature of the original man, the science of how to rule the original man, how to master and kill the original man (That's Fard's teaching).

      So, he gets this knowledge now aided and supported by the ancient nations, who were idols' - idol worshippers. Not really in reality, they were not idol worshippers.

      Their idols represented their wisdom, their psychology for mastering the souls of people. And it was only their general population, or their citizenry that was conditioned to accept those idols as having power.

      They're brought into focus by The Qur'an: "We know these things can't speak" but, they are means for communicating or reaching our objective, which is to rule and dominate the masses of the general population.

      We rulers don't buy it, we know they can't speak. But, these are means for us to capture the ignorant or the uninformed in this particular science, or matter, and master them, so they don't become a problem for our rule... for our leadership.

      That tells me, that we have under estimated the ancient world. They weren't a bunch of stupid people worshipping idols, no, they were scientific and those idols represented only facets of human nature; different facets of human nature. And where this position is formed in the formation of human sensitivities and sensibilities can take society. If you manage that, then you can ride upon the constitution of human nature. If you know how it's constituted, then you can ride on that, it can become your donkey, it can become your horse, it can become your animal, it can become your Mercedes Benzes, it can become your seven-forty-seven...If you study and know it, it can become your transport, to carry you as the leader of the world, to take you where you want to take the world. So, this is what they learned.

      Mr. Fard or Professor Fard or Master Fard, (he was a master in his sciences). Called Yakub a grafted devil!

      So, here comes a world that's formed by conspirators among the Zionist; here comes a world that will be a demonic, satanic world. Is that what we have here?

      So, see if we know how to read what Mr. Fard was trying to give us, in hopes that one day we'll see in a different light and not take it literally, but learn to decode it.

      I think the word is encrypted; to take a body of language and influence it until the real communication is difficult to reach. If you look at the word 'encrypt', it's from the word crypt which means, very hard to understand and almost impossible to understand. When you look at that word 'encrypt', you can pronounce it 'crib', you can pronounce the 'p' with a 'b'... that's what it's a play on, 'take you back into the crib' where you can't perceive reality, you're a baby that can't perceive reality. Then, put you on a road to understanding, that is language of a different nature; it's not a language of simple reality, it's a language that seems to be on the surface in direct conflict with reality. Put you on that road of Myth and Satire.

      For Fard, it's more satire than myth. Put you on that road from baby innocence in the head.

      So, when Mr. Fard said: this world of the white man is false, his knowledge is false and your knowledge is different. When you were in your original life and world, you wrote history, you didn't depend on the white man's history. And you wrote history to last for twenty-five thousand years and you renewed your history every twenty-five thousand years.

      Now we buy that because we trust the teacher, so now he's encrypting us! By conditioning us to reject everything we have learned and as far as progress for the human intelligence... he has put us back in the crib.

      So, really the language of the so-called learned say, 'crypt' it's a play on 'crib'; capturing your innocence in infancy and giving you their language that guides you to follow them in the dark.

      You take an innocent mind; you can give it darkness and tell it "it's light". It ain't light. It's worse than darkness, it has become so intensely dark that its worse than nature darkness.

      You see it's that nature sleeper; he's not as far from reality as the spiritual sleeper in their new language.

      In the Church, I hate to put it like that...but in the church the sleeper in the church is in a deeper sleep than the man that never met the word of G'd. He's in a deeper sleep and further away from reality than the man who never met a 'Word from G'd'.

      You have to take him out of the language environment that he's been shaped in or form him out of his original nature. And you have to create a new language environment for him that will bring him back to have faith like a baby; trusting you, 'this world is wrong for me". Now feed me, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, give us a look at this world that you want us in.

      So, even after The Hon. Elijah Muhammad's teachings, we need another transformation. How are we going to get that transformation, if we're not taken off one language dependency, and put on another language dependency? That's what we had to do and it worked.

      Once we're put in a new language environment, and we have faith in it, that 'new language environment' if it has directions and it's directions is the arrival at The Qur'an, and Muhammed's Leadership, then once you get there you're truly free, truly free.

      And you have dropped all the wrappings of the old reality, so that you can come bare and alone, like a baby stripped from his mother, into a new world of The Qur'an and Muhammed's Leadership.

      The world that we have to come out of, is nothing but a world of wrappings. They say, 'he has risen' the one who was captured and put away and thought to be dead.

      'He has risen and the proof that he has risen, is here are the wrappings.' He's not wearing them anymore, that's proof that he has risen.

      Now, behind Mr. Fard, The Hon. Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm; an articulate spokesperson for what The Hon. Elijah Muhammad was bringing to the black man and the world; how do you destroy that influence on the new black man? You have to wrap him up again.

      'So, let us create a generation of wrappers (rappers). So, they can wrap the black man up again. We like what we see in them, what they're hungering for, so let's free it so we can become popular leaders and reach the public like Malcolm was doing for The Hon. Elijah Muhammad.

      And as far as their intellectual potential, it won't be able to express itself except through a 'rapper' for their womb of their life, so that there Me anew will never be touched. Because, what we're putting on their brain is just like putting a wrapper on their joint. So, when they screw their public, they won't produce any babies. This new mindset is a wrapper.'

      Isn't that what we've been seeing?

      They can't carry the intelligence of the black people forward. All they can do is give you a time-x that can't reach the womb. They're wearing wrappers.

      But, see how the satan gets into our culture?

      We have preachers that call themselves rappers to replace the old leadership of the church and temple under The Hon. Elijah Muhammad. So, who got the young, who's got the new generation? Not the Church... the W-Rappers!

      Satan has learned how to put w-rapping on their minds, that effect the power or freedom of their minds to impregnate the intelligence of the masses; just like a rubber, that's called a wrapper, also keeps the life germ from reaching the female mate to reproduce you and her. So, the mind is no more reproductive.

      Like my father use to say, "brother are you shooting blank bullets. What's the matter? You and the sister been married all this time, are you shooting blank bullets?"

      So, this w-rapper is a conspiracy, this w-rapper is a big conspiracy against black leadership. They want to make sure they don't get another one to captivate the young like Malcolm did. Make sure that doesn't happen again, just put w-rappers on... so, when they express themselves, they go beyond the w-rapper, all they can produce is another w-rapper. This knowledge comes from the secret Jew, the Zionist Jew.