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1109Diabetes and The Richman: The Plan to Capture The World

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  • visionaries4
    Oct 26, 2013
      Diabetes and The Richman: The Plan to Capture The World
      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed (raa)

      With Allah's Name The Beneficent, Most Merciful Redeemer

      There was a plan by the Zionist devils. (They don't see themselves as devils, they see themselves as angels). Iblis called himself an angel didn't he, that's why he was up there leading angels.

      There was a plan to capture the world for themselves.

      One of the strategies for getting the world was through secret plans to manage the human nature and progress the human nature. So, whoever can be successful in achieving that will have the world.

      G'd revealed His Word to mankind, so that man would be responsible for his own nature. And for advancing that nature in the rich world, that G'd put that nature in, to get benefit from.

      There's no satan in Judaism. There's no devil in Judaism. You'll never hear a Jew preaching and say devil, have you? Or a Jew preaching shaitan or devil?

      And 'shaitan' is how they would pronounce it, the 'sh' is for Arabic; a Semitic language and the same as it is for Hebrew a Semitic language. So, they won't say satan as the Christians say, they will say shaitan as we say. So, it'll be shaitan for them. Sometimes our S for them becomes 'sh'...we say 'salaam', they say 'shalom'.

      So, if they were to say devil, they probably would say 'shaitan'.

      How are they going to get the world under their management? So, they can manage it and advance it?

      They get it by exploiting the nature of the human soul!

      And what is the appetite in the soul, that is there as a need and necessity for the human soul? It's there in the earliest manifestations of the soul and it's appetite for things. It's there firstly, what is it? It's given in The Qur'an and Al-Islamic knowledge: Regardful: Taqwa and Fujoor: appetite.

      So, there's two activities in the soul, one is based in fear; fear of consequences.

      So, the soul is activated by fear and that's Taqwa: and the fear of consequences of wrong doing.

      So, the first nature of the soul has to be moral nature. Moral nature that wants to be correct, doesn't want to be wrong, and fears the consequences of being incorrect.   So, that's called Taqwa.

      Allah deposited in the soul, its Taqwa and Fujoor.   Its moral orientation and its rational orientation. Fujoor is it's appetite for knowledge and understanding; it's hunger for knowledge and understanding, that's Fujoor.

      The flesh hungers for food but, that's not the first hunger in the soul.

      When the baby comes here, it doesn't come here hungry, it's been feeding in the womb of its mother; feeding on her system. It's not hungering for that kind of food; it's hungering for understanding.

      So, the hunger in scripture isn't for these material things, except as these material things represent bodies of enlightenment and understanding.

      Where is it locked up in that body, that you want to break-in to the nature of that physical thing, decode it, and see how it operates? What holds it together? What has brought it together? What is its inner nature or behavior? So, this is the appetite we have, the appetite is for knowledge.

      So, the satan wants to get management of our life and wants to be responsible for advancing our life, he wants that, if he can do that, he becomes leader of the world.

      Then he, inspired to rise upon the air... this is scripture. He had already gotten into the land and he already had got into the waters before he started work on the land. But, he ain't finish; he wants to get on the air.

      So, on the land means: in our rational minds. Before he got into our rational mind, where did he set up his station?

      In the water! But, the Zionist devil, he got the sciences from the so-called idolater, with the help of heavenly light.

      So, the Zionist came behind them and said: these pagans don't know what this world is they got.

      So, he got ahead of the pagans, who were very advanced in their knowledge of the human soul, it's nature and how to master it, they had that too.

      The Zionist got it from them; not all Zionist, just the ones who conspired to become the masters of mankind, or rulers of mankind on the planet, so that the world would be theirs exclusively.

      They say alright: the sensitivities of the people, we can master them.

      Through the door of their sensitivities, we can reach their sanctuary's, and captures their sanctuary; which is the private position of their own soul. (Our soul is our sanctuary).

      The way they do it is to feed them sweetness until they get hooked on it.

      Now those before us, they exploited their waters and they were able to get control over their purpose: their human sensitivities.

      We're going to be more powerful than our predecessors; those that came before us.

      We're going to be more powerful than them because, not only will we exploit their waters, we're going to change the nature of their waters.'

      It's in The Bible, that they had a plan to sweeten our waters and they did sweeten our waters. Now, when they sweeten our waters, in time we're going to be abnormally sweetened. We're going to be taken to the extreme desire for sweet waters.

      The flower children of the 1960's, was a good example of that...they would be out in public giving greeting of 'peace and love. They brought on the Age of Aquarius, (if you understand it) where the people were too water dominated. But, it just wasn't water, it was sweet water, their appetite was for sweet water.

      So, the manifestation of the extreme of that was what was called the "Age of Aquarius".

      Well, here's this sentimental youth who protest the ugliness of the world; wars, injustice, mistreatment and all that. They hate all that, so they get into a groove where they can be happy. And the groove they got in was "peace & love".

      So, they didn't create themselves, they didn't bring themselves to be that. It was those who conspired to get the world; the human soul under their management.

      So, they can be the leaders for progress for the human soul in the world. How they gone get it? They going to get it by sweetening it up!

      "A certain one put a stick into the waters" This is scripture, Bible: "And the waters made sweet". Now you know "The Qur'an 'talks about: "sweet waters and salty waters".

      It's more than just sweet water and salty water; it's beyond that, even 'The Qur'an 'is beyond that; what scientist think and that which 'The Qur'an' is talking about, that the sweet water is drinkable and the salt water you can't drink.

      Look this is a movement in scripture, the leaders kept putting salt into the waters until all the water became salty and it was no more desirable. People shouldn't have salty water, they couldn't enjoy it and couldn't drink it. So, then they went to the other extreme.

      The New Testament is the book of sweet water. The Old Testament is the book of salty waters.

      So the New Testament was made necessary because, the waters had become too salty and all the waters were salty with no natural water left.

      So, then they go to the other extreme and they put sugar cane in the water. (The sugar cane is the stick, it's all symbolic because, you know you can't put a sugar cane in the lake and make them all sweet, so it's all symbolic.)

      So, they put the sugar cane in the water, or put sweetness in the water that was naturally acceptable, and quench thirst, but this water we're gone to give them will do more than quench thirst, they'll want it even after their thirst has been quenched.

      They'll become addicted to it, to sweetness, and in time they will become sick. They will have sugar problems, and they'll be like the rich man who have been so comfortable, and so free, he's taking just too much of the good things, or delectable things in the menu of the world. He has eaten too much desserts; 'deserting' what was natural and normal for you for the extreme life of comfort and pleasures.

      The word 'deserts', that's what's in the message in it. Now 'deserting' what was normal and nature for you and sufficient for your eyes, gives you an appetite for the extremes of pleasure, an extreme of the sweetness of life and you become diabetic.

      What's this new habit you got that made you become diabetic and what's it gone to do?

      It's going to dry up your productivity and your life is going to become again 'a desert'...not dessert, a desert!

      Your culture life now becomes a desert; the things that G'd created to have in the garden are loss.

      The satan was ahead of us, and now our sensitivities are that of a diabetic person. So, those that have been lead to those extremes; they're diabetic.

      Diabetes, he wants now, a natural drink of water, he has diabetes and he thirst, he wants a natural drink of water, and he asked Christ Jesus, "How can I get into the kingdom?" And he answers, you have to be born again." But, what's got you in the condition you're in? It's your departure from your original creation.

      He asked Abraham too: "drop down some of that water you have up there, and Abraham said: "it's too late, I can't reach the help, too late, hell has closed the door on you, no connection with heaven for you".

      That's when you go to the extreme of disobedience in the world and there's no chance for you; chance to reach G'd. You don't have a mind or heart or nature to reach G'd.

      It's too late, just shut out... with your own condition that you have accepted and let grow on you that have cut you off.

      So, Diabetes is really descriptive now. Back then it was too, but it's really descriptive now of what has taken over the society.

      The extreme passion for the life of this world, that takes them from normal to abnormal and from wanting natural life to wanting to have cosmetic life; artificial pleasures and exaggerated pleasures.

      So, this is extreme of sugar in the water of the people, in their thirst, and they planned it.

      I also mentioned earlier, before we went back to Diabetes, lie desired to rise upon the air'.