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1100Why is the Qur'an Our Book?

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  • visionaries4
    Oct 8, 2013
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      Why is the Qur'an Our Book?

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed

      The topic for this presentation is: Why is the Qur'an Our Book. That is: why [do] Muslims say the Our'an is their book and they choose to get all their guidance to support what they want to do with their life in the world from the Qur'an.

      Qur'an, the word itself means or comes from a word meaning "to read". The Qur'an means the book that is to be read and recited. We read it and we recite it in the presence of the congregation or we recite it for the service that is given to the congregation or for the congregation. It means to read and to recite: the book that is to be read and recited.

      The first communication from G'd, Allah, to Muhammed the last Prophet, began with the word "Read". The first communication said, "Read", Iqra, to Muhammed the Prophet peace be on him [and this first communication was completed] with a total of five verses. And it addresses the intellect, the hunger in man's mind or in man's intellect as a thinker who wants to build his mind for the benefit of community life on the earth. He's not selfish. He's not wanting to build his mind just to take care of   his personal needs or family needs, no. Muhammed the Prophet left the society and he went up into a mountain that is now called the Mountain of Enlightenment, or the Mountain of the Light. He went up there with the burden of the society on his heart. And that is where, up in the mountain away from the people in a kind of solitude-he sought solitude-he prayed hard to get a response from the authority that was over his life, his existence, and all matter, all existing things. And the response came. And when the response came the response didn't say, Muhammed, this is Allah. The response said, "Read in the Name of your Developer," your Developer and your Cherisher. It's translated "Lord", but Lord for Muslims means Developer and Cherisher. He's the One responsible for us developing in the earth as humans before we took up our cause or our needs into our hand to work those things out ourselves. He had already created us human and He had already provided us the things that we need to support our life. They were already provided for us in His creation we call mother earth or the earth.

      So we choose the Qur'an or the Qur'an is our book because it recognizes our heart as a social binder that will bind us together as a social group and the whole social group includes all the people on earth. Man is a social family. Man is mainly a spiritual and social family. All people in the human family or the human species are members of one another in a spiritual and social bonding that we rightfully can call the social family of mankind, the spiritual and social family of all people or of mankind.

      So the brain is much needed to do the work of developing the earth to support us now and future: past, present, and future. And the Qur'an addresses that need so clearly, not that other books don't address it. The Bible addresses it. In the Bible this need is addressed, [and it is] addressed in a beautiful way. But the Qur'an struggles with our ignorance to convert us to seeing that man is to be respected as a human being with a brain and the brain functions as an intelligent entity and it progresses by thinking and by listening to thoughts; reasoning with thoughts; thinking, reasoning, and projecting into the future. So this is the brain. If we didn't have it, we couldn't have development out of the earth.

      The heart appreciates what G'd has created as mother earth or for our support to support our life, but the brain engages it. The brain engages it to see what further help is in this creation for a better life or for the future we want. The brain does that. The brain is the chief instrument for developing the world. And Islam recognizes that and puts more attention on man individually and collectively or people collectively and persons individually. It puts more attention on our life and calls us to take that great freedom that G'd created " us for more seriously and develop the society with all or the total human life being the interest not just one side of it, [like the] spiritual side, No. Spiritual, material, political: [the] whole life. The whole life being the interest and the whole life being seen or focused in society, the needs of community life or the needs of society. Not looking to what I may want. Maybe I just want a piece of community life not the whole community life. But we, all together, we need the whole community life. So the focus is on the whole community life.

      In the Qur'an we are told that man was once one community and that G'd is moving us with the instrument of matter or with the instrument of community life. He is moving us in that direction where we will become one community again. And we have become one community again. Economically we have a system now where the world is seen as one world. All nations are seen in one focus that we have become a global community, a global community that needs economic connections with each other everywhere.

      So the Qur'an is our book because we believe that the Qur'an addresses man for the future. No matter what G'd is saying in the present, the light is always shining towards the future or on the future. And we believe that we have come to that future now. And this generation of Muslims now is perhaps even more serious about knowing the Qur'an and following the guidance of the Qur'an because the prophesies in the Qur'an and the light that shines on our road ahead in the Qur'an has already prepared us to be one community Al-Ummatul-lslamiyya is one community. [In the] Qur'an, G'd says, "I am your Lord" and it says that, "your community is one community, one united community and I am your Lord," G'd is our Lord. If we consider what I presented firstly, that the Qur'an is a book that says: "Read". If we consider that as a direction from G'd to say that knowledge, learning, and applying that knowledge, [and] correct education is the biggest need in your life for you to reach the destiny or accomplish what I would like to see mankind accomplish or human beings accomplish on the earth. If we take that as a signal or as an order from G'd directing us, as I have explained it, then we have the most important, I think, reason or we have seen the most important reason for us choosing the Qur'an as our book.

      The Qur'an came into the world from the mouth of Muhammed the Prophet who received it through the medium Jibril, the Angel Gabriel to us. The Qur'an came into the world and the effect of it brought thinkers, serious minded people, mostly men as it is today, to come together and study the Qur'an to see how it was to benefit human life in community mainly, but human life period. They were blessed to receive the sciences of the Qur'an " that connect with the sciences of the material reality. And as a result in a short time period universities sprung up where there was no intellectual interest before. And men came from different parts of the world to those universities and to other centers that were established to study the Qur'an to see how much help they could get for restoring an interest in science and intellectual development. They did it and the result was great progress not only for [the] spiritual side of life but for the material side of life. The Renaissance that we read about is all about how the Qur'an, Muhammed's leadership, and the scholars among Muslims served the needs of mankind on this planet earth and gave a beacon light to the West. And the West accepted and followed that beacon light and was able to restore interest in higher learning and science to the West that had fallen under the darkness of human neglect in society.

      Why is the Qur'an our book? The Qur'an is our book simply because it has appealed to us as being the answer for all our needs on this planet earth, as a group and as a people. Thank you. Peace be unto you. As-Salaamu Alaikum.