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1087Passing From This Life

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  • visionaries4
    Sep 3, 2013
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      Passing From This Life
      By: Imam W Deen Mohammed (raa)

      QUESTION: When we pass from this life, do we remain dead until the Day of Judgment, or do we return to the Creator at once? — Bronx, N. Y.

      IMAM: There are different views, but I think all of the Muslims agree that Heaven starts in this life. The resurrection of the soul starts in this life and there is a final resurrection that comes at the end of this life.

      We should believe, then, that the person who dies in a state of righteousness, or dies the death of a Muslim, will not suffer hell. Whether that person will go immediately to Heaven, or to Paradise as we normally conceive Paradise, I wouldn't say and I don't think any Muslim would say.

      All we know is that the Prophet said (peace and blessings be upon him) that one who dies a physical death at the hand of the unrighteous - those who persecute the faith — that martyr goes directly to Heaven.