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1084Muslims Are Required To Study Their Religion

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  • visionaries4
    Sep 3, 2013
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      Muslims Are Required To Study Their Religion
      By: Imam W Deen Mohammed  (raa)

      QUESTION: For those individuals who are not able to attend a formal Arabic instructional class and elect to do self-studies in Arabic, what advice can you give them to help them gain mastery of the language? — Newport News, Va.

      IMAM: If they have an Islamic Studies program at their local masjid, they should try as much as possible to attend the classes and apply themselves so that they will get the benefit given in those classes. They have to study they have to make an effort to memorize the assignments they are given and do whatever is necessary for them to get the lessons.

      I figure that a person should at least find a couple of hours out of each week to devote to Islamic Studies. Every Muslim is required to study their religion, and every Muslim should find at least two hours a week to devote to the study of Islamic literature and Islamic teaching.

      The Islamic Studies program at most of the major community centers now is good. We have one here in Chicago, they have one in Detroit and one in New York. Los Angeles has had a very excellent program for some years now, with Sheikh Shuaib heading that Islamic Studies Department.

      Teachers at the centers were given to us free of charge from overseas. We don't have to pay for their lodging, for their expenses here; they are here as a financial assistance - - aid to us from Saudi Arabia for our Department of Education.

      Sheikh Ben Baud himself has been responsible for Sheikh Shuaib of Los Angeles and other teachers coming here, and Rabita also has been responsible for teachers coming here.

      Recently, we received a teacher from Saudi Arabia, who is a Haitian and he has been assigned to Cleveland, Ohio. For the first time now they will have a qualified person in Cleveland to assist the Imam there with Islamic Studies.

      The first advice is to take advantage of the Islamic Studies program they have in their local areas. Consult the Resident Imam there and see if he can give them any additional assistance they might require.

      If there is no local Islamic Studies program, see if the Imam can assist them in their personal studies.