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RE: [LandUseBurlington] Land Use Committee - Agenda for meeting 6-26-13

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  • Ernest Zabolotny
    All: I believe each issue is addressed but no. 5 is not enforceable as we have discussed and needs to remain at the mercy of economic and personal preference
    Message 1 of 6 , Jun 12, 2013
      All: I believe each issue is addressed but no. 5 is not enforceable as we have discussed and needs to remain at the mercy of economic and personal preference dictates( as it is with the issue of mpg rules for cars).  Ernie
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      Subject: RE: [LandUseBurlington] Land Use Committee - Agenda for meeting 6-26-13



      Below is a listing of recommended practices and conditions cornering lighting in Burlington that the Planning Board has agreed to include in all Site Plan & Special Permit Decisions.

      Burlington Lighting Conditions for Site Plan & Special Permit Decisions

      1.             Exterior parking lot and building lighting shall not to shine upward or onto adjoining properties or roadways.

      2.            Any lighting not required for security purposes shall not be operable between midnight and 6:00 a.m including signage. Lighting shall be shut off during daylight hours.  

      3.            All lighting fixtures shall meet International Dark Sky Association Guidelines (http://www.darksky.org/) or equivalent standard.

      4.            All lighting fixtures shall be full cut-off, that is, fully shielded, producing a cone of light relative to the ground not to exceed 45ยบ .

      5.            Fixtures shall employ the best available energy efficiency, as measured by light output per watt.

      6.           Final fixture design shall be reviewed and approved by the Planning Director prior to installation.           


      Kristin E. Kassner, AICP

      Planning Director

      Town of Burlington

      P: 781.270.1645

      E: kkassner@...

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      The next PB meeting with LP Zoning Warrant Article  and Guide to Outdoor Lighting Regulations on the agenda

      is scheduled for July 18th. That is the only PB meeting in July. I would like to give the planning staff, and Building

      Inspector at least 10 days for review.  

      I really appreciate the major effort put on "word-smithing" the documents last night by all the LUC members.

      I thought we were done after all the changes made prior to May Town Meeting, but now see significant improvement

      in the new suggestions brought about at the meeting.

      As long as we keep the documents from growing from their current size ! I am also looking for unnecessary stipulations

      that may hinder progress.

      Suggestions for additional 'education' of TMM's should be reserved for the Sept. Warrant Articles backup material,

      which will also include the lighting diagrams I attached to all three documents.

      I expect to be limited to a 10 minute time limit for presentation at TM. That is going to be a very difficult task

      because I had planned to present 15 of the most significant slides to the membership. I also planned to ask

      Dr. Mario Motta of Gloucester / Salem Hospital to speak about health effects.  

      I think that the health issues may not be fully appreciated by the members in attendance last night, so I think

      we should allow time for Dr. Motta to speak to LUC at the June 26th meeting if he can come. He is a recent

      past president of MASS Medical Society and representative of the AMA.

      Is this OK ?

      I will be setting up meetings with the various boards and committees through the summer and looking for

      significant edits to the three documents, with the knowledge that LUC is not obligated to work on the General

      BY-Law warrant. This is a significant challenge to me as I need to continue painting the house during good

      weather, not fall off the ladder, take care of my wife, and do the household chores.

      Thank you all, again, Paul  

      On Thu, Jun 6, 2013 at 11:41 AM, Sally Willard <sally@...> wrote:


      [Attachment(s) from Sally Willard included below]

      Next meeting will be Wednesday, June 26 at 6:30PM


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