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FW: FW: [LandUseBurlington] WARRANT Articles submitted

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  • Sally Willard
    Not sure how i missed this before since I ve processed/approved others since the 19th of Feb. sorry for delay. ~ Sally ... From: Ernest Zabolotny Sent:
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      From: Ernest Zabolotny
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      Paul: I think it is implementation. The comment on energy conservation was to remove fossil energy. What we are doing is reducing electricity consumption and that means regardless of source- nuclear, solar, water power, or fossil. You are correct in the main since fossil still dominates, but it is power consumption we are reducing by using better lighting technology. I agree on the meeting and the agenda should be the selling of the by law amendments.  Ernie
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      Not sure I understand 'E' instead of 'I'.
      The BOS is the arbitrator for the General By-Laws
      and would bring the Building Inspector on board
      for enforcement.
      Complaints should go to the B.O.S. first.
      I thought energy consumption should be a part
      of Conservation concerns. Light Trespass and
      Glare Disability are Safety-Health concerns.

      We need to schedule another sub-committee meeting.

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