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Fw: [LandUseBurlington] Land Use Committee Meeting Minutes Monday, December 10, 2012

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      Joanne ... Kristen Kassner (Planning Dept.) ... usual household pets, subject to the restrictions of the Board of Health.  Can keep up to 6 chickens - no
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      Subject: [LandUseBurlington] Land Use Committee Meeting Minutes Monday, December 10, 2012

      Amended Minutes  for approval

      Land Use Committee Meeting Minutes

      Date:    Monday, December 10, 2012

      Time:    6:30 p.m.

      Place:    Town Hall Annex Meeting Room

      Present: Sally Willard, Chair,  Andrew Olney, Vice-Chair, Joanne Kinchla,  Secretary, Shari Ellis,  Wendy Guthro, Gary Mercier, Paul Valleli, Ernie Zabolotny;

      Guests: Paul Raymond (Planning Board)  and Kristen Kassner (Planning Dept.)

      Citizen's Time:  Ernie Zabolotny spoke about transportation money coming from State for roadwork related to Gutierrez’ Second Ave project.

      Regarding David Webb’s proposal to correct zoning of Mary Cummings Park to Open Space, Sally recommended David and Ernie prepare an article for Town Meeting regarding.

      During the meeting, various zoning articles were voted. The votes were to recommend favorably to the Planning Board. The votes to recommend to Town Meeting will be taken at a meeting before January 2013 Town Meeting and after the Planning Board votes the articles.

      Agenda item a) Amend zoning bylaw Section 7.1.0 to preserve the character of neighborhoods - No access or egress through RO-zoned properties. The Land Use Committee recommends favorably  on this article. Vote 7-0-0.

      Agenda item d) Amend Article IV, Section - Keeping of Animals other than the usual household pets, subject to the restrictions of the Board of Health.  Can keep up to 6 chickens - no Permit needed.  7 chickens - you need a Permit.  Vote in favor of this article 8-0-0.

      Agenda item c) Amend Zoning by-law  Article II "Definitions" and Article IV "Use Regulation Schedule" Hotel, Motor Hotel and Residence Hotel/Motel, (Kristen Kassner)  Hilton Gardens and Marriott and Hotels. All  others except Summerfield Suites are Residence Hotels. The amendment to 2.18.6  is to redefine residence hotels and distinguish motor hotels & motels from hotels. Under the proposed change Motor Hotels & Motels are restricted to BT District.  There are three parcels that qualify as such.  Motion to recommend favorably on this.  Vote 8-0-0.

      Agenda Item b) Section 4.1.2 "Retroactive Special Permit" and Article VI "Nonconforming Uses and structures". Kristen Kassner.  Example gas stations - all non-confoming uses - need special permit.
      Kristen suggests that we attend January 3rd Planning Board Meeting.  Non-conforming building might be one built before the zoning bylaw. The discussion focused on new nonconformities for single and two family residential structures. Shari made a motion to continue this discussion after the Planning Board Meeting.  Vote 7-0-0.

      Kristen addresses issue of Medical Marijuana - moratorium for 6 months  in order to consider amendment to zoning.

      Item 4- Warrant Article for Outdoor Lighting regulations - Sub-committee Wendy, Ernie, Paul will work on Paul's Report for Town Meeting. Paul noted that a local student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute helped with research.

      Before Town Meeting, we will vote on the remaining warrant article

      Minutes approved for June 6th, Vote 6-1-0

      Next Meeting  , Monday Jan 7 at 6:30 in the Annex.

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