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Land Use Committee Minutes - June 6, 2012

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    (Minutes as edited by Shari Ellis) Land Use Committee Meeting Date:    Tuesday, June 6, 2012 Time:    6:30 p.m. Place:    Town Hall Annex Meeting Room
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      (Minutes as edited by Shari Ellis)

      Land Use Committee Meeting

      Date:    Tuesday, June 6, 2012

      Time:    6:30 p.m.

      Place:    Town Hall Annex Meeting Room

      Present: Sally Willard, Chair,   Joanne Kinchla,  Secretary, Shari Ellis,    Paul Valleli, Ernie Zabolotny, Gary Mercier;  Paul Raymond and Ernie Covino, Planning Board

      Citizen's Time - no issues presented.

      Committee re-organization - Discussion.  Sally is cajoled into staying as Chair for a while.  Issue is postponed.

      Discussion of Warrant Article XX - Amend Zoning Bylaw Section 7.1.0 - Must be published 2 weeks ahead of presentation to Planning Board.

      Ernie wonders how neighboring communities handle similar situations.
      Shari makes motion to continue Item 3, Amend Zoning By-law, Section 7.1.0, seconded by Gary. 6-0-0.

      The town makes an effort to work with economic developers to have it all, by careful planning.  Ernie is meeting with Todd Fremont Smith,   State Representative Murphy and State SenatorDonnelly next Wednesday in North Reading.  Funding sought under the auspices of the Planning Board, Planning Staff, Land Use Committee.  Ernie wants support for this regional approach.  He wishes to work for something rather than reacting against some plan.

      Proposal for Asessment of Infrastructure Needs on Middlesex Turnpike in Burlington.
      Ernie is unanimously elected to Chair subcommittee.  Motion by Shari, seconded by Paul.  Land use supports Planning Board initiative.  Traffic, waster, fire, police are not local but regional issues.  Nordbloom received 1.5 million to study possible changes on Middlesex Turnpike.   Motion to support Ernie's presentation to the Planning Board b y Shari. seconded by Paul Valleli, unanimous.

      Sally has questions for Planning Board.  Can we submit an article to fund synchronization of lights on the Middlesex Turnpike in the Route 95 area?

      1. Need to define problem, assign responsibility, point person in the town.
      Public Electric maintains - we need to check with Public Electric; John Sanchez would be the contact person in the town.

      2. Can we submit an article to Town Meeting to fund improvements such as those for Middlesex Commons. 

      Gary brings up another traffic issue - and asks if a turning center lane can be made in front of the two schools, Memorial and Marshall Symonds on Winn Street.  This has become a dangerous traffic spot.

      Previous minutes approved; Next meeting scheduled for July 11th. Shari makes a motion, seconded by Paul Valleli to adjourn, all in favor.
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