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923Fwd: [Atmob-announce] Article now available from Journal of Cancer on LP effects, I am an author.

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  • Paul A. Valleli
    Dec 31, 2013
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      Subject: [Atmob-announce] Article now available from Journal of Cancer on LP effects, I am an author.

      Hi all,
          I have been informed that my article in Journal of cancer, has been released. Mostly written by Richard Stevens from UConn, but I am very happy to be in the author tittle list. This article is full review of the worlds best literature on the subject of cancer increase from melatonin suppresion by light at night.
      The JOC accepted the article for publication, (late in Jan in print), but felt it an important article so.. released it online for all to read!
      The Journal is the most read oncology journal in the world (cancer specialists), so.. I am hoping this makes an impact on the science involved.
      The tittle is:
      "Breast cancer and circadian disruption from electric lighting in the modern world"
      As it is now released, I can now share, you can see by link:
      Or, download from ATMOB site as a pdf:
      On our ATMOB site, I also have posted my Sept 2013 article in Journal of Preventive Medicine, that summarizes the AMA monogrpah on Light Pollution health effects,
      "Adverse Health Effects of Night Time Lighting"
      as well as the original AMA monograph (June 2012) by the same name.
      The Journal Cancer article is heavy in the science (has 150 peer reviewed references at the end, that alone is a gold mine for info), but  I am sure can read and absorb the info. It will give you a firm understanding of the science involved regarding the effect of excess nightime lighting on hormonally induced cancers (eg, breast and prostate), and has much info you can use in the LP battle,
      Mario Motta