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898Re: [LandUseBurlington] Fwd: Introduction

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  • Shari Ellis
    Nov 1, 2013
      I have noted dates from Dave and Paul.  I do need availability responses from all.
      I will note that, as I have started a new job recently,  I am not interested in the chair position and that I am happy to remain as secretary, unless others are not happy with that (I will take no offense!). 
      Please let me know asap regarding dates available.

      On 11/1/2013 12:19 AM, paul valleli wrote:
      I usually have commitments with BCAT on Tues. and Thurs. evenings for robotics.
      But that is not every week. 
      The holidays will be upon us very quickly and there is not a lot of time until Jan. TM so Nov. 18,19,20 is best for me.
      The medical marijuana discussion will be Nov. 13th and that is important to everyone.

      I am getting forgetful enough to not volunteer for chairperson, but if Shari or Andrew moved up I could do co-chair without too much harm.
      I did a terrible job years ago as secretary, so let that be in the past.


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