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Labour Representation Committee adopts LVT

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  • Wetzel Dave
    The Labour Representation Committee (see http://www.l-r-c.org.uk/ ) is a left-wing grouping within the British Labour Party. They
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 8, 2005
      The Labour Representation Committee (see http://www.l-r-c.org.uk/
      <http://www.l-r-c.org.uk/> ) is a left-wing grouping within the British
      Labour Party. They have a small (but much bigger than The Labour Land
      Campaign) influential membership including some trade unions and several
      left-wing Labour MPs and candidates.

      Founded in July last year the title "Labour Representation Committee"
      derives from the original name of the Labour Party under Keir Hardy's
      leadership between 1900 and 1906, and they use the traditional badge of The
      Labour Party.

      The Labour Land Campaign has had several contacts with the leadership
      (including MPs) of The LRC over the past 8 months.

      With the UK General election upon us they have just published today their
      "Programme for a Real Labour Government" (see
      <http://www.l-r-c.org.uk/campaigns/lrcprogramme.pdf> ).

      Page 3 of this 14 page document reads as follows:

      Under the existing tax structure, the poorest 20% pay a higher proportion of
      their income in tax than the richest 20%. A real Labour Government would
      seek to use a progressive tax system to redistribute wealth, reduce
      inequalities and raise revenue for investment in public services by:

      1. Reducing the 10% starting rate of income tax to 5%, costing the Exchequer
      £2.8bn annually;
      2. Instituting two new rates of income tax of 50% at £60,000 and 60% at
      £100,000 raising £14bn annually;
      3. Replacing local Council Tax, Non-Domestic Rates and the local government
      support grant with a Land Value Tax, calculated as a modest percentage of
      the annual notional rental value. (Note 1.)"

      Note 1 (at the back of the document) reads:
      "As advocated by the Labour Land Campaign, see http:www.LabourLand.org "

      This is a welcome progressive development, and probably the first time since
      World War 2 that a group within the Labour Party have openly added LVT to
      their list of demands, but unfortunately I have to emphasise that it is NOT
      the policy of The Labour Party nor of The Labour Government. (YET!).

      Dave Wetzel

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