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RE: Land value tax and Congestion Charging

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  • Wetzel Dave
    Cheers Piet, In the UK also we needed Government legislation before we were able to introduce congestion charging. Your description of erfpacht sounds very
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      Cheers Piet,
      In the UK also we needed Government legislation before we were able to
      introduce congestion charging.

      Your description of 'erfpacht' sounds very interesting, and seems to be
      similar to the Hong Kong experience where all land is leased from the
      Government (with the exception of the Anglican Cathedral where they own the
      only freehold plot).
      This meant they were able to finance the building of a complete Metro and a
      new airport without any recourse to taxes on incomes or trade.

      I'll ask my colleagues in congestion charging to answer your question about
      cleaner vehicles and circulate your e-mail to colleagues who register with
      our Land Café discussion group based in Paris.

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      Subject: Land value tax

      To: Transport for London,
      Vice-Chair D. Wetzel,
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      From: The Netherlands, municipality of The Hague (Den Haag),
      department paid parking,
      P.H.F. Huysmans
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      Re: land value tax

      Dear Mr. Wetzel,

      On March 30th I was fortunate to have the opportunity to follow your lecture
      about congestion charge in London. In the Netherlands we have to wait for
      decisions of the national government before we can consider applying such a
      system. Meaningful for the Dutch audience in your lecture was your valuable
      and cutting edge experience with methods for reducing car use.

      At the conference you showed interest for charging social costs of occupying
      scarce land. Mr. Kuné of the municipality of Heerhugowaard (about 40 000
      inhabitants, north of Amsterdam) then put forward the system of 'erfpacht'.
      In English the translation would be 'land rent'. In German: 'Pacht'. Land
      rent in the Netherlands means that cities that develop land don't just sell
      the new lots. They put them out to lease. The real-estate on it can be owned
      by private parties. The putting out to lease gives the municipalities also
      rights to get the land back in order to develop the site in the future. If
      you wish to know more, I'll be pleased to send you more information.

      Then we have a question for you. We're about surveying the possibility of
      issuing discounted parking permits for environment-friendly cars. We learned
      from you that you make a exception at the congestion charge for certain
      alternative fuel cars. Do you have further information on this? Do you have
      information about the assessment of the applicants and about the effects of
      this exception? We would be very greatful in case you could offer some
      information on this.

      Yours sincerely,

      Piet Huysmans,
      employee implementing paid parking policy

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