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RE: [LandCafe] Re: What works?

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  • Harry Pollard
    Walter, I suppose it s matter of raising the ante. I said, That was easy, wasn t it? ... Uncalled for? Probably. However, I think this is a ploy. When one
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      I suppose it's matter of raising the ante. I said,  "That was easy, wasn't it?"


      Roy replied:


      > "Speaking of which, did you hear the one about the

      > abusive, insulting, supercilious soi-disant Georgist who
      > got on a streetcar?"


      Uncalled for? Probably.


      However, I think this is a ploy. When one is caught insulting in debate, one simply accuses the opposition of doing the same thing.


      Roy came from 'Usenet ' which is a combative arena  no holds barred. The object on Usenet is to win at all costs. One uses every opening even if it is only a word, phrase, or a sentence. It isn't particularly useful to people who want to think about things.


      I would hope the objective of LandCafé is to increase our understanding of our advocacies, and then to advocate them.





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      --- In LandCafe@yahoogroups.com, "Harry Pollard"
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      > Walter,
      > There is nothing wrong with brightening posts with little bits of


      > Perhaps the intention of the fun is the probelem.
      > As I mentioned, when I said something was "apt", Roy said I
      > 'idiosyncratic'. I think that's a good touché and I smiled.

      Yes, that was a good line.

      > "That was easy, wasn't it?" was not written nastily at all. Yet,
      > should not have said it. As you say, it probably asks for a
      > On the other hand, Roy's following remark was pure ad hominem:
      > "Speaking of which, did you hear the one about the
      > abusive, insulting, supercilious soi-disant Georgist who
      > got on a streetcar?"

      Yes, but I take it that he believed himself to be simply returning in
      kind (hence the "abusive, insulting").

      > I answered:
      > "I didn't know they had streetcars in British Columbia."
      > It should end there, but may not.

      > I don't think that Dan can be described in this fashion. He gets a
      > little 'holier than thou' from time to time, but that isn't a

      I think it IS a problem, actually. His condescension and snarks (and
      also, admittedly, what I took to be the over-abundance of
      libertarians on this list) drove me out of here for several years.

      > He's probably the best Georgist historian we have and as such is
      > his weight in gold.

      Could be, could be. I'm not commenting on his smarts. He just needs
      not to be quite so nasty. I know it's not so easy, though. One can
      get into certain styles of "fighting" over a period of many years.
      Without noticing it, it can become terribly important to win every
      point, every line. Instead of focusing on the issue at hand, one
      starts to play to the others on the board, as if there'll be a vote
      afterwards. It's insidious and hard to get out of, I think. But
      he's a smart guy, and if he wants to play nice, I'm betting he can do
      it. Anyhow, I've preached enough, and I don't want to pretend to be
      the board conscience: I'm definitely not the guy for that job.

      > (As he is "anti-gold-nut" he may not regard that as a
      > So, by all means allow some levity in the posts, kid each other a
      > - just let's not include some acid in our remarks.

      I'm not sure anybody ever worried about me erring on the side of
      being too serious before. I'm a wise-ass and have been known to get
      overly snarky myself sometimes. And, while we're at it, I'm also
      balding and starting to get age spots.


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