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  • Harry Pollard
    “Radical solutions” wasn’t at all! ****************************** Harry Pollard Henry George School of Los Angeles Box 655 Tujunga CA 91042 (818)
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      “Radical solutions” wasn’t at all!



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      LVT News Digest - 16 April 2008

      Radical solutions
      The Observer - UK
      Perhaps the best example is the concerted campaign against the ideas of
      Henry George. State socialism may have been discredited, but there's a
      growing army ...

      Land swap = affordable housing
      Mail Tribune - Medford,OR,USA
      The city retains ownership of affordable housing land in perpetuity through
      its Community Land Trust. For development, the city engages the Rogue
      Valley ...

      Land tax loophole 'under review'
      Irish Times - Ireland
      A tax loophole that has saved big developers millions in stamp duty is
      being kept "under review" by the Government, Taoiseach Bertie Ahern has
      told the Dáil ...

      PRC property sector buckles under regulatory load
      IFR Asia - London,UK
      The land usage rules deter developers from sitting on idle land (which
      regulators see as a sign of land hoarding). Any land that is undeveloped
      for more ...

      Govt valuers get expert training
      The Nation Newspaper - Bridgetown,St. Michael,Barbados
      Last week the administration brought in six first-rate appraisers from
      Canada and the United Kingdom to train valuers at the Land Tax Department
      and the ...

      Campesino murdered
      Latin America Press - Lima,Peru
      Eli Dallemole, a director of the Landless Workers Movement, or MST, was
      killed by hooded men on March 30 in front of his wife and children in his
      home in ...

      Exorbitant prices creating havoc
      The Daily Star - Dhaka,Bangladesh
      Soaring prices are also forcing thousands of additional landless labourers
      to migrate and seek work in the urban areas every day. ...

      Brazil land violence and killings down-church
      Reuters - USA
      Landless peasants, Indians and descendants of runaway slaves repeatedly
      clashed with police and gunmen in struggles over land ownership. ...
      See all stories on this topic:

      China to disallow property IPOs if proceeds applied to 'land hoarding'...
      Forbes - NY,USA
      BEIJING (XFN-ASIA) - The China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) will
      reject IPO applications by property firms which intend to 'hoard' land with
      the ...

    • Mark Monson
      LVT News Digest - 1 June 2008 ... Taking the bull by the horns on the land question Daily Nation - Nairobi,Kenya “The Government should take advantage of the
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        LVT News Digest - 1 June 2008


        Taking the bull by the horns on the land question
        Daily Nation - Nairobi,Kenya
        “The Government should take advantage of the expiry of the leases to
        re-plan rural settlement so that the poor and landless people can get an
        opportunity to ...

        Storm brewing over land ownership
        Standard - Nairobi,Kenya
        Property experts also flouted land tax — some percentage of the value of
        their land — as a possible solution to the question of idle land. ...

        4000 squatters to be settled on Malindi ranch land
        Daily Nation - Nairobi,Kenya
        Ms Ng’etich the 40000 acres earmarked for settlement will be subdivided
        into 10-acre parcels of land, which will in turn be given to the landless.

        Idle land owners put on notice
        Standard - Nairobi,Kenya
        By Alex Ndegwa Huge tracts of idle land owned by absentee landlords could
        be seized and redistributed to the landless in a radical land reform plan.

        Text: Tsvangirai speech to MDC Parliamentary Caucus
        New Zimbabwe.com - Zimbabwe
        To ensure the productive use of land and to discourage speculative land
        holding, we will institute a progressive land tax. The revenue generated
        from that ...


        HEINZMAN EDIT: Governor, Legislature deal big blow to local governments
        with property tax cap...
        Coon Rapids ECM Publishers - Coon Rapids,MN,USA
        All this comes at a time when property values for tax purposes are
        declining due to the sour economy. That means local governments will not be
        able to live ...

        Missouri gubernatorial candidate Sarah Steelman is campaigning ...
        Pitch Weekly - Kansas City,MO,USA
        Pittsburgh implemented a modified "land tax" in 1913, and it is widely used
        in Australia and New Zealand. The idea surfaced a year ago in a Missouri
        think ...

        Parking subsidies, key public goals stand in opposition
        MinnPost.com - Minneapolis,MN,USA
        Minneapolis Planning Director Barbara Sporlein said her staff has
        investigated a form of land-value taxation (LVT) similar to the system used
        in some ...

        Subdivision plan call for 535 homes
        Daily Inter Lake - Kalispell,MT,USA
        A community land trust has already been set up to own at least 100 lots
        within the project. A community land trust owns the land beneath a house,

        Sudbury Star - Sudbury,Ontario,Canada
        Note: I suppose the provincial government could impose a land tax that
        cannot be passed on to the tenant in order to promote productive usage of
        the ...

        Esopus hopeful seeks Cahill's Assembly seat
        Poughkeepsie Journal - Poughkeepsie,NY,USA
        "I really view the taxing mechanism - charging people on the value of their
        property - is a really inequitable form of taxation," Yess said. ...

        GPRE challenging assessed value of Shenandoah facility
        Valley News Today - Shenandoah,IA,USA
        The community may exempt from taxation all or a portion of the actual value
        added by improvements to real property directly related to new jobs created
        by ...


        Bishops seek dialogue with Arroyo for genuine agrarian reform
        GMA news.tv - Quezon City,Metro Manila,Philippines
        It emphasizes free land distribution to deserving farmer beneficiaries and
        the dismantling of land monopoly now prevalent in the country. -

        Government to buy plots so landless poor can build homes
        Livemint - Delhi,Delhi,India
        “Landlessness is the root cause of poverty and it’s for the first time
        that the Centre will help to give land to the landless,” says rural
        development ...

        Land rights: An upcoming issue in India
        Merinews - New Delhi,India
        IT NEEDED a long march by 25000 landless tillers to the national capital,
        to pinpoint an issue that is not only a matter of life and death for the
        millions ...

        Taiwan denies 71-million-dollar pledge to new Paraguay government
        Trend News Agency - Baku,Azerbaijan
        The Taiwan diplomats told him that when Lugo is inaugurated on August 15,
        Taiwan would donate 71 million US dollars to Paraguay to buy land for
        landless ...

        Rice farmers dig in over foreigners' land
        Bangkok Post - Thailand
        ''Widespread land acquisitions by these foreign landlords has already made
        a good number of rice farmers landless, forcing them to rent the same land
        for ...

        20000 acres of Modhupur forest leased illegally in five years
        The Daily Star - Dhaka,Bangladesh
        A section of corrupt forest officials leased the lands defying law and
        depriving local indigenous and landless people who were supposed to get
        those under ...

        Land for the Landless
        Tehelka - New Delhi,India
        Comparison to Adivasis, Dalits are absolutely landless in the state. Most
        of the big landlords are from the upper caste. The Land Ceiling Act 1961
        was not ...


        Federal-state system out of kilter, says Opposition
        Sydney Morning Herald - Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
        The Real Estate Institute said in its submission: "Stamp duty on real
        property transfers and land tax are disincentives for investment in rental


        Take back the land
        The Herald - Glasgow,Scotland,UK
        This latest act of landlordism confirms me in my long-held view that
        Highland landlords should have their estates taken from them without

        Island space ‘could house social homes’
        Dorset Echo - Dorchester,England,UK
        Two Dorchester businessmen have come up with a plan to recapture the land
        for Underhill residents through the Community Land Trust scheme. ...

        Priest attacked after standing up for Brazil’s landless
        ChristianToday - London,UK
        Wealthy landowners have been accused of using violence and intimidation to
        try and stop Christians in Brazil from standing up for the rights of
        landless ...
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