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political impatience

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  • Julien Gross
    Message 1 of 40 , Apr 14, 2008

      On 14 Apr 2008, at 11:06, David Chester wrote:

      --- In landtheory@yahoogro ups.com, "Jeffery J. Smith" <jjs@...> wrote:
      > On Apr 12, 2008, at 8:22 AM, Edward Dodson wrote:
      > >
      > > What works best?

      There is no doubt in my mind as to what works best. The only way that
      our ideas can be made to stick is by the spreading of scientific
      knowledge about macroeconomics. We ourselves are weak in this subject
      because what we think is important is only a small part of the "big
      picture" of the national system of our socierty (which because it is
      big is not necessarily complicated) . Henry George has certainly
      pointed us in the right direction but where are our developments of
      his wordy theory? Where is our detailed knowledge of the way we are
      going when LVT is not employed?

      Therefore we should first get our facts about the whole system solid
      by building a science that actually explains how it functions and
      then to demonstrate and prove the beneficial effect of introducing
      LVT, to work by simulation methods using models of our system. The
      non-mathematical ones amongst us may shy from this, but in fact it is
      not so hard as you might think. On a personal research level I have
      made sufficient progress to show by hand-analysis (without the
      electronic computational part) that what I am writing about is true.
      You too could be a part of this revolution in analysis and

      The alternative which the impatient ones amongst us prefer, is the
      political approach. Fine, as far as it goes, but since there are many
      interests that are driven by greed instead of honest understanding as
      above, the long term effects of political action are easily and often
      reversed. To my way of thinking this is not the best way to go, what
      we should be building is something more solid, a body of scientific
      knowledge which means a combination of good theory plus the
      experience of what happens when it is tried.

      I am so tired of having to communicate with in-exact scientists on
      what is actually a kind of social engineering. We should be past the
      toddling stage by now.

      Regards, David Chester.
      > >
      > > We are only very loosely organized for collaborative effort.
      > >
      > By choice.
      > > As individuals, we have the challenge of trying to change minds
      > > from the outside or committing to work within other organizations,
      > >
      > Or coalescing into a movement.
      > SMITH, Jeffery J.
      > President, Forum on Geonomics
      > jjs@...; www.geonomics. org
      > Share Earth's worth to prosper and conserve.

    • Harry Pollard
      Charging for patent monopolies? That means we still pay through the nose. You wimps should grasp the nettle danger and end the patent system, once and for
      Message 40 of 40 , May 2, 2008

        ‘Charging’ for patent monopolies?


        That means we still pay through the nose.


        You wimps should grasp the nettle danger and end the patent system, once and for all.





        Harry Pollard

        Henry George School of Los Angeles

        Box 655

        Tujunga  CA  91042

        (818) 352-4141



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        To: David Reed
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        Subject: Re: [LandCafe] political impatience


        On Apr 27, 2008, at 2:33 PM, David Reed wrote:

        the solution to the problem of the poor sod versus the guy in the Ferrari is to land-tax the surrounding countryside





        Part of the solution. Ending agri-biz subsidies and other corporate welfare while charging for pollution and patent monopolies might be bigger parts.



        Nobody is addressing unit costs in all this which are ridiculously inflated in the private sector,especially medicine.Some people with genetic illnesses are never going to afford insurance: millions of perfectly fit Americans can't afford the most basic cover anyway.







        Actually, those of us advocating the above, plus an end to AMA monopoly and exclusion of foreign doctors and nurses from routine tasks, would greatly reduce medical costs. Charging full value for patents, just like charging full value for titles/deeds, would break up hoarding and cut costs of pills. And less pollution means less disease, too.


        Providing people with Citizens Dividends is going to do no good if it merely provides business with a guaranteed income





        It wouldn't be paid to business but residents, registered voters at that. So, it might increase purchasing power of the poorest among us, but various businesses would still have to win them over as customers.


        and obviates the need to cut costs: inflation in other words.



        As long as there's competition among businesses, they can't collude and raise prices. Not inflate prices, since that takes excess new money.

        There must be a system in which good people can live amongst bad that does not require armed police.





        A geonomy.


        SMITH, Jeffery J.

        President, Forum on Geonomics

        Share Earth's worth to prosper and conserve.


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