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  • bruno moser
    Now here is great opportunity for the American Georgist to unite, show leadership, and piggy-bag on other tax-aware folks and assist them in understanding an
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 11, 2008
      Now here is great opportunity for the American Georgist to unite, show leadership, and piggy-bag on other tax-aware folks and assist them in understanding an alternative/supplement to their already powerful message.

      There is a good chance you could present the HG-thought on video as these folks will make their clips of the day and post them on youTube and elsewhere.  Be gutsy and walk up to the folks with handy-cams!

      Good luck,


      P.S. I suggest to take some Georgist material with you or at least have some web links printed on pieces of papers as to disseminate the thought of LVT in a nowadays fashion.

      Don't forget to add Fred Harris' great tax scam movie-link:
      Ricardo's Law, the great tax claw back scam

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      Date: Sat, Apr 12, 2008 at 5:58 AM
      Subject: The Final Countdown
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      Only four short days separate us from the largest single
      national action to educate the American people about the
      IRS scam in our history.

      April 15th is the date that we all must take a stand and
      exercise out constitutional rights to freedom of assembly
      freedom of the press.

      If you have not yet found a group to take action with DO NOT
      WAIT visit the RTR website and check your state section for an
      established group, most are listed by zip code:

      Once you have found it contact the group leader via their
      personal profile. There is a link to send email to the address
      they signed up with in their profile.

      Keep in mind that you DO NOT need to have Republic Magazines
      or AFTF DVDs to participate... you can make a simple sign
      out of card board and a few markers, or write something on
      a t-shirt to get your point across.  Print out 50 fliers or
      burn your favorite video onto DVD and pass them out to people
      as they line up to mail their returns.

      Here's the digital version of RM that is being handed out at
      Post Offices across the country, print it and pass it out

      This is the big show and we need all hands on deck for this
      action.  If you know people who are on the fence about calling
      in sick, or ditching school remind them what our founding fathers
      sacrificed for our freedoms... and push them to join you.

      If you are on the fence and haven't decided to step up then
      you need to reassess where our country is and where it is going
      and join us in this effort.

      The income tax is bleeding this nation dry sucking the wealth
      and sweat off the backs of EVERY American.  Stepping up with us
      is not only stepping up for your own freedom and liberty but
      you are fighting for the freedom and liberty of EVERY American.

      The Federal Government will find a way to recoop the figures
      when the income tax is abolished... so don't worry about them,
      ending free trade and instituting tariffs again is a good place
      to start... but I digress...

      The action taken on this day will set the stage for every future

      If you are already a group leader post a bulletin in your April
      15 Strike Group on the site about what your plans are and details
      and meeting points... what you are handing out, DVDs, magazines,
      fliers, signs, video camera, how many people will be out with you
      etc.  THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING!!!  We need to gauge the
      effectiveness of this campaign so we can keep track of the growth
      and spread of this information in the population centers of our

      The fate of our beloved republic lies in your hands make this day

      In Freedom,

      Gary Franchi
      National Director

      PS.  Remember to videotape the action and send your tapes or
      DVDS to the address below to be included in the RTR national
      video for this action... interview each other as to why you
      are participating, get video of you and your team handing out
      the info and waving your signs, get video of landmarks in your
      area that people would recognize when watching... be creative
      and most of all HAVE FUN!!!

      PSS. If you want your Tapes or DVDs returned please include a
      self addressed stamped envelope.

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      RestoreTheRepublic.com, 3149 Dundee Rd #176, Northbrook, Illinois 60062, USA

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