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  • Harry Pollard
    Or, as I call it countervailing privilege . ****************************** Harry Pollard Henry George School of Los Angeles Box 655 Tujunga CA 91042 (818)
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 24, 2008
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      Or, as I call it “countervailing privilege”.



      Harry Pollard

      Henry George School of Los Angeles

      Box 655

      Tujunga  CA  91042

      (818) 352-4141



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      Dan Sullivan wrote:

      >Promoting land value tax with a dividend for elderly
      >residents, which we call "The Founder's Plan" because it
      >is similar to what America's founders advocated. (Does
      >make us founding father wannabes, or just good marketers?)

      Sorry, but that is privilege, not justice. Paine is correct
      that being able to use a modest amount of land without
      paying any net land tax on it is not charity but a right,
      but it is a right rightly possessed by all, not just those
      over some arbitrary age limit.

      The proposed dividend exclusively for seniors is unjust for
      exactly the same reason Social Security is unjust: what of
      those who are forced to subsidize seniors their whole
      working lives, and then die before they get to cash in
      their own seniority dividends?

      Better marketers might try to expand their target market to
      embrace the 90+% of the population that owns less than the
      per capita value of land, not just seniors. If a handful of
      seniors find the land under their houses is so valuable
      they can't afford the land tax on it, a public counselor
      employed for the purpose could help them find the best of
      the many options available to them in addition to seeking
      accommodation more suited to their needs and means: tax
      deferments; lease-backs; reverse mortgages; taking in
      roomers; renting out storage, garden, or parking space;
      renting space to a residence-based business such as a
      daycare; etc.

      -- Roy Langston

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