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RE: Tax Justice Network, Oxfam, Tax Research

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  • Wetzel Dave
    Noel Many, many thanks for this. Very encouraging. Carol Wilcox put us in touch with some of the founders of this group last year at Essex Uni, when she
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 22, 2004
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      Many, many thanks for this.
      Very encouraging.
      Carol Wilcox put us in touch with some of the founders of this group last
      year at Essex Uni, when she attended their summer seminar.
      I was their guest after dinner speaker this year.

      They are doing excellent work and this new venture deserves to be

      Their new offices will be near Vauxhall, sharing with the NEF who we are
      hoping to interest in LVT.

      Dave Wetzel

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      This Guardian article 21 Sept 04 about off-shore funds, supports the idea
      of reducing cyberspace tax evasion by taxing land and other fixed assets. It
      estimates offshore UK funds from #25-#85B. Worldwide I think there could be
      up to $14 trillion. It seems to me to add ammunition to the Land Reform
      PLRG might like to contact the Tax Justice Network and other named


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