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RE: [LandCafe] Re: New Fred Harrison Video

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  • David Reed
    RL is in the process of contradicting himself .This is the authentic scourge of the unions in full spate when reviewing the possibility of a real wage drop
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      RL is in the process of contradicting himself .This is the authentic scourge of the  unions in full spate when reviewing the possibility of a real  wage drop after LVT:"David has conceded that he refuses to co(u)ntenance wage flexibility (!!)at least not in the case of unionised workers, even in the case of deflation that doubles or triples  the real value of wages ,eliminating all returns to investment, transferring most privately produced wealth to unionised public sector workers  etc etc etc 22 .vi.13
      So he is not merely saying real wage levels could drop post LVT but that they should  drop, else union resistance aka "inflexibility" will lead to most privately produced wealth being transferred to unionised public sector workers.
      Stand by for routine assertions of Fabrication.

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      Date: Fri, 5 Jul 2013 02:28:39 +0000
      Subject: [LandCafe] Re: New Fred Harrison Video

      --- In LandCafe@yahoogroups.com, David Reed <dbcreed@...> wrote:

      > It would be wonderful if the advent of LVT resolved all the issues but ,as has been expressed on this site, a drop in land values may not result in working people saving on rents to buy more in the shops, but could, more likely, lead to more downward pressure on wages (which decreases demand but employers are too thick to see this.)

      It's been shown that LVT+UIE addresses the problem of declining wages by increasing disposable incomes, demand for labor, and the options of people who currently have no alternative to bidding down each other's wages.

      > To get all Nineteenth Century about this: labour is being ground between two millstones, descending real wages and rising housing costs.

      More accurately, labor is on the treadmill that powers the landowners' escalator.

      > We have got the rising housing cost covered, but low wages, the traditional Liberal Achilles heel, are not covered by the LVT remedy absent trade unions, co-operatives, mutuals and a strong public sector,

      More accurately, low wages ARE covered by LVT+UIE, as already demonstrated, because it shifts the current imbalance of power radically in favor of consumers and working people, and against landowners and employers.

      -- Roy Langston

    • David Reed
      Message received and understood. I would say in my own defence that I try to avoid tangling with Langston. The last set-to arose from an open posting of a
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        Message received and understood.
        I would say in my own defence that I try to avoid tangling with Langston.  The last set-to
         arose from an open posting of a quote from the IFS( followed by a long quote from The Observer) which indicated that real wages in the UK had fallen because of the decline in unionisation. Cue the eruption of Langston with a lot of anti-union prejudice and no facts or quotes of his own He is still calling me a "union yob " in his last posting.
        I will abide by this decision but I don't know what I'll do if another outburst of anti union rhetoric occurs. I thought ,because of the involvement of Dave Wetzel, that this site was broadly progressive in the old,  left of centre way that has a place for unions .
        This set-to was very relevant to LVT because Langston has been declaring, that post -LVT,  wages should go down. 

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        Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2013 08:35:39 +0200
        Subject: RE: [LandCafe] Re: LETS Instantiate AGAIN New Fred Harrison Video


        David Reed, Roy Langston,


        If this conversation continues to degrade we will ask you both to leave this conference. This sort of thing is not why we are here.







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