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Re: From my friend Mitch Chanelis

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  • walto
    Ah, same old Mitch! I ll never forget those halcyon days when Mitch and the 90-year-olds used to struggle up the stairs to my 2nd floor walk-up in Allston for
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 3, 2013
      Ah, same old Mitch! I'll never forget those halcyon days when Mitch and the 90-year-olds used to struggle up the stairs to my 2nd floor walk-up in Allston for our weekly meetings in the early 80s.

      Mitch and I figured we'd certainly have the world (or at least Massachusetts) changed by the second decade of the 21st Century, but I'm guessing that the old-timers knew better. There'd been groups before ours....


      --- In LandCafe@yahoogroups.com, Dave Wetzel <davewetzel42@...> wrote:
      > Geo-Liberation
      > 'Geo' stands both for the Earth and for the socially transformative,
      > political economic theory of Henry George.
      > 'Liberation' is freedom - for we the people and for the planet our home.
      > Thoughtful admirers of Henry George & his work face a conundrum: the
      > philosophy of the untrained economist and social reformer is distinguished
      > enough to stand on its own; but the dramatic life of its propounder merits
      > distinction itself, independent of the validity of George's ideas. So,
      > roughly two wings in the camp of admirers have emerged: those who argue
      > that we should focus primarily on the promotion of land value taxation and
      > steer away from breathless mention of the author; &, on the other side,
      > those who - rapturously enamored by the moral excellence of the "prophet of
      > San Francisco" - when asked for details of what George stood for tend to
      > hurriedly respond: "just read Progress & Poverty"!
      > To confuse matters further, there are georgists both on the right & the
      > left of the political spectrum, with every hue of the rainbow in between;
      > some who see the hope of the world in greater global integration, through
      > the United Nations & increasing international trade; & opposing them,
      > fervent adherents of 'small is beautiful' decentralization; who believe
      > that big governments & trans-national corporations are akin to criminal
      > enterprises.
      > Yet, in my more than 35 years as a Georgist, I have been amazed that we (more
      > or less amicably) all come together - as I most fondly recall, when at an
      > Annual HG Conference many years ago, I found myself gazing at the venerable
      > stockbroker Lancaster Greene & the School of Living's equally venerable
      > Mildred Loomis sitting side-by-side holding hands!
      > In that spirit I hope what I am about to offer will provoke discussion
      > about how to move our movement - from the margins into the mainstream of
      > public life. What follows emerged at the end of the 1980s when I was
      > Director of the Henry George School in Boston. At the same time, along with
      > other georgist young'uns around the country, I was actively promoting a
      > georgist-inspired platform for the nascent U.S. Green Party. The Greens, at
      > least in the U.S., have turned out to be a bust; but the organizing
      > strategy a small group of us then hammered out seems, 25 years later, to
      > have a life of its own and wants an airing!
      > There is, of course, a radical difference between the appreciation &
      > understanding of ideas and their implemention. An organizing strategy, of
      > necessity, leans heavily on the side of implementation: to be taken
      > seriously, by others than 'true believers', advocates of any set of public
      > policies which lay claim to universal political, social, & economic
      > significance must at least attempt to fully address broad, inter-related
      > issues concerning us all - which are divisable into eight broad categories:
      > Housing
      > Economy
      > Health
      > Education
      > Security
      > Environment
      > Values
      > Governance
      > In order to mount a sustained and durable effort to promote policies
      > related to these issues, four organizing priciples should come into play to
      > attract, maintain, & expand an ardent group of ('toiler in the vineyard')
      > proponents:
      > Create strong SOCIAL bonds amongst group members; especially when it's such
      > a cold & cruel world out there, huddling for warmth is both a worthwhile
      > endeavor & an effective bonding strategy;
      > Regularly engage in ACTION, no matter how small, in order to gain skills &
      > develop individual & group confidence;
      > Continue to gather & disseminate INFORMATION; so as to educate group
      > members & the public about relevant issues;
      > Develop skills in LOGISTICS, about how to smoothly & effectively run
      > meetings, and to stage public events which are informative, inspiring, &
      > entertaining.
      > Then there is the touchy issue of gender - yes, Dorothy (- or George!), MEN
      > & WOMEN truly are different! A strong case can be made for separate,
      > caucus-like sessions at group meetings of male & female members; so as
      > to, before
      > gathering in plenary, discuss group positions (no pun intended) without the
      > distractions of opposing sexual dynamics.
      > Above all, there should be the functional realisation that - the issues,
      > group organization, & gender relations - EVERYTHING IS INTER-RELATED. The
      > issues and our goals & means are inseparable: as a thriving business
      > climate & preservation of the environment must go hand-in-hand; so personal
      > & group behavior will reflect the validity, perception, & the general
      > reception of our public aims.
      > Last, but definitely not least, is a four-fold ACTION AGENDA which ranges
      > across the conventional polarities of Right & Left; & which, I believe,
      > begins to carry forward into the 21st century the vision which Henry George
      > elaborated in the 19th, after 'seeing his cat' while riding in the hills of
      > Oakland, California:
      > Ecological Zoning
      > Land Value Taxation
      > De-criminalization of Victimless Crimes
      > Elimination of Corporate Limited Liability
      > MC
      > --
      > *ECONOMICS FOR CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION <http://www.theiu.org/>*
      > *A Geo-Justice Conference <http://www.theiu.org/>*
      > IU London Conference. Wednesday 24 to Sunday 28 July 2013<http://www.theiu.org/>
      > F <http://www.theIU.org>or details see:
      > www.TheIU.org
      > Dave Wetzel
    • Anthony Binder
      Hi Dave, I ve got a request for a job in Germany and Poland, a combined fundraising and an awareness campaign about Vattenfall s lignite/brown coal production
      Message 2 of 3 , Jul 4, 2013
        Hi Dave,
        I've got a request for a job in Germany and Poland, a combined fundraising and an awareness campaign about Vattenfall's lignite/brown coal production in the countries.

        Since I am to run a number of fundraisers first in Germany and Poland I thought it'd be perfect to get in contact with some LVT'ers there.

        I will mainly be working in Berlin and Dresden in Germany and the areas of Nieder Saxony and Brandenburg, but will be able to stage events in other areas as well or invite lecturers on LVT to events there.
        Some events will be staged in Poland as well, but I have no set locations yet.

        I'd like to organise some events on LVT as well as resource/mining tax, as these instruments could be used to dampen the ferocity of the lignite mining - some 3000 people are evicted at the moment, and several villages and towns are evacuated in the expropriation process, and Vattenfall doesn't pay that much for it and nothing at all for the land.

        Poluutions are severe, not only due to the some 70 million tonnes of coal it use in the energy production, but also when it comes to woodlands, wetlands, rivers and agricultural land they lay waste.

        At the moment Ricardo Salta is located in Berlin and he has already asked me to help him organise some information events/debates on LVT - so I feel this opportunity is too good to miss out on.

        So if IU have any contacts in Germany and Poland I'd appreciate their contact info. I have emailed some names I have but I would appreciate more.

        Poland has some form of LVT in place, but Germany seem to lack this when it comes to Vattenfall's expropriations.

        I will fund the events and the campaign mainly by fundraising events, but would also appreciate info on any grants available for the initial staging of events.
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